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Hosted by Ken Carpenter

Here is the schedule of events for the 20th anniversary of GGG, September 9-12, 2012.

Most will arrive Sunday Sept 9. Nothing planned for that evening.

No attempt has been made to secure hotel/motel reservations. This is up to each individual. There are some good rates available.

No planned activities for the ladies (apart for the dinners), again this is up to the individual ladies to work out.

Monday, Sept 10:

Golf at Otter Creek at 9:00 AM. I made reservations for two foursomes only. If we have more than eight show up, we can work that out okay. We will get the senior rate of $49.00 pp.

Dinner at Amazing Joe's at 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Sept 11:

Golf at Timberlake at 9:00 AM where we get the senior rate
of $27. pp (Wow!) Same goes as to the number of golfers.

Dinner at Mulligan's Grill at 7:00 PM

Wednesday, Sept 12:

Golf at Hillcrest CC, Franklin at 9:00 AM. John Grimmer has us a special rate of $35. 
No dinner plan.


Back row, left to right:  Dick Apple, Ralph Schumann, Wendle Hauk, John Walter , Ken Carpenter.
Front row, left to right:  Paul Kahlenbeck, Jim Munt, Bill Andrews.


Report by Ken Carpenter

Well, it is rather sad to report the 20th Good Guys Golf outing. I tried to get the group together in Columbus. We initially had eleven golfers with tentative yes, then reduced to eight, then seven and finally five, but alas, only three golfers showed up; two only on Monday and Wednesday. Under the
circumstances, I will not embarrass anyone by relating the scores.


Dick Apple and I were the only golfers at Otter Creek on Monday. Wendel Hauck and John Grimmer did ride around the front nine, but neither was able to golf, Wendel being sickly (all three days) and John still recovering from another hip operation. My game was stellar when we had an audience, but went to H___ when they left.

Tuesday, Paul Kahlenbeck joined Dick and I at Timbergate Golf Club. I do not think that Paul missed the fairway all day, and made his share of putts as well.



Wednesday it was Dick and I again at Hillview Country Club in Franklin. John Grimmer, a member, escorted us around the course. I did manage one birdie, the only one of the week, but I followed that with a nine (lost ball and poor golf). Neither Dick or I wish to have our scores recorded. Dick, I have the scorecards and will keep them locked away.

The small group at dinner Monday night at Amazing Joes was joined by Doc Graninger, and a very good meal was enjoyed by all. Could Doc be XCIII?? sure doesn't look it.



The highlight of the three days was the Tuesday night dinner at Mulligan's Grill at the Columbus airport, where we had a total of twelve people. Good Guys, Jim Munt and wife, June, Bill Andrews, (Joyce was under the weather) Wendel Hauck and wife, Dawn, Dick Apple and wife, Carolyn, Myself, Ralph
Schuman and wife, Nancy, Paul Kahlenbeck and special guest, John Walter.

John Grimmer indicated that he and Barbara would have been there had he received the notice in time (my fault, sorry John). The dinner was by all measures outstanding. Ralph Schuman doesn't seem to have changed since he last played with us in 1999. John Walters also missed the aging routine,
looking very fit at 91 years of age. John's book, "My War" is highly recommended by this reporter, even though I am but half through it.


Bill Elder and wife, Shirley, wanted to come and play, but could not arrange a portable oxygen generator and did not want to try and bring enough canisters. Paul Kahlenbeck said that he wished he had known, as he would gladly let Bill borrow his portable oxygen generator. Bill did say that he
did not want to participate in the numbers game (we forgot to do that), but he was in hopes that someone would tip a Stohly for him (I forgot to tell anyone, so I tipped one later just for Bill).

Wendel Hauck said that he would like to get the group together again next year at Litchfield.

I declined to organize, but volunteered Ray Jackson for the job. If Ray can get it set up, then the 2012 outing won't have to be the last. Ray, sign me up to play.

I will send Larry my pictures of the Tuesday dinner, and would ask Carolyn to also send Larry her pictures, no doubt better than mine.

For the record, backs beat knees, hips, and lungs as "excuse" for not playing. Scheduling was a problem for two or three possibly because I left it so late, Ray take note.

Your humble reporter,

Ken Carpenter

ps: I enjoy using the reference, "humble".