New Orleans 1992

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New Orleans 1992

Ken Carpenter remembers the 1992 trip.
1992 was the first year we golfed as fas as I know. I don't have any pictures from that experience which was in New Orleans. Bill Elder Bill Elder knew someone at Tulane University who got the group on the Tulane golf course.
The rain scared off all the golfers except Dick Plaster, Buzz Horton, Bill Elder and myself. I believe that Frank Leasure,  Marty Bruckner, Ray Jackson and Sam Washburn wimped out, but my memory is subject to small implosions, so don't hold me to that. The only thing I am certain about is that I got awful wet playing in a foursome that day.

We need pictures from this year.  If you have any, email and we'll make arrangements to get them on this web page.