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Anna Elizabeth Schneider is the oldest sister of George A. Schneider.

Born 30 May 1830 in Hessen, Germany
Death 12 Oct 1897 in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, USA
Buried Oakridge Cemetery, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, USA


Descendants of Anna Elizabeth Schneider

ANNA ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER was born on 30 May 1830 in Hessen, Germany. She died on 12 Oct 1897 in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, USA. She married Bernhardt Heinrich Bosse, son of Christoph Bosse, on 24 Jul 1849 in Baltimore,  Baltimore, Maryland, USA (See Marriage License below). He was born on 08 Nov 1827 in Thüringen, Germany. He died on 19 Apr 1900 in Goshen (Elkhart County), Elkhart County, Indiana, USA.

Bernhardt Heinrich Bosse and Anna Elizabeth Schneider had the following children:

i.  MARY BARBARA BOSSE was born on 17 May 1850 in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA. She died on 06 May 1918 in Newton, Harvey, Kansas, USA.  She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Newton.

She married JOHN F. MILLER. He was born on 18 Jun 1848 in Canada. He died on 22 May 1905 in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.  He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Newton.

They had five boys and two girls.

ii.  JOHN BOSSE was born 4 Oct 1852 in Baltimore Maryland and died 22 August 1932 in Mishawaka Indiana.  He married Anna Krupp 1 June 1876 in Elkhart County Indiana. They lived in Wakarusa Indiana.

Obituary in the Wakarusa Tribune, 25 August 1932 

John Bosse, born in Baltimore, Maryland, 80 years ago, died of heart trouble at the home of his son, Clyde Bosse: 2905 Lincoln Way East, Mishawaka, Monday.

He spent most of his life in and about Wakarusa, until the death of his wife, Anna Krupp Bosse, Feb 6, 1920, after which he made his home with his children.

Surviving him are five children, Rufus, of Haines City, Florida; Joseph of White Cloud, Mich; Clyde, at whose home he died; Mertle (Mrs Clayton M Enders) of Wakarusa; and Elva of North Liberty; and one sister, Mrs Elizabeth Miller of Elkhart. He was preceded in death beside his wife, one daughter, Eva Dell, of Dowagiac, Mich.

Short services were held at the home of Clyde Bosse in Mishawaka at 1:00 Wednesday afternoon and further services at the Olive church north of Wakarusa, at 1:30, the Rev E E Kaufman, pastor of the Wakarusa Methodist church, officiating. Burial in the nearby cemetery.

iii.  ANNA MARGARETHA "MAGGIE" BOSSE was born on 18 Aug 1854 in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA. She died on 04 Jan 1923 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.

She married George Cline on 16 Aug 1881 in Elkhart IN. She was born in Maryland and both of her parents were from Germany.

According to the 1900 Census, J Cline was an inventor that was born in the state of New York.

The 1900 Census indicates he had two daughters.

Mary A. Cline was born in 1873 in Indiana, her father was born in New York, and her mother was born in Ireland.

Anna Frances Cline was born in 1880 in Indiana, her father was born in New York, and her mother was born in Ireland.

The 1900 Census also indicates that Margaret Bosse gave birth to 4 children and none were alive at the time of the 1900 Census. This leads to the conclusion that Margaret Bosse was the step-mother of Mary A & Anna Frances Cline.

The 1910 Census in Chicago, Illinois shows Margaret Cline is a widow living with a widowed step-daughter named Anna Tennis who was born in Indiana in 1880. Anna's husband is Henry J. "Harry" Tennis.

The 1920 Census in Chicago, Illinois indicates that Margaret Bosse is a widow living with Victor Trudeau and his wife Anna Frances Cline Tennis Trudeau.

The 1920 Census indicates that Anna's mother was born in Ireland, also.

It appears that Margaret Bosse Cline is not the biological mother of either Mary A Cline or Anna Frances Cline Tennis Trudeau and produced no live children of here own.

It is believed that she is buried in an unmarked grave beside her parents in the Goshen family burial plot.

iv.  MARY ELIZABETH "Lizzie" BOSSE was born on 16 May 1856 in Clifton Clark County, Ohio, USA. She died on 25 Dec 1935 in Elkhart County, Indiana, USA. She married HENRY MICHAEL MILLER.

They resided in Goshen Indiana where they raised four boys and five girls.

v.  GEORGE FREDERICK BOSSE was born on 29 Jan 1858 in Ohio. He died on 23 Aug 1930 in Elkhart County, Indiana, USA. He married DELLA LEONA CORNS who was born 18 Mar 1866 in Syracuse, Kosciusko County IN and died 9 Dec 1940 in Goshen, Elkhart County IN.

They resided in Goshen IN where they raised three boys and two girls.

vi.  FRANCIS "FRANK" XAVIER BOSSE was born in 1859 in Goshen Elkhart County, Indiana, USA. He died on 21 Sep 1925 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.

Frank and Catherine did not have any children.

Frank's wife Catherine Collins is buried in Chicago, Illinois , Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Why he was brought back to Indiana for burial is unknown.

Frank is buried in Oakridge Cemetery, Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, Plot: Section 4. 

vii.  BERNARD JOHN BENJAMIN "Ben" BOSSE was born on 21 Jul 1863 in Goshen (Elkhart County), Elkhart County, Indiana, USA.  He died ?  He married ANNA KRUPP.

There is no headstone for Ben in the Bosse burial plot in Goshen.  He was last known to be living in Chicago Illinois and no one knows when he died or where he is buried.  

When Ben was 21 years old he was convicted of being involved in a homicide involving his gun being fired by another during a demonstration.  He was sentenced to 21 years but his sentence was commuted in 1890 when he was 27 years old.  The below clippings report the incident and subsequent court proceedings.

viii.  ANNA "Ann" BOSSE was born on 12 Jun 1873 in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana, USA.  She died on 7 Nov 1880 at the age of seven.  She is buried beside her parents in the family burial plot in the Goshen Oakridge Cemetery.  There is no headstone.

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Standing left George  Bosse
Standing right John Bosse
Sitting left Ben Bosse
Sitting right Frank Bosse

Standing left Frank Bosse
Standing right Ben Bosse
Sitting left Barbara Bosse
Sitting middle Maggie Bosse
Sitting right Lizzie Bosse

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Barnhardt Bosse and Elizabeth Schneider Marriage Record

Bernard Bosse & Elizabeth Schneider - Marriage record 24 Jul 1849.   Married in the German Speaking - St Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.  Witnesses are Joseph Adam & Bernadine Zephardt. (?) hard to read. 
I copied the marriage record page below from from the Heiser Family Tree.   I later was directed to the on-line Maryland Catholic Church Records where I was able to download a higher resolution copy and clip out the portion dealing with this marriage.  I photo-shopped the clip which I posted below.  It's still almost impossible to read all of the entry as it appears to have been wedged between an existing entry.

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The 1850 Federal Census for Ward 2, Baltimore, Maryland shows Elizabeth's husband Bernhardt & his older brother, Anton as both coopers and living on the same street. Bernhardt & family are # 409 and Anton & family are # 413. Both of their first daughters have been born.  Notice the last name is shown as "Bush" instead of "Bose".  However it's definately the right family.

Name:Barrey Bush
(Barnhardt Bosse)
Birth Year:abt 1827
Home in 1850:Baltimore Ward 2, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Family Number:409
Household Members:
 Barrey Bush (Bosse)23
Elizabeth Bush (Bosse)20
Barbara Bush (Bosse)0
George Fink 23
Barbara Fink 23

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The 1960 Federal Census shows Bernhardt and Elizabeth living in Clifton, Greene County, OH with their children.  Note the last name is spelled "BeBosse", likely because he gave his name as Bernhardt B. (for Ben) Bosse.


Benj Bebos
(Ben Bosse) 

Age: 33
Birth Year: abt 1827
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Preußen
Home in 1860: Clifton, Greene, Ohio
Post Office: Clifton
Family Number: 429
Value of Real Estate:
Household Members:
Name Age
Benj Bebose (Bosse) 33
Elizabeth Bebose (Bosse) 30
Barbary Bebose (Bosse) 10
John Bebose (Bosse) 8
Margaret Bebose (Bosse) 7
Elizabeth Bebose (Bosse) 4
George Bebose (Bosse) 2

Bernhard Boase & wife, Elizabeth sold the west half of Lot #31 in Clifton, Greene, Ohio to Miss Mary Larkin for $124.00 on 9 Aug 1861. An older lady in Clifton said there was a log cabin on that portion of the property when she was young.

Map shows county line runs through the town separating Greene County from Clarke County where George Schneider was naturalized

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The 1870 U.S. Federal Census shows Bernardt Bosse and his growing family living in Goshen, Ward 1, Elkhart county, IN.  His name is shown as Benjamin rather than Bernhardt as that was the name that he went by.

Name: Elizabeth Bosse
Age: 50
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Frankfort
Home in 1880: Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Benhart Bosse
Father's Birthplace: Frankfort
Mother's Birthplace: Frankfort
Neighbors: View others on page


Household Members:
Name Age
Benhart Bosse 53
Elizabeth Bosse 50
Maggie Bosse 26
George Bosse 21
Frank Bosse 18
Benjamin Bosse 16
Annie Bosse 6

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The 1880 U.S. Federal Census shows Bernardt Bosse and his family still living in Goshen, Ward 1, Elkhart county, IN.  His name is shown as Benhart rather than Bernhardt.  Seems people have trouble getting his name right.

Name: Benjamin Bosse
Age in 1870: 52
Birth Year: abt 1818
Birthplace: Pru; Deu
Home in 1870: Goshen Ward 1, Elkhart, Indiana
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Goshen
Value of Real Estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Benjamin Bosse 52
Elizabeth Bosse 40
Barbara Bosse 20
John Bosse 18
Maggie Bosse 16
Elizabeth Bosse 14
George Bosse 12
Francis Bosse 8
Benjamine Bosse 7

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On Wednesday, October 6, 1897 a notice was printed in the Goshen Democrat that Mrs. Elizabeth Bosse was stricken with paralysis on Sunday while attending services at the Catholic church.

Anna Elizabeth Schnieder's obituary appeared in the Wednesday, October 13, 1897 Goshen Democrat newspaper.

Bernhardt Heinrich Bosse's obituary appeared in the Thursday, April 19, 1900 Goshen Democrat newspaper.  Even in death, the paper managed to mispell his first name as Bernard rather than Bernhardt.