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Site Revision List

This is a listing of most, if not all, revisions to this web site since early 2006. Click on any item on the list to go to the web page added or edited.

3/2/2023: Added death date for Rear Admiral Gordan Smith and information about his career.

8/12/2022: Updated links to Related Links.

2/25/2019: Updated links to the Oriskany fire.

4/7/2018: Added Rick Adams' account of his crash and rescue.

7/20/2017: Fixed broken link to Tiff Hawk"s account of his crash and rescue.

5/22/2017: Added Honolulu, Hawaii, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl) to Vietnam Memorials Page.

3/21/2017: Added a picture of Ready Room 3 to the USS Midway web page.

6/25/2016: I was able to contact the Bravenet Guest Book web site and they were able to reactivate the Guest Book and allow me to only sign in yearly after receiving a reminder notice. The Bravenet Guest Book page is now back up and I set up a companion Guest Book backup web site (Hidden) to keep copies of all entries.

6/6/2016: Guest Book web site closed and I copied archived entries and opened a new Guest Book by Tripod on "Guest Book" page.

2/13/2016: I made several revisions to the "8 October, 1966" page.

2/13/2016: I made several revisions to the "Memories" page.

1/29/2016: I added two pages to the web site. One is for the recue of LTJG Rick Adams and the other is for the rescue of LCDR Thomas Tucker.

6/6/2015: I added a copy of an article from the Democrat Union about Jimmy Moore presenting the "Going Home" photograph he made in memory of his friend Jack Feldhaus.

2/2/2015: I added a picture of Admiral Smith, VA-153's Skipper in 1966 to the "VA-152" web page

5/30/2014: I added a picture of myself at the Vietnam Veteran's Wall South in Pensacola FL to the bottom of the "Vietnam Memorials" web page

5/12/2014:The videos and slide shows on the Arlington page were not working and I had to reconfigure them.  I also added photos of Jack's headstone.

3/26/2014: Added to the "VA-152" page a picture of LCDR Roy Howard "Hap" Bowling, the VA-152's Operations Officer who was shot down over North Vietnam while flying an A4E Skyhawk on 17 November 1965.

1/14/2014: Added to the "Home" page a link to a video of 
HS-6 Raunchy Redskins aboard the U.S.S. Kearsarge CVS 33 during their 1967-1968 Wespac deployment.  I also added to the "Biography" page photos of Jack and Jimmy Moore as they prepared to ride bicycles from Lawrenceburg to Tampa Florida. 

5/29/2013: Added a new page titled "October 8, 1966" where I posted the reports issued by other pilots who were in the area when Jack was shot down and killed on this day 

2/14/2013: Rearranged  the VA-152 web page and added a picture and information about A1-H BuNo 139665 which is now located in the TN Air Museum in Sevierville TN.

1/21/2013: Added information to the Home web page that was received from Bill Roy, pilot of the rescue helicopter that rescued Tiff Hawks in the summer of 1966.  He elaborated on the rescue that Jack was involved in.

3/9/2011:  Added Bud Watson's history of VA-152 to the "VA-152" web page.  Added names to the 1965 and 1966 change of command pictures on that page.  Added pictures of more VA-152 quadron members.

11/11/10:  Added to the "Vietnam Memorials" page pictures of a Vietnam Veteran's Memorial I attended in Lawrenceburg, TN on 9 November, 2010 to honor those who gave their lives in that conflict.

5/19/10:  Corrected the number of DFCs awarded in the Vietnam war by adding a document to the Home Page announcing the dedication of the new DFC Memorial.

1/19/10:  Reformatted the entire web site and changed the colors.  Fixed several broken links.  Added a video to the Oriskany page. Added an interactive Google map the Crash Site Maps page.  Added a page "Operation Rolling Thunder".

8/26/2009: Added a new page showing the location of Jack's crash site on a very detailed Vietnam map.

8/19/09: Added a page for VA-25 with a story by Scott Smith involving a close call with him and Jack Feldhaus.

7/3/09: Added a paragragh from Fred Guenzel identifying Jack as the most likely pilot of the A-1 shown in the picture with the air brakes deployed.

7/3/09: Added a paragraph from Fred Guenzel identifying him as the pilot flying with Jack when he received his Distinguished Flying Cross.

3\22\09 Added a page with an eBook containing everything in the web site and more.

3\12\09: Added a page with lots of pictures and details about the Douglas Skyraider.

11/12/08: Added a link to the HS-6 SAR (Search And Rescue) Squadron history of their 1966 deployment to Vietnam.

8/24/08: Added information to the USS Midway page.

6/17/08: Added a page showing the Grumman S2F Tracker which Jack flew when he tried to visit me in Miami.

5/14/08: Added a new page "Map 4" to the "Crash Site Discovered" section of the web site. This page shows the location of Jack's crash site as well as the location of Darwin Thomas' crash site.

5/10/08: Added a new page for the USS Midway. Jack served aboard this carrier in 1961 and 1962, making two WestPac cruises.

12/21/07: Added comment "The one on the right was 513-137610 which LTJg James Alvin Beene was flying when he was killied in action in 1966."

2/20/07: Added photos of two VA-152 A-1H planes to the VA-152 web page.

1/3/07: Revised the story about Eric Shade in 1965 to reflect the fact that both he and Jesse Taylor, Jr. were flying A1-H Skyraiders with VA-152 when this incident occured.

12/30/06 Changed menu item "Comments" to "Memories" to more nearly revlect the content of that web page. Also updated the memories of Joe Shea to include more of the comments received from him about Jack.

10/23/06 Replaced the video on the Arlington menu link with video stored and shown on

7/13/06: Added the VA-152 patch to the top of the VA-152 page. Removed one line from Home page and added a blue bar to separate Jack's picture from the Distinguished Flying Cross information.

7/12/06 Added a new link in the menu header to "Jack's Distinguished Flying Cross". Created a new web site to document the rescue of Tiff Hawks, a downed USAF pilot, for which Jack received this medal. Included is information about Tiff and the Navy helicopter crew who picked Tiff up and took him to safety.

6/24/06: Added a new menu item, "Map 3", to the "Crash Site Discovered" web site. It shows Jack's crash site as viewed by Google Earth.

6/24/06: Added a new menu item, "VFW DNA Article" to the "Crash Site Discovered" web site. This magazine has Jack's picture on the front and the article is a good one about identifying deceased military remains.

6/24/06: Changed the link to the menu item "Crash Site Discovered" to go directly to the crash site web page where information can be found on the efforts of the military to find and recover Jack's remains.

6/24/06: Fixed a broken link on the "Arlington Funeral" page to access photo's taken by me at Jack's funeral.

5/28/06: Added a flash video player to the "Arlington Funeral" page, including a video of a news report covering the funeral.

5/28/06: Fixed the Douglas Skyraider video player on the "VA-52" page so that it would work with any web browser.

5/18/06": Added a paragraph about the recent ship's sinking off Pensacola to the "USS Oriskany" web page.

5/1/06: Fixed a broken link by adding an Acrobat file link of the "Westpac 1966 cruise log" to the "USS Oriskany" web page.

2/10/06: Added to the "VA-152" page a story given to me by the son of Jesse Taylor whose father lost his life flying a Skyraider on a rescue mission November 17, 1965 along with Eric Shade who returned the next year with VA-152 on the USS Oriskany.

1/19/06: Added article with picture about CDR Jesse Taylor.

1/19/06: Added an email from Jeff Taylor to the Memories page.

1/15/06: Added a pictures of Douglas A-1 Skyhawks from the USS Oriskany in 1966 to the "VA-152" web page. The "510AH" plane could well be piloted by Jack as it was the plane he was shot down in.

1/10/06: Added an Acrobat file link to the Home page to access Tiff Hawk's account of his downing and rescue, led by Jack, for which Jack earned the Navy Cross.

1/5/06: Added picture of J.J. Butterbaugh ADR2. Added picture of the Frame-Power crew for VA-152 in 1966. Added pictures of VA-152 pilots for 1965 and 1966.

1/3/06: Oriskany web page revised to add link to official US Navy USS Oriskany web page.

1/3/06 Added link to web page listing Skyraiders lost in action.

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