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Dr. William Williams, Jr. (6)

Dr. William WILLIAMS, Jr is a son of William Williams, Sr. and Sarah "Sallie" Philips
Born 25 Feb 1819 in Davidson Co TN
          Died 12 Feb 1888 in Davidson County TN
Married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Branch Donelson on 10 May 1849 in Hendersonville, Sumner Co., TN.  She was born 26 Aug 1831 in Sumner County TN and died 30 Aug 1918 in Davidson County TN.                                                         

Dr. William WILLIAMS MD and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Branch Donelson had the following children

  1. MARGARET "MAGGIE" DONELSON2 WILLIAMS was born on 03 May 1850 in Sumner Co., Tennessee. She died on 04 Oct 1877 in Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. She married Walter S. Davis on 26 Dec 1871 in Davidson Co TN (See marriage license). He was born about 1850. He died on 27 Jun 1952 in Nashville Davidson County Tennessee.

  2. MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS was born about 1852.

  3. EVANDER M WILLIAMS was born on 15 Dec 1855 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. He died on 13 Mar 1930 in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bate, daughter of Humphrey Bate and Julia Anderson Tyree, in 1882. She was born in Jul 1858 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee, USA. She died on 08 Oct 1946 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.

  4. SALLIE PHILIPS WILLIAMS was born on 22 Jul 1859 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She  died on 16 Apr 1951 in Nashville, Davidson Co TN. She married Nicholas Sumner Love, son of Nicholas Osburn Love and Dorothy Jane Sumner, on 21 Jul 1886 in Davidson Co., Tennessee. He was born on 15 Sep 1859 in Davidson Co., Tennessee.

  5. WILLIAM HENRY WILLIAMS was born on 16 Mar 1861 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. He died on 23 Apr 1897 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee.

  6. EMMA H. WILLIAMS was born on 14 Apr 1866 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She married WILLIAM LOUIS DISMUKES. He was born in 1850 in Tennessee. He died in 1934.

  7. EULA RAMSEY WILLIAMS was born on 17 Nov 1868 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She died on 04 Apr 1939 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. She married Robert Vaughn, son of Michael Vaughn and Emma A. Baxter, on 17 Feb 1890 in Davidson Co TN. He was born on 10 Aug 1856 in Davidson Co TN. He died on 29 Dec 1923 in Davidson Co TN.

Generation 2

  1. MARGARET "MAGGIE" DONELSON 2 WILLIAMS (Dr. William1 MD) was born on 03 May 1850 in Sumner Co., Tennessee. She died on 04 Oct 1877 in Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.  She married Walter S. Davis on 26 Dec 1871 in Davidson Co TN (See marriage license). He was born about 1850. He died on 27 Jun 1952 in Nashville Davidson County Tennessee.

Walter S. Davis and Margaret "Maggie" Donelson Williams had the following children:

    1. WILLIAM "WILLIE"3 DAVIS was born in 1873 in Davidson Co, TN, USA. He died in1873 in Davidson Co, Nashville, TN.

    2. BESSIE WILLIAMS DAVIS was born on 23 Sep 1877 in Nashville, Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She died on 27 Jun 1952 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee.

  1. EVANDER M2 WILLIAMS (Dr. William1 MD) was born on 15 Dec 1855 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. He died on 13 Mar 1930 in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee. He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bate, daughter of Humphrey Bate and Julia Anderson Tyree, in 1882. She was born in Jul 1858 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee, USA. She died on 08 Oct 1946 in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.

Evander M WILLIAMS and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bate had the following children:

    1. WILLIAM BATE 3 WILLIAMS was born on 17 Feb 1883 in Tennessee. He died on 21 Jul 1943.

    2. MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. She died in 1854.

Notes for Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS:

Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery near Edgefield in Nashville, TN


  1. SALLIE PHILIPS 2 WILLIAMS (Dr. William1 MD) was born on 22 Jul 1859 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She died on 16 Apr 1951 in Nashville, Davidson Co TN. She married Nicholas Sumner Love, son of Nicholas Osburn Love and Dorothy Jane Sumner, on 21 Jul 1886 in Davidson Co., Tennessee. He was born on 15 Sep 1859 in Davidson Co., Tennessee.

Nicholas Sumner Love and Sallie Philips Williams had the following children:

    1. WILLIAM IVERSON 3 LOVE was born on 13 Oct 1887 in Davidson Co., Tennessee.

    2. DANIEL DONELSON LOVE was born in Davidson Co., Tennessee.

  1. EULA RAMSEY 2 WILLIAMS (Dr. William1 MD) was born on 17 Nov 1868 in Davidson Co.,Tennessee. She died on 04 Apr 1939 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. She married Robert Vaughn, son of Michael Vaughn and Emma A. Baxter, on 17 Feb 1890 in Davidson Co TN. He was born on 10 Aug 1856 in Davidson Co TN. He died on 29 Dec 1923 in Davidson Co TN.

Robert Vaughn and Eula Ramsey WILLIAMS had the following child:

    1. EMMA BAXTER  VAUGHN was born on 03 Jul 1893 in Davidson County, Tennessee. She died on 02 Aug 1971. She married Joel Battle Fort Jr., son of Joel Battle Fort Sr and Sally McKay, on 02 Oct 1922 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee USA. He was born on 18 Aug 1888 in Springfield, Robertson, Tennessee USA. He died on 17 Oct 1951 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee USA.


My wife and I have lived in Hendersonville since May of 1989.  When we moved here, we had no idea that my Philips and Williams ancestors had moved here from NC in 1791 and 1805 respectively. 

We also didn't know that Dr. William Williams, my 1st cousin four times removed, had settled in Hendersonville after receiving his Medical degree in 1845, marrying a daughter of Daniel S. Donelson, who built Hazel Path mansion. 

Daniel is a grandson of Daniel Smith who built and lived in Historic Rock Castle in Hendersonville. 

Dr. Williams wife is also a great-granddaughter of Col John Donelson II, who led the flotilla to settle Nashville in 1780.

Dr. Williams father is a graduate of Harvard Law School and owned several hundred acres on Gallatin Pike just below what is now Briley Pky. 

While Dr. William Williams only lived in Hendersonville from about 1849 to 1859, this local connection with my family to this community is pure chance on our part.  We wanted to locate in Brentwood when we moved to Nashville, but could not find a suitable house until stumbling on the perfect house in Hendersonville. 


Notable Southern Families, Volume II

By Zella Armstrong

John Donelson II

John Donelson II (1720-1785) is said to have been born in Pittsylvania County VA.  He married Rachel Stockley, of Virginia, and had twelve children, including Samuel Donelson and Rachel Donelson.

Col. John Donelson II is a great-grandfather of Dr. William Williams wife.  Samuel Donelson is a grand-father.  Daniel Smith Donelson is her father.

Rachel Donelson is the wife of President Andrew Jackson.

Colonel John Donelson II was a man of education and achieved prominence in Virginia. "He was a burgess from Pittsylvania County in assemblies of May 1769, 1771, 1772-1774". (Virginia Biography. Tyler).  Prior to the Declaration of Independence he was made colonel of his regiment of militia.  (History of Tennessee. Putnam).  He was appointed several times to negotiate treaties with Indian tribes, and in each case was successful.  He, with three other men, surveyed the boundary between Georgia and North Carolina which, at the time ran west to the Mississippi River.  (History of Tennessee. Haywood.  History of Kentucky.  Butler).


One of the most remarkable adventures undertaken in the settlement of the West was the voyage of the company of pioneers with Col. John Donelson II as commander which left the Watauga Settlement, (Dec. 22, 1789), traveled the Holston, Tennessee, Ohio, and Cumberland Rivers to French Lick, now Nashville, arriving on April 24, 1780.  Nearly two hundred persons made this remarkable voyage on flat boats, dugouts and scows, traversing dangerous rapids and constantly surrounded by hostile Indians. In this company were his family and the families of a number of men who, under James Robertson, had preceded them going overland through the wilderness?

Daniel Smith Donelson

Daniel Smith Donelson is a son of Samuel Donelson and a grandson of Col. John Donelson II, early Nashville pioneer leader.

I have added information about this family below in green type where it was missing in this reference:

Daniel Smith Donelson, married Margaret Branch, daughter of John Branch, who was Governor of North Carolina, Secretary of the Navy, and twice Governor of Florida). They had children:

Elizabeth Branch Donelson (26 Aug 1831-30 Aug 1918), who married (10 May 1849) William Williams, and had children:
  1. Margaret Donelson Williams; born 3 May 1850 and died 4 Oct 1877 (married 1871) Walter Scott Davis. Children: William Henry and Bessie)

  2. Mary Elizabeth Williams; born about 1852

  3. Evander McIver Williams; born 15 Dec 1855 and died 13 Mar 1930 (married Elizabeth Lizzie Bates, born Jul 1858 and died 8 Oct 1946. Children: William Bates and Mary Elizabeth)

  4. Sallie Philips Williams; born 22 Jul 1859 and died 16 Apr 1951 (married Nicholas Love born 15 Sep 1859 and died unknown. Children: Wilham (s/b William) McIver and Daniel Donelson

  5. William Henry Williams; born 3 Oct 1885 and died 30 Oct 1894.

  6. Emma Horton Williams; born 14 Apr 1866 and died 27 Dec 1956. (1897 married William Lois Dismukes born 1850 and died 1934)

  7. Eula Ramsey Williams ; born 17 Nov 1867 and died 4 Apr 1939. (married Robert Vaughn born 10 Aug 1856 and died 29 Dec 1923. Children: Bessie Donelson and Emma Baxter). I can't find a record of Bessie Donalson.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Branch Donelson is the daughter of Daniel Smith Donelson and his wife Margaret Branch, each from well known families.

Margaret Branch was born 4 August 1811 in Halifax County NC and died 10 May 1871 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN.

Margaret Branch is a daughter of John Branch, North Carolina's 19th governor, United States Senator from North Carolina, sixth and last territorial governor of Florida, and Secretary of the Navy under President Andrew Jackson.  He fell out of favor with Jackson and resigned from the cabinet.

Daniel Smith Donaldson is a grandson of Daniel Smith, one of the earliest pioneer settlers in Sumner County Tennessee just outside of Nashville.  His home, Rock Castle in Hendersonville remains today alongside Old Hickory Lake as a reminder of the early history of this area.

Daniel Smith and wife's graves

John Branch

Historic Rock Castle Hendersonville Sumner County, TN

The History and the Family

Daniel Smith was born in Stafford County, Virginia, to Henry and Sarah Crosby Smith. He grew up on a plantation in Virginia.

Daniel Smith studied “physic” or medicine with Dr. Thomas Walker while living at the Walker home, Castle Hill, in Albemarle County, Virginia. He most likely acquired his learning in other fields such as surveying, law, and mathematics from Walker as well. After being licensed as a surveyor by the College of William and Mary, Smith took up that profession and began his work in 1770.

In 1773 Daniel Smith married Sarah Michie. They had two children. Their son, George Smith, married Tabitha Donelson, oldest daughter of Captain John Donelson, III. Their daughter, Mary Ann (Polly) Smith married Samuel Donelson, Rachel (wife of Andrew Jackson) Jackson’s brother. Although forbidden by her father, Polly’s marriage was the result of a very elaborate elopment plot carried out by her intended Samuel Donelson and brother in law Andrew Jackson in the late spring of 1796. It resulted in strained relations between all parties concerned, but the differences were later resolved.

There were three children from that marriage, all sons.  Andrew Jackson Donelson served as private secretary for Andrew Jackson at the White House and Daniel Smith Donelson was a General in the Civil War.  Samuel Donelson tragically died of pneumonia at a young age.

Mary Ann (Polly) Smith then married James Sanders. This union produced nine more children.

Daniel Smith received a land grant from the State of North Carolina in payment for surveying land boundaries in Middle Tennessee, which he completed in 1784. To claim his land, he brought his family to this site and began construction of Rock Castle. Much of the construction supervision as well as plantation management was shouldered by Sarah since for most of their married life Daniel was gone for long periods on surveying trips.

Daniel Smith died in 1818 at his home. Sarah died in 1831, and both are buried in the family cemetery on the grounds of Rock Castle.

In addition to being a well-known surveyor of the North Carolina (now Tennessee) boundaries and of Davidson County, Daniel Smith served as a Captain in the Revolutionary War, Brigadier General of the Mero District, Secretary of the Territory of the United States Southwest of the River Ohio, chairman of the committee to draft the constitution of Tennessee, United States Senator, and Indian treaty negotiator

In 1793 Daniel Smith authored a pamphlet on the new Tennessee territory, which was followed by his map of the land west of the Cumberland Mountains and its many water courses. This map of the “Tennassee Government” was widely published well into the nineteenth century.

Daniel Smith was called upon in 1784 to help survey the city of Nashville. In 1785 he was one of nine trustees appointed for Davidson Academy, the first institution of higher learning in Nashville In 1798 he was appointed to serve Andrew Jackson’s remaining term in the United States Senate. He then ran for the Senate in 1805 and defeated the incumbant, William Cock

Rock Castle
Home of Daniel Smith

Rock Castle
Home of Daniel Smith

In 1818, Daniel Smith died.  by his Last Will and Testament, Smith bequeathed to his daughter Mary Ann "Polly" Smith  a tract of land in Wilson county and one-third of his "Negroes". 

To James Sanders (named a co-executor) and wife Mary Ann "Polly" Smith , he bequeathed a 1280-acre tract on Drakes Creek, with power in either of them to convey same to any son. Since no son survived, so Smith decreed in his Will, the land could be given to any of their daughters.

The eleven people in the Sanders household, 7 were daughters under 12, the eldest being the 11 year old twins, Elizabeth and Sallie. 

At last, then 56, Mary Ann "Polly" Smith bore a son, James but he died when still an infant.  Four years later their last child was born - Margaret.  Gen. Daniel Smith's hopes for a grandson who would survive into manhood and take Daniel Smith's lands from his parents were never to be.

 Of note, though was the fact that three sons had been born to Mary Ann "Polly" Smith and Samuel Donelson.  apparently, Daniel Smith did not want those boys to inherit his lands or perhaps they had already been given land by the Donelsons.  One of the sons, Andrew Jackson Donelson, went to live with his namesake, Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson Jackson, his aunt.  

History of Davidson County, by W. Woodford Clayton

Daniel Smith Donelson was born in Sumner County, Tennessee, one of the three sons of Samuel Donelson and Mary "Polly" Smith . His older brother was Andrew Jackson Donelson, named after their uncle, President Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson,   Donelson was the private secretary to Andrew Jackson during his presidency and a vice presidential candidate in his own right. Daniel Smith Donelson's grandfather was Colonel Daniel Smith, a Revolutionary War officer, an early leader in middle Tennessee and one of Tennessee's first U. S. Senators.

In 1821, Daniel Smith Donelson entered West Point, and graduated in 1825, becoming an United States Army officer. He resigned his commission only half a year later, on January 22, 1826, to become a planter in Sumner County. He was also a member of the militia in Tennessee, starting as a brigade major in 1827 and being promoted to brigadier general in 1829.

In 1834, Daniel Smith Donelson resigned his commission in the Tennessee militia and moved to Florida, again working as a planter. His stay there was brief, however, and he moved back to Tennessee two years later, still a planter. In 1841, Daniel Smith Donelson became a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. He left after one two-year term, but returned twelve years later, in 1855, this time rising to the office of Speaker.

Daniel Smith Donelson and his wife Margaret Branch had 11 children:   Elizabeth Branch Donelson, Mary Ann Donelson, Sarah Smith Donelson, Emily Donelson, Rebecca Williams Donelson, James Branch Donelson, Samuel Davis Donelson, Martha Bradford Donelson, Susan Branch Donelson, John Branch Donelson, and Daniel Smith Donelson.

With the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, Daniel Smith Donelson volunteered for the Tennessee militia, leaving behind both of his careers as a planter and as Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives. He was returned to his previous rank of brigadier general in the militia and that May approved the locations of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, the latter named in his honor. (Fort Henry would turn out to be a disastrous choice, being almost flooded and easily captured by Grant). After Tennessee joined the Confederacy, he became a brigadier general in the Confederate Army on July 9, 1861. In the following two years, Daniel Smith Donelson was active in several campaigns, leading the initial assault at the Battle of Perryville, fighting at the Battle of Stones River, and eventually rising to command of the Department of East Tennessee.

Daniel Smith Donelson was promoted to major general on March 5, 1863 (to rank from January 17); his confirmation by the confederate senate on April 22 happened prior to knowledge of his death, which had occurred a week earlier. He died of chronic diarrhea in Montvale Springs, near Knoxville, Tennessee. He was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

General Daniel Smith Donelson

General Daniel Smith Donelson

Hazel Path Mansion

Home of Daniel Smith Donelson


History of Davidson County by W. Woodford Clayton

William Williams, graduated at the Nashville University in 1839; taught a male academy three years; graduated at the Louisville Medical College in 1845; settled in Hendersonville, Sumner Co., and married Lizzie B. Donelson, eldest daughter of Daniel S. Donelson and Margaret Branch, May, 1849.

Moving to the (his father's) old homestead in 1865, he discon­tinued the practice of medicine, and has since devoted his time to the improvement of his farm, to the rearing and edu­cating of his children, to the cause of public schools, and to the Church. 

The names of their children are Margaret, Mary Eliza, Evander, Sally, William, Emma, and Eula.  Maggie Bessie Davis, a bright child two years old, occupies the place in the affections of the members of the family circle made va­cant by the death of her mother. 


I came across a story in the book "Historic Rock Castle" by Willie McGee Ellis, published in 1973 that can not be true, but makes me wonder about the origin of the story.  When Dr. Williams wrote his will in 1880 he stated that "he was living in the house where I was born and raised"  That house was located in Englewood on Gallatin Pike just below the current Briley Parkway, far from where he had lived until 1859 in Hendersonville where the below incident was supposed to have happened.  This story has to be a mistaken identity case.
"Wrecks are not the only thing that brought crowds to the Hendersonville depot.  Tension ran high and people gathered from far and wide when word was passed that bloodhounds would be arriving on the evening train from the penitentiary to trace a killer.
Dr. William Williams, a well-known physician, had been shot from his horse while riding out Walton Ferry road near the pike.  Dr. Williams and his wife lived on the pike near Sander's Ferry road on the same land the William Henderson's house had stood.  Mrs. Williams was the daughter of Daniel Smith Donelson.  Even though the hounds were used to identify the killer, the case was dropped for lack of sufficient evidence."


The Historic Blue Grass Line

A Review Of The History Of Davidson And Sumner Counties,
Together With Sketches of Places and Events 
Along the Route Of The

By James Douglas Anderson
Nashville, Tennessee. 1913 

"Daniel S. Donelson built and lived in the brick house now the home of Mrs. Berry. The house on the knoll opposite the Presbyterian Church at Hendersonville was built by Dr. William Williams, who married a daughter of Daniel S. Donelson. This property was first owned by Col. Henderson, of Revolutionary fame, for whom Hendersonville was named. His remains are buried on the place."


William Henderson

Marker # 3B 53

Text: “1752 - circa 1807: Captain William Henderson was a Revolutionary soldier born in Virginia. He and his wife, Lockey Trigg, moved to Sumner County in the late 1790s and later bought property between Sanders Ferry and Walton Ferry Roads upon which they built a log home. The town of Hendersonville was named for him and he became the first postmaster in 1801. He was succeeded in office by two of his sons, Bennett, who served until 1811, and Littleton, who served until 1815. William Henderson was buried on this site around 1807.”

Notes: Marker is fairly easy to get to. Located on Johnny Cash Parkway between the intersections with Walton Ferry Road and Sanders Ferry Road in Hendersonville, there are plenty of businesses with public parking nearby to make getting to the marker safe. Marker is in the midst of a shrub, and could be difficult to see.


Tennessean Newspaper 1948

Dr. Williams and his wife Lizzy Donelson lived in Hendersonville in the house below named Colecrest by the later owners whose last name was Coleman.  The house was constructed for them sometime about 1849 by Lizzy's father, General Daniel Smith Donelson.  The house if very much in the style of Hazelpath, the General's home.
Sometime about 1859, after Dr. Williams' mother died, he and Lizzie sold the house and land to Thomas T. Dismukes and moved to the home place on Gallatin Pike just south of present day Briley Parkway where Dr. Williams was born. 
The picture of this house below was taken when the house was owned by Francis and Mary Coleman in the mid-1900s.  Francis Carmack Coleman wed Mary Ruth Nesbit on 1 March 1936 at the bride's home on Gallatin Road.


The below aerial photograph of Hendersonville Tennessee was taken sometime before 1941.  I received it courtesy of the Tennessee State Library and Archives and annotated the image to show the location of road and landmarks including the location of William Williams home which no longer exists.  The image ID # is 11942 and the file location is SU056 with Acession No: 1988-017.
The only structure shown in this photo remaining in 2015 is the Presbyterian church across the street from William Williams' home.


Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County,TN
Click on any picture to see a larger version

Monument of Dr. William Williams and his wife Mary Elizabeth Donaldson

One side of Dr. William Williams' monument containing his name along with "Born: 25 Feb 1819" and "Died: 12 Feb 1888" followed by "We miss thee from our home dear father.  A shadow on our life is cast.  We miss thy kind and willing hand.  Our home is dark without thee."  Below is the name of his wife, Lizzie B Williams followed by "Born Aug 25 1831, Died Aug 30 1918".

Base of monument with "Dr. Williams"

One side of Dr. William and Elizabeth Williams' monument.  It contains the name of their daughter, Margaret Donaldson Davis, ,born 3 May 1850 and died 4 Oct 1877.  She was the wife of Scott Davis.  Below is the name of their son "Little Willie W. Davis" who "died 1873".  Below is the name of her brother "W. H. Williams" and his birth and death dates.

This side of the monument has "Mary Eliza Williams" "Died 1854".    Under that "Elizabeth Donaldson" "Daughter of Evander and Lizzie Bate Williams".  Evander Williams is a son of Dr. William and Elizabeth Williams.

This foot stone bears the initials W.H.W. and the dates 1861 - 1897.   It belongs to William Henry Williams who is a son of Dr. William and Elizabeth Williams.  He was a farmer who was born 16 Mar 1861 and died 22 Apr 1897.

This is the footstone for Margaret Donelson Davis and bears the dates 1850 - 1877.  She was born 3 May 1850 and died 4 Oct 1877.  She is a daughter of Dr. William and Elizabeth Williams and the wife of Scott Davis.  They had a son William "Willie" Williams Davis who died in 1873.

This is the footstone of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson Williams and bears the word "Mother".

This is a marker for Elizabeth D. Williams and bears the dates "April 14 1889" and "Sept 24 1896".  Not sure who this is.



The below deeds were copied from microfilm files at the Sumner County Archives. 

Below is a copy of a deed dated Oct 1848 where Dr. William Williams purchased approximately 7.2 acres on the east bank of Drakes Creek on the north side of Gallatin Pike and adjoining the land of Daniel Donelson.  He graduated from medical school in 1845 and soon thereafter located in Hendersonville where he began to practice medicine.

Below is a copy of a deed dated 3Oct 1859 for the property where he lived in the house pictured above.  The deed of gift of ten acres from Daniel S. Donelson (father-in-law of Dr. Williams) and deed of sale from Dr. Williams to Thomas T. Dismukes provided a registration record of the two transactions. 

Dr. Williams mother died in April of 1859 likely causing him to relocate from Hendersonville to his father's farm on Gallatin Pike just south of present day Briley Parkway. 

When Dr. Williams received this property from his father-in-law about 1849 he apparently failed to register the deed of gift, necessitating the filing of this document when the property was sold.

The below deed is from Demsey Hulsey to William Williams and conveyed 16 acres of land located on the headwaters of Drakes Creek and Manskers Creek on 28 June 1855.  No way to know if this is Dr. Williams or not.

Below is a deed for 100 acres which a William Williams purchased at the Court House steps at a Sherriff's Sale on 1858 in Sumner County.  No way to know if this is Dr. Williams or not.


Below is a copy of Dr. William Williams' will obtained from Ancestry.com.

Below is a copy of the Inventory of Dr. Williams Williams following his death as obtained from Ancestry.com.

Below is the Probate record for Dr. William Williams as it appears on Ancestry.com.