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Joseph Philips Williams is a  son of Josiah Frederick Williams and Margaret  "Peggy" Thomas Philips.

Joseph Philips Williams (5/14/1818 - 4/7/1862)

Graduated from the University of Nashville in 1844.

Married 20 Nov 1838

Sarah A. Magdaline Pennington (1821 - 1885)

Buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Montgomery County, TN

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Josiah Frederick Williams bought land in Mississippi County Arkansas between Osceola and Blytheville and several of the young men in the family went there to try their hand at farming this Mississippi delta land.  However, life was hard and only two stayed, James Horn and John Wharton, cousins.

James Horn Williams married Mary Elizabeth Finley (15 Sep 1818-abt 1857) 6 April 1847 in Wilson County TN.  They moved to Elmot, Mississippi County, AR. 
James brother Elisha Williams married Mary Elizabeth's sister, Sarah A. Finley (15 Nov 1823-5 Jul 1888) in 1845 in Wilson County TN and they also moved to Elmot and lived near James and Mary Elizabeth. 
When Mary Elizabeth died about 1857, Elisha and Sarah left Arkansas and moved to Henderson County KY where they lived until they died.
James and Elisha's brother, Joseph Philips Williams, married, Sarah Ann Magdalene Pennington, on 20 Nov 1838 in Davidson County TN.  Joseph and Sarah also moved to Arkansas and lived near his brothers.
Their cousin John Wharton Williams moved to Arkansas nearby after he married Sarah's sister, Martha Pennington, on 29 Jul 1852 in Nashville, TN.   She was born 25 Sep 1825 and died in 1857 in Luxora, Mississippi, AL.
After Martha died, Joseph and Sarah Ann left Arkansas and moved to Clarksville TN where they lived until they died.

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Tip-Top Mansion – 15 Trahern Terrace

Designed by noted Nashville architect Adolphus Heiman, this 1859 home sits at the crest of the highest point in Clarksville.

The original owner was Joseph Philips Williams, an important tobacconist.  His death in 1862 left his widow and ten children to reside in the home.  Mattie Williams, the oldest child, married Mr. Hugh Dunlop in 1865 and thereafter it was the Dunlop property until sold in 1909 to Malcolm R. Patterson, Governor of Tennessee.  It was listed on the National Register 15 July 1998.

An example of Greek Revival architecture the facade includes six square Corinthian columns and a double doorway surrounded by sidelights and a three pane transom. The balcony features a rail of ornamental iron grillwork.

For a century the wide, graveled driveway, bordered by rows of maple trees, led from Madison Street to the residence. In recent years, the sale of residential lots has required rerouting of this entry.

The brick residence is massive in proportion. The impressive entablature and the supporting six square Corinthian columns, extending the full height of the facade, show the Greek Revival influence.

The entry double-doorway is surrounded by sidelights and a three pane transom. Four windows, upper and lower, with six over six panes mark the facade.

A narrow porch extends across the front of the house. A narrow balcony lines the second story with its interesting windows on the south facade of the brick home. The balcony has a rail of ornamental iron grillwork.

Tip Top has an L-shaped floor plan. Handsome woodwork mark the parlors flanking the wide central hall. A spiral stairway leads to the upper story. A niche for statuary marks the turning of the stairs.

The west elevation is broken by a number windows and by one doorway, which is approached by a curving section of driveway. This doorway leads into a hall at the rear of the adjoining parlor. Herein,a flight of stairs leads to the second story bedrooms. A wide gallery porch extends along the eastwalls, upper and lower levels of the house. Slender wooden columns are observed at each level as supporting the floor of the second level and the roof above, respectively.

Source: "Tip Top'', Nineteenth Century Heritage, Eleanor Williams

Tip-Top is a private residence.

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