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The Journals of
Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Jr.
1880 - 1903

  Transcribed by Kathleen Sudduth Niedergeses



My first intention in transcribing the journals of Henry Feldhaus, Jr., which are in the possession of Margaret Feldhaus, was to simply have a record of the day to day happenings of Mr. Feldhaus and his travels.   While doing this I gained a lot of valuable information on dates, names, places of birth, marriages, deaths, etc. of the family.

While typing the journals I discovered that they were not only of genealogical value, but were also of great historical value since they contained names of towns, mines, etc. that have long been forgotten or their existence never known by most people alive today.   That is when I began my long search for maps, pictures, and histories on mines and communities.   I wanted to be able to picture in my mind exactly where each place was located and to show to what extent Mr. Feldhaus traveled when the only means of transportation was by horse, buggy, or on long trips, by train.

Having already indexed the journals without inserting the locations of a lot of the places and not wanting to go through the process of indexing again,   I decided to simply add the information at the end of the journals.   Some of the maps I lucked upon when I purchased maps from the State Archives in Nashville for the Lawrence County Archives.

It is simply amazing what this man accomplished in his life time. He came to America at the age of 18 with his parents and brothers and sisters.   He was in a strange land and knew no one outside of his family.   He or no one else in the family knew how to speak, read, or write English. Besides learning how to speak, read and write English (sometimes using words I had to look up in the dictionary, such as harangue), you will find that he became a very successful businessman.

From his writings he seems to have been a quiet person, to have a dry sense of humor, and was sometimes sarcastic.   He was sometimes critical of the way things were done by the priests at mass, but attended mass regularly and was always ready to help when work needed to be done on the church, parsonage, convent, school, or cemetery.

One thing I found very surprising was the fact that whenever Mary had a baby or was sick he quit whatever work he was doing and came home from wherever he was to take care of her.   Besides doing the outside chores, he would do all the house cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. when Mary needed his help.   I also got the impression that he was bored staying in one place for very long and had to always be on the go or working.   He always kept up with current events of the day and was interested in politics.

His journals were all written in pencil and were very hard to read. He misspelled some of the words and a lot of the time did not put punctuation at the end of a sentence or capital letters at the beginning of the next sentence.   In some instances it was hard to tell where one sentence ended and another one began, since they sounded alright by putting a period at various places. However, more words were spelled correctly than were wrong.

Mr. Feldhaus abbreviated words a lot and had a problem with the spelling of people’s names.   He seemed to have the most problem with words that began with the letter W. He used the German wh sound for w.   Examples: whas = was;   whith = with;   whash = wash;   dit = did;   of=off;   redy = ready;   ar. = arrived;   N. = Nashville

I did not leave the original spelling as he had it since the journal would have been very hard to understand.   In some places the writing was not legible or I was unsure of a persons actual first or last name.   When I could verify the names from marriage records, cemetery records, etc., I have inserted them in parenthesis in the journal. But in a lot of places when he referred to someone as simply Mr. Kemper or Gunselman, etc., I could not be sure of which one this was because there were several Mr. Kempers or Mr. Gunselmans alive at the same time.

When naming the different towns he traveled to, Mr. Feldhaus never mentioned the county or state they were in.   For some places it has taken a lot of searching of maps. I have not been able to find a few of the towns or furnaces he mentioned.

There are a few places where you will find………………This usually means that there was really nothing of importance written here.   Mostly it consisted of exactly what he did on the job each day.   I included some of this, so you would know what his work was like, but felt it was unnecessary to include all of it.

I want to thank Margaret Feidhaus for giving me the opportunity to read and transcribe the journals and for helping with the proof reading, and my husband, Lawrence, for punching holes in 1,400 sheets of paper.

I hope everyone enjoys reading the journals as much as I have enjoyed putting this book together and doing the hours of research to provide more facts about the family to make the book more interesting.

I plan to do more genealogy research soon in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Cincinnati, Texas, and Germany.   When I have finished I will send copies to everyone to add to their book.

The following excerpts were copied by Margaret Feldhaus from another journal of Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Jr. several years ago.   The journal is in the possession of William Boulie and was not made available for transcribing in its entirety.   Since Margaret just recently found this while going through some papers, it is not included in the index.   We know there must have been other journals but do not know what has happened to them over the years.   These entries were made before he married Mary Ann Schneider and was dating other girls.

The journal began OCTOBER 1, 1880 while he was working at Napier Furnace.

Kathleen Niedergeses

The Journals of
Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Jr.
1880 - 1903


MON. NOV 1 - Albert Boyd came in.   Returned ‘Grants Travels.’   Got “Life of   Boneparte.”

MON. NOV. 21 - Went to party at (George ?) Tillman’s.

TUES. NOV. 23 - Returned to Napier.

MON. DEC. 6 - Father came to Napier.   Bought dress and shawl for mother, overcoat and hat for myself.

THORS. DEC. 23 - Went home.   Drew cash $10, check $50.

FRI. DEC. 24 - At home, Mrs. (Mary E.) Brand came to stay all night.

SAT. DEC. 25 - Christmas. Went to church. Back home 2 P.M.

SUN. DEC. 26 - Same, Stayed at Beshville till evening.   P. W. Burns. J. Meier.

HON. DEC. 27 - Had shoes put on mare.   Stayed all night at Shutte’s

TOES. DEC. 28 - To Lawrenceburg.   Got back at 2 P.M.   Party at Kidds.   2 below zero.

WED. DEC. 29 - Back to work.


THURS. JAN. 6 - Father brought me new waterproof shirts.   Sister Annie to marry before Lent.   (ANNIE FELDHAUS MARRIED JOSEPH SUTTER AUGUST 27, 1882).

SUN. JAN. 16 - Preaching at boarding house.

SUN. JAN 23 - Father bought clothes.

TUES. FEB. 1 - Commenced boarding with Dr. Fleischman.

FRI. FEB. 4 - Bought shoes $1.

TUES. FEB. 8 - Wrote letter for I. N. Ward.   Rain.   Could not work.

MON. FEB. 28 - Party at G. Gessing’s (George Geesing’s) tomorrow night.

TUES. MAR. 1 - Party at G. Gessing’s.   (George Geesing’s).   Only one girl there - did not go there.

MON. MAR. 7 - Father was here yesterday.   Took clover seed home.   Cost at Nashville $5.25 per bushel.   T. Lee going to see Miss Maggie.   The dm fools think her and me engaged to be married.   G. Gessing (George Geessing) quite reserved.   Suppose I don’t come over there as often as he would like.   I can do very well without him.

SAT. MAR. 12 - McAnally trying to get up a writing school. Rifle match.   J. Vite (?) best shot.

SUN. MAR. 13 - Mr. Sam Potts started to buy goods.

SUN. MAR. 19 - Writing school every night.   Some fellows celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day. SAT. MAR. 26 - Mr. Potts returned from Cincinnati.

FRI. APR. 1 - Started home.   Got home at 1 A.M.

SUN. APR. 3 - Went to church.   Walking with Mrs. Sam (Sam L.) Duffield.   Large congregation.   Dinner at Mr. Besh’s.   Went on Mr. Schneider’s wagon to see Mrs. Kastler.   Looking very bad.   Went back on wagon and took Rosa home.   All had gone to bed, but Mrs. Besh. Mrs. Shutte appeared to be mad.   Would not talk to Joe by herself at all.   Spent afternoon enjoying myself very well.

MON. APR. 4 - Snow last night.   Took mare to T. W. Burns this morning.   Was at home all week.   Planted potatoes. SUN. APR. 10 - Went to Lawrenceburg.   Rather dull place, but there is some very pretty girls there.   Joe L. was there. J. (?) Besh went with me.   Got back by 9 P.M. Lena K. (Kastler ?) better.

MON. APR. 11 - Back to Furnace by 12.   Mrs. and Maggie T (believe this to be Maggie Tiliman) were at the boarding house this evening.   Miss Maggie is a nice girl.

TUES. APR. 12 - Father was here.   Took $8.

SAT. APR. 16 - Had a game of baseball.

SUN. APR. 17 - Easter.   Mr. Tiliman was at the Furnace.   Miss M. (Maggie ?) at Philip's.   W. Scott went over to see her in the evening.

FRI. APR. 27 - Miss Maggie at Philip’s.   Didn’t stay no time.   Rain after dark. Scarlet fever at Henryville.

SAT. APR. 23 - All went to Buffalo (River) fishing.   Did not catch any. Stayed till after dark.

SUN. APR. 24 - Miss M. (Maggie) over at Th (Thesing ?).   Quite indifferent.

WED. APR. 27 - Gessing (George Geesing), it is said, received letter of warning last night notifying him to be departed within 10 days.   He is selling out preparing to leave.

FRI. APR. 29 - Fire brick came to Mt. Pleasant last night.   Some of them to be here today.   Left for home.   Father had mule colt worked on today.

SAT. APR. 30 - At home.   Dr. McLean came to see Mrs. Kastler.

SUN. MAY 1 - Church at Trinity (This Catholic church was located in the Beshville community 10 miles west of Lawrenceburg close to Deerfield in the 1880’s.   Was only there for a short time. A priest from either Lawrenceburg or Saint John’s/Eindiedeln usually said the mass.   There was also a cemetery located here with some of the Feldhauses, Stermers and some of the other German families in the area buried in it.   The graves were all marked with wooden crosses.   When the field burned the location of all of the graves was lost).   Father Alfonse Phillip there. Left home 4:30. Went to Tiliman’s.   Left there after sundown.   Got to furnace at 10 P.M.

FRI. MAY 6 - Rain.   No Work.   Father came in.   Concluded to pasture colt nearer home.

SUN. MAY 8 - Had a fine ride to Henryville.   Got back 3 P.M. A. B. (Albert Boyd ?) found me a horse.   Was introduced to Miss Klein or Klern by Miss Maggie at Th (Thesing’s).

MON. JUNE 6 - Bought trunk for $4.50.   Sold mine to Philip for $4.   To be reduced from board bill.




MON. APR. 3 - Serenaded Albert - good music.   (Suppose he is referring to Albert Boyd.)

FRI. APR. 7 - Going home.   Cash payments.   Stopped for 60 days.

MON. APR. 10 - Came from home.   Started to work.   (Worked a few days.   Went fishing.)

THURS. APR. 20 - Went home.   Meeting at Napier Iron Co.   G. W. Boyd resigned management.   Reduction of 15% on all wages.

FRI. APR. 21 - At home.

SAT. APR. 22 - Going to Lawreneburg.

SUN. APR. 23 - At Lawrenceburg.

MON. APR. 24 - Coming from Lawrenceburg with A. E. Boyd and Th(?) Fleischman.   Came to furnace at 3 P.M.   Had disturbance.

TUES. APR. 25 - Could get work on road.

FRI. APR. 28 - Going home.

SAT. APR. 29 - Received note of George Schneider for #30 on 12 months.   Was told by C. P. Meier that there had been at fight at furnace yesterday.

MON. MAY 22 - Election at Lawrenceburg. Charter or no charter.   Rainy, cool.   No charter - 61, charter - 14.   (This was an election to decide to abolish the old charter for Lawrenceburg).

THURS. MAY 25 - Wrote letter to Rosie.

SAT. JUNE 17 - Four Mile Law decided as constitutional. (?)

Sometime after Ann Theresa Feldhaus married Joseph Sutter in August 1882 and when the other journals begin in 1887~ Henry Feldhaus, Sr. and wife, Catharina, and Joseph and Ann Sutter moved to Westphalia, TX.



FRI. MAY 6 - Left Guthrie 6:34 A.M. Run upon freight train wreck between Baker’s Stand and Goodletsvjlle 7:30 A.M.   Twelve cars wrecked badly.   Will take some time to clear track.   Caused apparently by bad track.   Got breakfast about 10:00 A.M. at a farm house.   A hungry lot of passengers walked a half mile and after 5 hours waiting got taken to Nashville on a crowded train, there being passengers of three trains on board this one.   Arrived at Nashville P.M. W  ent to Mrs. Whyat’s.   Bought suit of clothes, derby and suspenders for $17.75.

THURS. MAY 5 - Received $33.00 for this month.

SAT. MAY 7 - (Nashville) Received $123.75 and $59.00 checks.   Took checks to First National Bank.   Drew $23.00 and bought baby carriage and different clothing articles.   $9.00.   (Lived Aetna, Hickman Co., TN). Sold cow and house.

THURS. JUNE 30 - Hired team till Monday night from William Bowen for $8.50.   Started 7 A.M. to Lawrenceburg.   Arrived at Mr. Schneider’s 5:30 P.M.   Stayed Fri. and Sat. at Schneider’s.   Went to town with Mr. Schneider Sun.   3. Said German addition built up some.   The old town looks worse than 4 years ago.

MON. JULY 4 - Back to Aetna by 7 P.M.

THURS. JULY 7 - Went to Nashville to look for work.   Prospects for work over rated.   Found job $100 and house for 6 months from Mr.Fuicher.   Bought furniture mostly Brisbo’s.   Moved to west Nashville.

WED. JULY 20 - At Joe Baltz.

SUN. JULY 24 - Walked to church in north Nashville.   Took 1 hour. WED. JULY 27 - Wrote to Texas and Lawrenceburg.

THURS. SEPT 1 - Paid $140 to W. E. McNeilly for Wayne Iron Co. Stock. SUN. SEPT. 11 - Mary to church.

SUN. OCT. 2 - Mary and I went to city.   Came back with Hanbenseish.


MAY 7 - Started for Birmingham 8:20 P.M. train.   Arrived 4:30 A.M. Got board 312 S. 20th St.

MAY 19 - Made $46.00 last week.

MAY 21 - Went home on 12:50 train.   Arrived 10 P.M.

MAY 24 - Sold part of furniture and shipped some to Birmingham.

MAY 25 - Shipped goods and all started to Birmingham 8:20 P.M.

MAY 26 - Rented two rooms 112 S. 19th for $10.00 a month.

JUNE 15 - Moved to #601 5. 26th St.   $10 for 3 room house.

JULY 8 - Mary sick with flux.

OCT. 4 - BOY BORN AT 3:45 A.M.   Dr. Robinson attending.

OCT. 14 - JOSEPH HENRY BAPTIZED at Southside Church by Rev. Father Meurer.   Joe and Annie Sutter (godparents) by proxy Mrs. Caty Conrad.

THURS. DEC. 24 - Shipped goods for Nashville.   Started with family 11:45 A.M.   Arrived at 8 P.M.   Put up at Central Baxter Court.

TUES. DEC. 25 - Moved to Mrs. Wyat for supper.

WED. DEC. 26 - Made arrangements to store goods at Duglas B.

THURS. DEC. 27 - Left Nashville for Goodrich at 7 A.M.   Arrived 10:30.   Board at Mrs. McLauchlin.


JAN. 15 - Shipped goods to G. P.   Engaged 17 bricklayers and took them to Tennessee River.

SAT. FEB. 2 - Had a ride on a hand car, hard work.

SAT. MAR. 30 - Shipped goods to Goodrich.

SUN. MAR 31 - Left for Dixon (Dickson, TN).

APR. 1 - Arrived at Goodrich. Boarding at McLauchlin.

SUN JUNE 12 - Mary Andre here while we were flower gathering.

MON. JUNE 17 - Received $83.20 for May.

SUN. JULY 25 - Dull day.   Very lonesome.

OCT. 1 - At Aetna.   Disturbance between blacks and whites.

OCT. 3 - Signed over Wayne Stock.

WED. DEC. 11 - To Lawrence Co.   At Schneider’s at 8:00 P.M.

THURS. DEC. 12 - To (Herman J.) Thesing's.

FRI. DEC. 13 - To Anthony’s.

SAT DEC. 14 - To Lawrenceburg.

SUN. DEC. 15 - To Einsiedeln (St. John’s close to Brace).


TUES. FEB. 4 - District #15 dental service by Dr. Plumer.

TUES. FEB. 25 - Johnsonville bridge partly blown down.

MON. MAR. 10 - Plowed garden, planted potatoes.

THURS. MAR. 18 - Planted garden.

THURS. APR. 3 - Sent application for $3000 life insurance to N.Y. Life by Mr. Wiger of Macon, GA.

SAT. MAY 24 - Mary came on 7:30 train from Lawrenceburg.

MON. MAY 26 - Mary going home.

SAT. JUNE 28 - I sent $35.00 money order to Mr. Schneider.

THURS. JULY 3 - Home to Goodrich.

SAT. JULY 12 - Mary to Nashville.

SUN. JULY 20 - Left for Attalla, AL 9:30 A.M.   Arrived 1:00 P.M. SUN JULY 27 - To Gadsden, AL.

SUN. AUG. 3 - Had toothache all night.

MON. AUG. 4 - To dentist.   Had tooth extracted.

SAT. AUG. 16 - This is a slow job.   Accomplished nothing today.   Labor very indifferent.   It took all P.M. to put things as they were when we quit lining.

TUES. SEPT. 9 - Started home 11:30 P.M.

WED. SEPT. 10 - Arrived at Chattanooga 3 A.M.   Started for Nashville 5:00 A.M.   Received $20.00 and expenses up to date.

THURS. SEPT. 11 - Arrived Nashville 10:40 A.M.



DEC. 6 - Finished Napier job.   (Napier mines were once in Lawrence County, but when the boundary lines of the counties changed in the late 1880’s it was in Lewis County).

DEC. 7 - Went home.   Received $100.00.   $27.55 due me at Napier.


FRI. JAN. 12 - Rome, GA still in blast WED. JAN. 17 - SAT. JAN. 20 - Is a warm day.   On 19th need no fire. Grass growing.

SUN. JAN. 21 - Shooting match at office.

WED. JAN 24 - Sleet and snow. Mrs.   Gang boxing to move.

THURS. JAN. 25 - 3 below zero.   Mrs. Gang shipping goods.   J. Corbett defeated Mitchell 3 rounds.

SAT. JAN. 27 - Got medicine from Dr. (M. H.) Buchanan.

SUN. JAN. 28 - Warmer again.

MON. JAN. 29 - Freezing again.

THURS. FEB. 1 - Fair day. Smoking meat.

FRI. FEB. 2 - Cloudy day.   No shadow.   (Groundhog Day).

SAT. FEB. 3 - Rain.   Creek up.   Cistern full (a receptacle for holding water, especially rain water).

SUN. FEB. 18 - Got Dr. Buchanan at 1 A.M.   BABY GIRL BORN 4 A.M.   Stormy before midnight.   Very fair A.M. All doing well.

TUES. FEB. 20 - SAT. FEB. 24 - At home cooking.

SUN. FEB. 25 - Mary set up some today.   Snowed all day. 6”.

MON. FEB. 26 - Mary set up half the time.

TUES. FEB. 27 - Mr. & Mrs. Schneider and Tresia came today. (  Mary’s parents and sister) WED. FEB. 28 - Mr. Schneider back home.

SAT. MAR. 3 - Left home for Round Mountain (AL).

SUN. MAR. 4 - Arrived Chattanooga 2:30 A.M.   Left 8:45 for Rome. Arrived 11:45.   Will arrive Round Mountain 6:30 P.M.

SUN. MAR 18 - Wrote to Uncle Bob and home.   Had a nickel shave.   Was at Yellow Creek Falls on C. S. Railroad. 60’ fall.   Grand scenery.

WED. MAR. 21 - Going to Rome. Arrived noon. Boarding with Mr. Whyn.

EASTER SUNDAY MAR. 25 - Worked 4 hr. day and 4 1/2 hr. night.   Cold night, killing frost, windy.

SUN. APR. 1 - Settled A.M. Received cash for 17 days work and expenses back.   The company to pay board.   Had satchel hauled to Rome.

MON. APR. 2 - Slept good all night. Started for home 11:10.   Arrived at Chattanooga too late for connection. Had to wait 11 hours. Looked at steel plant - delapidated.   Good scope of river front.   Real estate worth more than rest.

THURS. APR. 12 - At home hunting.

FRI. APR. 13 - Fishing. Killed 2.   Game scarce, so many fishing.

SAT. APR. 14 - Going to Lawrenceburg.

MON. APR. 16 AND TUES. APR. 17 - Planting corn.

WED. APR. 18 - To St. Mary’s Church (southeast of Loretto).   Andre’s there.

THURS. APR. 19 SAT. APR. 21 - Hauling manure, burning brush.


THURS. APR. 26 - Back to Mannie.   (The name of the community of Mannie, which sprang up around the mines, has changed several times over the years.   It was also known as Allen’s Creek and Ruppertown and was in Wayne County.   In 1925 when the boundary lines changed between the counties it was located in Lewis County).   C. C. Co. Store still closed.

SUN. APR. 29 - Warmest day this spring.   Put on light underwear.

MON. APR. 30 - Store opened again.   Judge R. Ewing here.


THURS. MAY 3 - Holy day.   Thom Mulcahy here.

FRI. MAY 4 - Fishing and trading cows.

SUN. MAY 27 - To Good Springs (Giles County, TN) with family.


MON. JUNE 4 - Playing marbles.

WED. JUNE 6 - Working on road.   Sawmill started regular work.

TUES. JUNE 8 - Received $65.75 for work on Round Mountain.

TUES. JUNE 12 - To 48 Creek (Wayne Co. TN), usual luck.

SUN. JUNE 17 - Mary sick.   Flux.

FRI. JUNE 22 - Mat Meiers and N. Hollander stayed night. Looking for timber.

SUN. JUNE 24 - Cow poisoned somehow.

MON. JUNE 25 - Cow still not O.K.   Dr. Slayton here.

TUES. JUNE 26 - Cow better.

SAT. JUNE 30 - No train working between Goodrich and Centerville.   Primary election by proxy at Ashland (Wayne Co. TN).

WED. JULY 4 - Picnic at courthouse.

SUN. JULY 8 - Big railroad strike caused by Pullman 1~bor.

TUES. JULY 10 - Strike partly broken by Sacramento men arriving to defy regular hours.   K. L. (Knights of Labor) called out labor congress at Chicago.

THURS. JULY 12 Mr. & Mrs. Schneider here.   Mr. Shilo here.

FRI. JULY 13 - To Lawrenceburg P.M. Loaned Mr. S. (Schneider) $40 .00.

SAT. JULY 14 - MON. JULY 16 - At home in Lawrence County.

TUES. JULY 17 - To Henryville.   Mr. Schneider bought Mower T. Steel woods.

WED. JULY 18 - Hunting squirrel.

SUN. JULY 22 - Shade (Schade) lies says (J. T.) Ellers. Others say lookout for Ellers.

SUN. JULY 29 - Storm and heavy rain.   Blowed down trees and corn.

THURS. AUG. 2 - Election Day.   Doubt about legal tickets. Democratic victory:   F. Boyd, District Attorney;   J. M. DeFoe and Walker, J.P.’s.

SAT. AUG 4 - School commission elected:   Defoe, Davis, Boring, Spurgeon.

SAT. AUG. 11 - Hot again. 90 degrees in shade.

TUES. AUG. 14 - Tariff bill passed Congress.

FRI. AUG. 24 - Rain at night.   John Schneider came soaked.

SAT. AUG 25 - Johnny started home and came back - rainy.

SUN. AUG. 26 John started home P.M.

TUES. AUG. 28 - Gorman Bill became law.   (President) Grover (Cleveland) not signing it.   C. M. Turner lost his leg in hand car wreck near Lyell.

THURS. AUG. 30 - Beat Wooten at his own tricks.

TUES. SEPT. 4 - Dr. Grigby here.   Put in 1 filling for me and 4 filled for Mary.   2 pulled.   All cleaned. Pulled upper front tooth for Henry.   Paid $5.00.

SAT. SEPT. 8 To Dickson.   Got board at Mr. L. Gossett.

WED. SEPT. 19 - Received $2.75 cost in Kilburn case from W. A. Skillern.   Arrived at Aetna 3 P.M. to fix kiln (ovens used for hardening, burning, or drying substances such as grain, meal, or clay).

THURS. SEPT. 20 - To Goodrich.   Staying with Mr. H. E. Williams.

FRI. SEPT. 21 - Back home.   Cow sick.

MON. SEPT. 24 - Cow still alive, but about dry.

SAT. SEPT. 29 - Cow better.

SAT. OCT. 6 - Reduced clothing half of selling price.   Bought pants.   Electric light at night.

SUN. OCT. 7 - Ordered ticket for CAMERON, (MILAN CO.) TEXAS from Dickson.   Full fare $23.65 on Stemwinder.

TUES. OCT. 9 - STARTED TO TEXAS.   Had to pay full fare on stemwinder.

WED. OCT. 10 - Arrived MEMPHIS daylight.   Started west 7:30.   Came through GRAND PRAIRIE (ARKANSAS).   Freight wreck LILLEY (AR), delay 3 hours. PINE BLUFF (ARKANSAS) the biggest town seen today.

THURS. OCT. 11 - TEXARKANA (ARKANSAS/TEXAS LINE) during the night, also MT. PLEASANT (TEXAS).   Could not make connections via FT. WORTH (TEXAS), went via WACO (TEXAS).   Arrived Waco noon and at MCGREGOR (TEXAS) 1 P.M.   Arrived TEMPLE (TEXAS) 2 P.M.   Found cotton team (?) Joe’s neighbor.   Arrived 10 P.M.   All well.

FRI. OCT. 11 - FATHER AND JOE to Temple.   Sold cotton at 505. (?)

SUN. OCT. 14 - Church, large congregation.   No rented pews.   People social and friendly.

MON. OCT. 15 - To Hoisher’s (?), well to do, has plenty land, 3 renters.   Was offered Clemen’s place at $26 per acre.   Wind blows always. (Talks about going to see Mr Kalig, J. Stermer, Rabroker (?), Maix (?), and Mr. Hollis).

SAT. OCT. 20 - Walked all over Clemen’s place.   Poor, badly cultivated.   Henry no good.

MON. OCT. 22 - GOING HOME.   Started 8:30.   Arrived Temple 11:30.   Left Temple 4:30 going via Waco.

TUES. OCT. 23 - Arrived Memphis 8:40.   Leave 11:10.

WED. OCT. 24 - Arrive Dickson about 5:30 and home at 1 P.M.

FRI. OCT 26 - Bought children and Mary shoes.   Mr. Schneider came, went home with him. Took some pills.   (Having chills, fever, no appetite.)

SUN. OCT. 28 - Headache most of the time.

MON. OCT. 29 - Back to Mannie P.M.   Got medicine from Dr. Slayton.

TUES. OCT. 30 - Night sweats, weak, no appetite.

WED. OCT. 31 - Weak, can’t eat.

THURS. NOV. 1 - Pain in arm and shoulder.

THURS. NOV. 8 - Still no appetite, fever, night sweats.

FRI. NOV. 9 - About same, dragging.   Pain in side, fever.

SAT. NOV. 10 - No better.   Mary called Dr. Slayton.   Fever, could not lay on back.   Set up all night, can’t eat.

FRI. NOV. 16 - William Spurgeon caught under a tree.   Partly paralyzed.

MON. NOV. 19 - WILLIAM SPURGEON DIED.   Taking turpentine.

TUES. NOV. 20 - Considerably better.   Judge R. Ewing esquire here. Taking turpentine.

SAT. NOV. 24 - Got pills to take.   Hope that will be the last medicine for a while.


WED. JAN. 2 - Snowed 6” last night.

TUES. JAN. 8 - Killed 200 lb. pigs.   Cold, snow, north wind.

THURS. JAN. 10 - Snowed 10” last night.

FRI. JAN. 11 - Bought hog - 143 pounds. $7.15.

WED. JAN. 16 - Rent demanded on house in Mannie, TN by R. Ewing since Aug. 1893.   Highway robbery.   Told him that I would not pay it without contest.   Compromised at $24.00.

FRI. JAN. 18 - Mr. Andre and Foster here.

FRI. JAN. 25 - Started geese hunting. Rainy.

SUN. JAN. 27 - Had children out to see them cast at noon at furnace.

MON. JAN. 28 - Snow.

SAT. FEB. 2 - More snow fell last night.

THURS. FEB. 7 - Very cold day, north wind.

FRI. FEB. 8 - Cold day, 6 degrees below zero.   Fruit cans froze.

SAT. FEB. 9 - Cold still.

MON. FEB. 11 - Fell 5” of snow again last night.

TUES. FEB. 12 - Snowing, cold day, north wind.

SAT. FEB. 16 - 1” snow last night.

SUN. FEB. 17 - Sunny day, thawing some, south wind.

WED. FEB. 20 - Mr. Walker here again, offered $50 for Organ.   Could not take less than $60.

FRI. FEB. 22 - Started to Lawrenceburg.   Arrived 12:30.   All well.   Cleared 9 acres.

SAT. FEB. 23 - To Lawrenceburg.   Arrived 12:30.   Rode to Crowson and walked from there.   Rented Lithard house at $4.00 per month.   Stayed with Mr. 3. T. Ellers.   Paid Mary’s tax and discovered that #4 had not had tax paid since 1889.   Road very bad.

SUN. FEB. 24 - At church.   Johny came with horse.   Back at 4 P.M.

MON. FEB. 25 - To Napier.   Part of way on horse.   Washer running.   Will start by 15 March.   Rode home with Mr. Eastland.

TUES. FEB. 26 - Fine day.   Packing.   Wrote for rates.   Took potatoes to store.

THURS. FEB. 28 - Mr. Walker in.   Sold organ for $60 cash.   To be packed Sat. next.

F RI. MAR. 1 - Warm rain.   Grass growed last night.

SAT. MAR. 2 - Cold snap, snowed last night.

MON. MAR. 4 - Packing goods.   Wish we could move at once.

FRI. MAR. 8 - Mr. Andre wants to swap his house and lots, but I would not now.

SUN. MAR. 10 - No news from Lawrence.   Don’t know what to think.

TUES. MAR. 12 - Mr. Schneider came to move us.

THURS. MAR. 14 - Started to Lawrenceburg 7:30. James Smiths and Langsford’s teams.   Road bad.   Stayed all night at widow Chaimbers (Chambers).   Clever people.

FRI. MAR. 15 - Started again 7 A.M. Rainy. Stopped at Mr. Dear’s. Started again at 11:00.   Arrived Lawrenceburg 2:30.   Unloaded and got back to Mr. Schneider’s.

SAT. MAR. 16 - Cold. Started at 11 A.M. Arrived Lawrenceburg 3 P.M.   I drove cow.   Set up stove and sawed wood.   Put up beds and shades.   Paid James Smith $8, $4 for T. Langford.   Paid Joe $1.

SUN. MAR. 17 - First Sunday at Lawrenceburg.   To early mass and vespers.   Mary to high mass.   Received $20 check from Mr. Schneider.   Paid Johney $1 for tobacco.

MON. MAR. 18 - Dirty opening up to town.   (He is probably talking about a house of ill-repute).   $28 due on #4 in Chancery Court.   To Benediction at night.

TUES. MAR. 19 - St. Joseph’s Day.   High mass 9 o’clock.   Can’t understand Father Griessmeier.   J. T. Ellers has no good worth for Schades.   Paid for 2 cord of wood.   Raining all day.

WED. MAR. 20 - Rainy again.   Turned cold P.M.   To Benediction at night.   Very few there. THURS. MAR. 21 - Fair, cool day. Trimmed grapevines.   Made wash bench and handles.   Rose Feuerstein to N (?) at Benediction.

FRI. MAR. 22 - Sawed stove wood.

SAT. MAR. 23 - Land sale.   Payton track.   Bought school book.   Planted 45 hills potatoes and sowed mustard seed.   Confessed.

SUN. MAR. 24 - Cloudy.   Looks like rain.   To early mass.   Mary to high mass.   To cemetery after vespers.   Mr. Schneider here.   Brought hay and wheat.   Received $28.   Paid Johny $1.   Collection for fence and Parsonage.   Give $1.   Cow out all day.

MON. MAR 25 - Patron feast at Convent.   High mass at 7:30.   Rained last night.   Fair day.   Sawed stove wood.   Wrapped meat and put away.

TUES. MAR. 26 - To Circuit Court.   Fair day.   Sawing wood. WED. MAR. 27 - To Circuit Court on civil docket.   Rained A.M.

THURS. MAR. 28 - At home.   Put up wire doors and window screens.   Sawed wood.   Very warm day.   Put charcoal in cistern.

FRI. MAR. 29 - 40 Hours Devotion.   First mass 7 A.M., second 9:30.   Did not work.   Fine day for gardening.

SAT. MAR. 30 - 40 Hours Devotion started 5 A.M.   Had clock fixed.   Fine day.   Cloudy at night, warm.

SUN. MAR. 31 - Close for 40 Hours Devotion.   Mr. Schneider here. MON. APR. 1 - To County Court.   Released from county cost on #4, 12th Civil District.   Plowed garden.   Rain at 9 A.M.

TUES. APR. 2 - Too wet for gardening.   Sawed wood.

WED. APR. 3 - Laid off and planted 3 pecks of potatoes.   Loaned J. Orth $200.   Paid 50 cents for plow horse.   Frost last night.   Katie to school.

THURS. APR. 4 - Big frost.   Gardening.   Planted peas, onions, radishes, lettuce, beets, parsnips, and made hills for tomatoes.

FRI. APR. 5 - Gardening.   Beating clods.

SUN. APR. 7 - Cool morning.   Palm Sunday.   Mr. Schneider brought one bushel potatoes and a pig.   Rain after vespers, cool at night.

MON. APR. 8 - Cool day.   Some are plowing, but it seems too wet.   Sawed wood, made pig pen

TUES. APR. 9 - Cool morning, damp and disagreeable.   Mr. Geodecker made an assignment.   Ordered bobbins.   Cool at night, may freeze.

WED. APR. 10 - Sand and brick came for cistern.

THURS. APR. 11 - Services at 8:35, all there.   Mrs. Andre in town.   Frost again last night.

FRI. APR. 12 - Good Friday.   A good many at church.   Three hours devotion P.M.   Mrs. Andre gone.

SAT. APR. 13 - Not many at church.   Only four from country.

SUN. APR. 14 - Easter.   Church full of Protestants.   Missionary badly needed.   Precept of young Catholics very bad, with few exceptions.   Something wrong somewhere.   Don’t blame Protestants to have a bad opinion of Catholicity.

MON. APR. 15 - No move to cistern yet.   Mrs. Frietch here.   Andres brought Gillum (Gilliam) place.   $10.25.   Got flour 50 cents and bran $1.

TUES. APR. 16 - Rainy day.   Making move to cistern.   Mr. Andre back.

WED. APR. 17 - Cloudy and drizzly.   Cement and lime brought.   Scaffold put in.   Sand wet too bad to start.   Cow did not come up.

THURS. APR. 18 - Cow hunting.   Vic (Victor Fischer) sifting sand.   Mary sick.   Cow did not come.

FRI. APR. 19 - Cow gone yet.   Built 18 pollars for Mr. Seller/Selle by 3 P.M.   Received $2.   Hunted cow.   Came home while I was gone.

MON. APR. 22 - Worked on cistern all day.   Fischer came 9 A.M. Brink moving barbershop.

TUES. APR. 23 - Planted pole beans.   Warm day.   Mannie #1 blown out.

WED. APR. 24 - Patched wire doors.   Paid Mrs. Frietch $5 cash and $4 work on cistern, total $9 for rent from Mar. 15th.

THURS. APR. 25 - Fishing.   Rain before 9 A.M. & after 4 P.M.

SAT. APR. 27 - Sale at Sevenson, all high.   Received flour of 6 bushels of wheat from Mr. Schneider.


SUN. MAY 5 - Fine day.   Johny & Joe rode in.   Buggy wheel broke.

FRI. MAY 10 - Rain last night.   Schade started gutters.

SAT. MAY 11 - Gutters finished 9 A.M.   Bought 50 lbs. granulated sugar $2.50.

TUES. MAY 14 - Frost.   Did not hurt our garden.   Bought Cassmer (?) and school books. CISTLE (?) HENRY died in TX.

SUN. MAY 19 - Warmer, fair day.   No beer anywhere.

MON. MAY 20 - Rose Geldreich came back.   Ed Paul here.   He wants to settle up the 3rd division.   Don’t know anything about Tennessee.   May stay 2 years.   Procession.

TUES. MAY 21 - Procession.   Cool and dry.   Some butter sold at 4 cents and best 7 cents cash.   Getting tired laying around, dull place.   Must get out somewhere.

THURS. MAY 23 - Holy day.   Corporation election.

THURS. MAY 30 -, Hot again, 86 degrees 12 noon.   Set up baby buggy.

SAT. JUNE 1 - Hot day, 92 degrees 12 noon shade east porch.

SUN. JUNE 2 - Hot morning.   Convent Chapel hottest place to be found, at 3 P.M. 96 degrees.

MON. JUNE 10 - Hot and dry.   Cut props for peach trees.   Mr. Northern wants to buy #10.

TUES. JUNE 11 W. W. Taylor says he is offered 55 cents per hour in St. Louis.

SAT. JUNE 15 - Parkes land sale.   Some sold at 10 cents per acre, others for 15 cents.   All very low.   41 tracks of German Catholic Homestead land sold.   Paid $5 rent and Mr. Rau $4.56.

FRI. JUNE 21 - Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.   Mr. Schneider sold some wheat at 75 cents.   Refused job at Henryville.

SAT. JUNE 22 - Warm and dry.   No word from Round Mountain yet.

SUN. JUNE 24 - Feast of St. Aloysius Society Communion.   34 members.

MON. JUNE 24 - Hot and sultry morning.   Surveyed #24 2nd District.   White oak, hickory and poplar.   Good timber.   Had rain 9 miles from town.   #24 is a very thick undergrowth.

TUES. JUNE 25 - Teachers at Institute Mannie dead.

WED. JUNE 26 - Father Griessmeier to 3rd District.   Boy killed at J. Niely (Neelley ?) place by lightning.

THURS. JUNE 27 - Trial of Garner and Chafin (Chaffin).   Still dry.


SAT. JUNE 29 - Burial.   Hot dusty day. Mahr’s crop looks poor.   Eller’s a little better.   The giant clover arrived to be dwarf clover, not knee high to a duck.   BOY BORN TO A. & J. BUTTER.   (A. IS ANNA THERESA, SISTER OF HENRY, WHO MARRIED JOSEPH BUTTER).

WED. JULY 3 - Still rainy.   A.P.A. Lecture.   Mr. Schneider sold 2 loads fodder.

THURS. JULY 4 - Picnic at Neider’s (Neidert’s).   Rainy day.

SUN. JULY 7 - Storm last night.   Broke 2 peach trees and blew down all the corn.   Heavy rain, cloudy day.   Schneiders not here.

SUN. JULY 28 - Meeting on account of school house roof.

WED. JULY 31 - Jury made up to try Sims.   Judge Broyles.

THURS. AUG. 1 - Joe Sims trial.

FRI. AUG. 2 - Started to Round Mountain 4 P.M.

SAT. AUG. 17 - Arrived at Chattanooga 2:30 A.M., Rome 11:45 and Round Mountain 4 P.M.   (He worked for Mr. Shackleford in Ga.   Hired to J.M. Gorden Wood, Alcohol and Chemical Co. at $2 per day and expenses till brick work starts and $4 and expenses on brick work.)

SUN. AUG. 18 - Wrote home to Conley, Perkins and Russell to come.

SUN. SEPT. 1 — Long lonely day.   Mr. Hamilton cut my hair.

SUN. SEPT. 22 - Dull long day.   Wrote to Eliwood Glascow.   Home, Rome.   Bricklayers came: T. W. TrendwaY, D. Banks, Max Goodner.

MON. OCT. 14 - Annie sick.

THURS. OCT. 17 - Letter from home little Annie sick.

SUN. OCT. 25 - 3 months today, DAVE CLARK DIED.   Today at 5 A.M. MORRIS RING DIED OF PNEUMONIA.

SUN. NOV. 3 - To Centra (Centre, AL) Courthouse.   Started big bad brick.   Nice little town, needs railroad.

WED. NOV. 13 - Last day to work at Round Mountain.   Settled.   Got letter to come home.   Wrote last Friday.

THURS. NOV. 14 - Started home.   Arrived at Nashville 7:30 P.M.   Stopped with Mr. Crockett.

FRI. NOV. 15 - Trading (?) was at Mr. Ed Warner’s office.   P. W. at Atlanta, saw P. Whalon, George Mester, Luky Pat Lee, J. Andre.

SAT. NOV. 16 - Home 10:45 A.M.   Mary in bed.   Mrs. Frietch there.

SUN. NOV. 17 - Up part of night.   Mrs. Frietch stayed.   BOY BORN AT 9:45 A.M.   Mr. s----(?) (Schneider ?) got here about 9:15 A.M.   Dry labor.   Quarrel over convent property.

MON. NOV. 18 — All fairly well.   Mrs. Schneider here.   Made deposit in hank, $433.00.

TUES. NOV. 19 - Mary doing well.   Light rain.   Cold at night.

THURS. NOV. 21 - BAPTIZED BOY, JOHAN CARL (JOHN CHARLES).   All doing fair.   Paid Mrs. Frietch $15.00 for rent and services.

FRI. NOV. 22 - Mr. Schneider home.   Paid Mr. Schneider $10.00.

SAT. NOV. 23 - Sawed wood and doing housework.   To confession.

SUN. NOV. 24 - To early mass.   Fair, warm and cloudy.   Mrs. Schneider, Joe & Johnny here.   Mary feeling good.   Gets out and back in bed by herself.   After night Mary nearly fainted while on chaimber (chamber pot).   Got very weak all at once.   Bowels moved freely.

MON. NOV 25 - Mary in bed all day.   Very weak, no pain.   Didn’t eat no breakfast.   Fair.   I. & S. or D. & S. (?).   Mary better at night.

TUES. NOV. 26 - Mary some better.   Had shoes on and set on bed.   Cool night.

WED. NOV. 27 - Mary set in chair this morning.   Big frost last night.   Down to 18 degrees.

THURS. NOV. 28 - Mary set up one-fourth of her time, weak yet.

FRI. NOV. 29 - Mary set up half time.   Was out of the room first time.

SAT. NOV. 30 - Fine day.   Split wood.   Pork 4 cents in town.   Mary up most of her time.

SUN. DEC. 1 - Cloudy day, rain P.M.   Crickett busy.

TUES. DEC. 3 - Cold, snowing.   Paid $9 to Doctors (Ephriam) McClain and (Joe) Kennedy.

FRI. DEC. 6 - To church.   Cold A.M.   Mary Andre here.

SUN. DEC. 8 - Rainy day.   To high mass.   None of Schneiders here, few in church.

MON. DEC. 9 - Colder again.   Mary washing.   Mr. and Mrs. Schneider here.

TUES. DEC. 10 - Cool day.   Sawing wood.   To Bulyers (.Boulie’s).   Hogs too small.

THURS. DEC. 12 - Engaged hogs from J. Roser.   Killed our pig.   Trying to snow.

SUN. DEC. 15 - Fair day, not so cold.   Mr. Schneider’s all here, but Johnie.   Paid him $7.00 drawn out of bank yesterday.

MON. DEC. 16 - Warm day, 62 degrees in shade.   Bought meal and bran.   Big wash, baked, churned, and scrubbed.

TUES. DEC. 17 - Finished wash.   Cricket came to fix house.   Much ado about nothing.

WED. DEC. 18 - Built flue frame 9 A.M.   Can’t clean brick as fast as needed.   Slow go.   Made mortar myself.

THURS. DEC. 19 - Took V. F. (Victor Fischer) all day, yet he wants to start at everything and finish nothing.   Big blow.   Says he had $700 worth of tools.   Doubt if he had $7.00 worth.   Undoubtedly cranky.   Got fixed better now for cold weather.

FRI. DEC. 20 - Rainy day.   Bought shoes at Racket.   (The Racket Store was owned by W. R. Lewis and was one of the largest and most up-to-date variety stores in central Tennessee at this time.   Among the items they stocked were shoes, notions, dry goods, shelf hardware, novelties, tin ware, queens ware, enamel ware, glass ware, holiday goods and a full line of 5, 10, and 25 cent goods).

SAT. DEC. 21 - Fair day.   Crowd in town.   Eggs 15 cents.

SUN. DEC. 22 - Fair, warm day.   No fire needed at night.   Mary to church P.M. First time.

TUES. DEC. 24 Quiet a crowd in town.   Bought St. Claus.   Left check for Mat Hattenhoffer with J.T. Ellers.

WED. DEC. 25 - Christmas.   Rainy, muddy day.   None from country in.   Scarcity at 5:00 mass and 9:30 mass.   Mary to early mass at Convent and vespers.

THURS. DEC. 26 - Rained all last night and snowing some A.M., north wind, down to 34 degrees morning.   Sunshine P.M.   Doing house work.   Mary making cape.

MON. DEC. 30 - Turned very cold.   Snowing, north wind.   Mary has severe cold.

TUES. DEC. 31 - Paid taxes $5.80.   Moderated again.   Expenses $259.44.   Received from all sources $685.10.


WED. JAN. 1 - Received from Mr. Schneider for John Andre 100 ???.   Fair day.   Pews rented.   Changed over across the aisle so we can see pulpit.

SAT. JAN. 4 - Received check of Edwin Warner.   Deposited in bank, left book there.

WED. JAN 8 - Mary making dress.

FRI. JAN. 10 - Hunting east of town to Nesselbeck place.   Too far out, else alright.

SAT. JAN. 11 - Looked at Sherman place.   Poor and not no timber, no fence, some good land to clear.   Fine weather.

TUES. JAN. 14 - Made arrangements with Mr. Cannon to survey #10 next Thursday.

WED. JAN. 15 - Mary washing.   Tresia sick.

THURS. JAN. 16 - Out to survey #10. Did nothing.   Couldn’t find a thing.

SAT. JAN. 18 - Warm and cloudy.   Hunting P.M. Kemper had garden plowed.

MON. JAN. 20 - Railroad meeting.   No law to assess tax for railroad purpose.   Bonds will be considered invalid in near future, I think.

TUES. JAN. 21 - Hay sells at 50 cents per hundred delivered.

FRI. JAN. 24 - Was to survey #10, but too bad.


SAT. JAN. 25 - S.A. CARRELL DIED. Paid 50 cents for Lawrence Union and told them to stop paper when subscription expires.

TUES. FEB. 11 - (Coming home from a job he had been working on) - Walked to Mr. Schneider’s P.M.   Carried satchel as far as Hens (Henns).

FRI. FEB. 14 - Paid Mrs. Frietch $10.50 for rent to March 15.

TUES. FEB. 18 - To Mannie via Napier.   Arrived 5 P.M.

THURS. FEB. 27 - Telegraph to Brink to meet me at Napier.   Settled at $4.00 and expenses.   Received $52.00.

FRI. FEB. 28 - On Mr. Guy’s horse to Napier.   Tom Perkins taking horse back.   Rainy day.   J. Brink arrived Napier 11 A.M. Home 5 P.M.

MON. MAR 2 - Democratic Convention.   Received of Mr. Orth $211.00, deposited in bank.

FRI. MAR. 6 - Letter from H. Andre to send buggy on 5th too late.   Rainy day.   Father Griessmeier to St. Joe.

MON. MAR 9 - Wash day.   Fair.   Cut grape vines.

SAT. MAR. 14 - Republican Convention.   Cut and dried.’ Kidd delegate. Small crowd, half boys.

SUN. MAR. 15 - Cold and rainy.   Mr. Niedergeses prepared a statement to His Grace, the Bishop.   Mrs. Andre here.   None of Schneiders.

THURS. MAR. 19 - St. Joseph’s day.   15 members.   Letter sent to Right Reverend Thomas Byrne D. D. by Mr. Niedergeses.   Signed also by Misters Rau and Orth concurring.

THURS. MAR. 26 - Sale at Peterson’s.

MON. MAR. 30 - To Napier.   Rainy day.   Nothing ready, did not work.

SUN. APR. 5 - Easter, fine day.   Big crowd at church, partly from Pulaski.

MON. APR. 6 - To Chattanooga.

TUES. APR. 7 - Arrived Chattanooga 2:20, departed via Chattanooga Southern 8:30.   Slowest road I ever was on. Got 12 miles from Chattanooga in 1 1/2 hours.   Arrived Blue Pond 3:30.   Mr. Pennington at Round ountain.

FRI. APR. 10 - William Christopher and June came.

SUN. APR 12 - About the house.   Reading.   On the Mt. (Mountain ?) P.M. with a field glass.   Too smokey to see well.

WED. APR. 15 - Idle all day.   Hardest work to kill time.

FRI. APR. 17 - Dull day.   Had headache.

SUN. APR. 19 - Very warm day.   Played crocam (?) and one game of croquet.   Mr. E. B. Pennington came and Mr. Wilder, brick mason from Rome.

MON. APR. 20 - Warm still.   Idle.   Wrote home.   Don’t think that I will go to Monroe, danger of swamp fever.

SAT. APR. 28 - Started for Rome.

TUES. APR. 28 - Coleman, Wilder and I boarding with Mr. Williams.   Rest gone to Whyne.   Had dinner brought out (because was working at night).

SAT. MAY 2 - Played poker after supper.   (Some of the men he worked with at the time: Ike Russell, Roe Philps, ? Coleman, ? Wilder, ? Southerland, ? Manly).

THURS. MAY 7 - Starting home on Chickamauga.   Excursion at Chattanooga from 11 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.   Left on M. & C. for Sheffield.

FRI. MAY 8 - Arrived Sheffield 3 A.M.   Walked to coal ,~urnace after daylight.   Mr. Partlow and Murphy there.   Talk of relining #2.   Over to Hattie Ensly Started home at 1:20 P.M.   Arrived 4 P.M. Sheffield, dead place, nice country.   Florence more suitable for manufacturing.

SAT. MAY 9 - At home.   Gardens are better here than in Ga.

MON. MAY 11 - Wrote to LA. (John Andre) and Ed W. (Edwin Warner).   Trimmed grapes.   Ordered from Mr. Richardson Crown clothes wringer - $2.00.

WED. MAY 13 - Convent land divided and mapped - 67 acres south track, 124 middle, and 23 acres north of Simonton Road.

THURS. MAY 14 - Ascension Day.   Children made their first communion.   Tresia Schneider with them.

FRI. MAY 15 - Set out cabbage.

MON. MAY 18 - Set out celery plants from Mr. Kraus.

TUES. MAY 19 - Set out tobacco.

THURS. MAY 21 - To Mannie via Napier.   Arrived 3 P.M. (Seth White worked with him at Napier).

SAT. MAY 23 - Back home.   Stopped at Mr. Schneider’s for dinner. Arrived home 6 P.M.

SUN. MAY 24 - Hot day.   Land quarrel.   Concluded to deed it back to the Bishop and let him deed it to buyer.

MON. MAY 25 - Hot day.   Father Griessmeier to Nashville to arrange.   Received wringer from Richardson.   Was 25 cents more than bought at.   No more trading there.

WED. MAY 27 - To Mr. Bulyers (Boulies) and Wals (Wolz ?).   Brink kiln burning.

THURS. MAY 28 - Little rain last night.   Bought 2 pigs, $1.25 each, from Mr. Guthrie.

FRI. MAY 29 - Pigs delivered.   Cool wind.   School out.   Paid up.

SUN. MAY 31 - Trustees concluded to move convent building.   Nieder (Neidert) inspecting the land.   Will buy.

MON. JUNE 1 - Excursion to Nashville.

TUES. JUNE 9 - Pigs turned out.   Did not come back.   Harvest day.

WED. JUNE 10 - Found pigs at Mr. Guthrie’s.   Ellers cut wheat at convent.   Also bought 100 lbs. bran.

THURS. JUNE 11 Orth’s and Toben’s thresher started.   Rosers here, will start tomorrow.

FRI. JUNE 12 - Received 9 pictures.

SAT. JUNE 13 - Talked with Hovelmeier.   Says they want $20 an acre for convent land - lower track; and $15 for upper track.   Too much by half.

MON. JUNE 15 - Father Griessmeier to Hohenwald.

WED. JUNE 17 - Free silver men, Deller leading.   Quit St. Louis convention.

THURS. JUNE 18 - Congregation wants $3,000 for convent property.   3/5 is waste land, too much by half.

FRI. JUNE 19 - (William) McKinley nominated.   Letter from Colbert Iron Co. to be there 22nd.

SAT. JUNE 20 - To Sheffield. Arrived 2 P.M., not ready.   Could have come Monday.   Boarding with Mr. Hartman.

SUN. JUNE 21 - To Tennessee River to Tuscumbia at church.   About 70 present, good sermon.


SAT. JULY 11 - John Lyons peculiar, seems to be always dissatisfied.

SUN. JULY 12 - To Florence visiting Mr. McGuckifl (?).   Nice time.   Considerably town, way ahead of Sheffield, old county seat.

THURS. JULY 24 - Ready for home.   Arrived home 4:30 P.M., all well.

SAT. JULY 25 - Built flue for Mr. Kemper.

TUES. JULY 28 - Hot again, 100 degrees.   Ellers thinks he will file bill to return land to sell for benefit of German Catholic Homestead Association.

WED. JULY 29 - 102 degrees at noon.   Canning grapes, too hot.   Quit.

FRI. JULY 31 - 102 degrees noon.   James Burns stayed all night.

SAT. AUG. 1 - 99 degrees.   Bought shelled corn at 30 cents a lb.   Crowning Brink’s cistern.

MON. AUG. 3 - 96 degrees, not so hot.   Laying sills for Sister House.   J. T. Ellers says there will be trouble yet about the convent land.

TUES. AUG. 4 - Hot morning.   Dug last potatoes.   Mary washing.   Carpenters raising frame on Sister House.   Kemper house complete.   Cobeck (Kobeck) trial.

WED. AUG. 5 - Kobeck trial - sentenced to 4 years.   Tobe Roser home.

THURS. AUG. 6 - Election day.   Did not vote.   99 degrees noon.   Family to convent spring.   Made lemonade.   Fine water, but limited.

FRI. AUG. 7 - Corner, Sheriff; Wildes, Trustee.


SUN. AUG. 9 - PARKER DIED AND BURIED.   Kempers had beer dedicating the new house.   My family gone home with Schneiders.   Committee meeting, money out.

MON. AUG. 10 - Hot day.   Lonesome.   Plastering chimney Kempers.   98 degrees.

TUES. AUG. 11 - only 4 on Sisters House, 3 put off.   Kemper moved.   100 degrees.

WED. AUG. 12 - Hot day, 102 degrees.   On Sisters House.

SAT. AUG. 15 - Mary and children back.   Mat Meiers and wife here.   102 degrees.

SUN. AUG. 16 - 104 degrees in shade.   Carpenters proposed to work for 75 cents a day on Sisters House.   Colefrath (Kollefrath) and Wulz (Wolz) about to fight.

TUES. AUG. 18 - Cool, cloudy, light rain.   JOE NIDER’S (JOSEPH B. NEIDERT’S) wedding day (To EMMA ROSER).   Temp. 68 degrees 4 P.M.

FRI. AUG. 21 - Mary Andre here.   96 degrees.

SUN. AUG. 23 - Cloudy, rain last night.   92 degrees noon.   Father Griessmeier going north after noon.

TUES. AUG. 25 - 95 degrees noon.   Looked at Coox (Cox) farm.   ????? fair, but worn.   $25 per acre.   Too much.   Made 6 bushels per acre.   Sorry corn crop.

WED. AUG. 26 - At home.   92 degrees noon.   Dull in town, nobody in.   Two men could sell all that’s sold today.

THURS. AUG. 27 - Crowned cistern A.M.   Loaded clover at convent P.M.

SAT. AUG. 29 - Bought 15 bushels corn at 30 cents per bushel from farmer.   John Brink hauled in.   Republican speaking in town.

SUN. AUG. 30 - Father Rochris (Rochus Schully) here.   Fair day.   Schneiders here.

TUES. SEPT. 1 - Rent reduced to $3 per month.   95 degrees.

WED. SEPT. 2 - Victor looked at stable roof.   98 degrees.


SAT. SEPT. 5 - Hunting Baurlein (Beuerlein) and Balz (Baltz) place.

MON. SEPT 7 - County Court.   Cool nights and hot days.   School commencing.   Male with cow.

TUES. SEPT. 8 - Mass again this morning.   Nothing doing on Sister House.   They will make a deed to Right Rev.   Bishop and he will raise money to complete it.   Wrote to Mr. Mulcahay.   Hen (Henn) took drill home.

WED. SEPT. 9 - Wash day, made soap.   White squirrel killed in convent woods.   Charles has fever.

THURS. SEPT. 10 - Bought Linsey 25 cents per yard.   Someone shot through door of Catholic church last night.

FRI. SEPT. 11 - Little Charles better.

MON. SEPT. 14 Indiana travelers in town on their way to Georgia.   96 degrees noon.

WED. SEPT. 16 - No bone meal yet.   Had a drink of Kemper’s home made beer, fair.   96 degrees noon.

THURS. SEPT. 17 - Republican convention.   Stearns (D. W. STARNES) for State Senate.   Wreck at Columbia.

FRI. SEPT. 18 - Bone meal here.   Mr. Schneider put one load in stable and one home.   Hot day, 99 degrees shade.

SUN. SEPT. 20 - Cool day, 75 degrees in shade.

TUES. SEPT. 22 - Hunting.   Very windy.   Nider (Joe Neidert) brought 1/2 cord wood.

WED. SEPT. 23 - Must have been some frost last night.   Killed calf, 85 lbs.

FRI. SEPT. 25 - Mary sick.   Mr. Schneider in, had buggy fixed.

SAT. SEPT. 26 - Looked at wood Remke and Haines (Haynes) place.

TUES. SEPT. 29 - Cutting wood Haines (Haynes) place.   Jo Bulyer (Boulie) hauled one load.

FRI. OCT. 2 - Sawing wood.   Rob Taylor speaking.

SAT. OCT. 10 Hunting chestnuts, none found.

SUN. OCT. 11 - Rainy day.   Schneider not here.   Wanted bids to finish Sister House.

MON. OCT. 12 - $14 check to Mrs. Frietch - balance rent for 1896.

THURS. OCT. 15 - Mary had 2 teeth pulled by Dr. Duval.   Andres scared about loaning money.

SAT. OCT. 17 Squirrel hunting, Kamarad and I.   Killed 13.

MON. OCT. 19 - H. C. Evans here.   Big crowd in town.   Fair turn out.

WED. OCT. 21 - At home.   Resmoked bacon.

SUN. OCT. 25 - Home with Schneiders to work on roof.

MON. NOV. 2 - Democrat speaking - Mr. Padget of Columbia.

TUES. NOV. 3 - Election day.   Quiet day.   Big vote - 367.

WED. NOV. 4 - Tennessee Democratic - this county 200 Democrats. Giles 1600 Democrats.   Andre can’t spare the money.

THURS. NOV. 5 - Election still undecided.   (William) McKinley claims 252.   Can hear all kinds of reports.

FRI. NOV. 6 - (William) McKinley sure elected.   Taylor save (?).

SAT. NOV. 7 - Hunting at Roling’s (Rohling’s).

MON. NOV. 9 - Big frost. 32 degrees at 9 A.M.   Washed Quilts.

THURS. NOV. - 12 2 ft. of water in cistern.   Thunder and rain last night.   Fixed back in Springer’s fireplace.   Kemper killed hog - 183 pounds.

TUES. NOV. 17 - G. (GEORGE J.) BEURLEIN’S (BEUERLEIN’S) WEDDING (TO LOUISE EHEMAN).   Nice day.   Invited at church.   Did not go.

WED. NOV. 18 - John Schneider lost saddle at Beiurlein’s (Beuerlein’s).

SAT. NOV. 21 - Sold 24 lbs. lard to farmer, 6 cents.   Received $20 from Mr. Andre for #4.

MON. NOV. 23 - Circuit Court not through at Waynesboro.   Had deed of #4 made by Mr. Cannon.

WED. NOV. 25 - DEED RECORDED.   Sold bacon, 6 cents, 22 1/2 lbs. (trade).   Andre checks cashed.   Deed mailed.

THURS. NOV. 26 - Thanksgiving Day service at church.   Cloudy day.   Circuit Court.

FRI. NOV. 27 - Cloudy and windy, rainy day.   Quilting. Thunder.   70 degrees.

SAT. NOV. 28 - Down to 34 degrees 6 A.M.   Falling - freezing P.M.   Shut up cellar.

SUN. NOV. 29 - Cold night.   Ice in wash water.   North wind. FRI. DEC. 4 - At Court - Clayton trial.

MON. DEC. 7 - Wash day.   Smoked sausage.   Nider (Neidert) deed to convent land not made yet says F. (Frank) Cannon (Register of Deeds).

MON. DEC. 14 - To Napier.   Arrived 11:30.

THURS. DEC. 24 - Bought Christmas goods.   St. Claus here at night.

FRI. DEC. 25 - X-mas.   Schneiders came at 4 A.M.. Fine day.

SAT. DEC. 26 - Father Griessmeier here.   Talked about buying the land.


SAT. JAN. 9 - Hunting, seen wild ducks.   All Germans talk about Sister House debt.   I would it were settled once.

SUN. JAN. 10 - old Trustees to continue until new Priest arrives.

TUES. JAN. 12 - Bought pigs from Mr. Dun (Dunn).   To get by Feb. 1.

THURS. JAN. 14 - Half soled shoes.   Cloudy day.   Smoked meat.

FRI. JAN. 15 - Brother William of Loretto here.   He would sell the convent land cheap.   Mr. Schneider here.

THURS. JAN. 21 - Manis trial.

FRI. JAN. 22 - Lizzie Henn came to Pognotts (?).

TUES. JAN. 26 - Nider (Neidert) and Biser (Beiser) trial.   Snow, 8 degrees.

WED. JAN. 27 - 2” snow, 9 degrees A.M.   Rabbit hunting.

THURS. JAN. 28 - Coldest night up to date - 3 degrees below 0.

MON. FEB. 1 - Trial of negroes stealing knifes of Richardson.

TUES. FEB. 2 - Neider (Neidert) and Beiser trial took til midnight.   J. Beiser’s peace bond 12 months $500; Ed Beiser’s peace bond 6 months $250.   Rest discharged.

WED. FEB. 3 - Many children in church.   Muddy day.   Sister Agreda going to Minster, Ohio with A. (Anna) Niedergeses.

THURS. FEB. 4 - Fair day.   Mr. and Mrs. Schneider in.   Neider (Neidert) found out he sought advice from Beiser’s friends.

THURS. FEB. 11 - Killed dog.

SAT. FEB. 13 - Sawing wood.   New priest came.   Father Griessmeier leaving P.M. SUN. FEB. 14 - Big attendance at 10:30 mass.   Vote taken to sustain priest to establish peace and harmony.   All in favor except Ellers and Ed Kraus.

MON. FEB. 15 - Paid Mrs. Frietch up to April 1.   Ellers still stubborn.   Says he has made up his mind positive that the congregation shall never have a cent out of the convent lands.

WED. FEB. 17 - Took down old shanty and built pigpen. THURS. FEB. 18 - Cleaning up in church yard.

SUN. FEB. 21 - Cloudy day.   John and Joe Henn land offered again.   Shades (Schades) at parsonage.

THURS. FEB. 25 - Smoking meat.   Cook stove set up at parsonage.

MON. MAR. 1 - Congregation cleared $18 last night.   Deed made to Hovelmeier.   Got pigs from Mr. Jones, $1 a piece.

TUES. MAR. 2 - Paid $5 pew rent.

WED. MAR. 3 - Planting trees in church yard.

THURS. MAR. 4 — Rev. 3. W. Sliemers to Nashville.

FRI. MAR. 5 - Stormy day.   Heavy rain.   Lost cameo ring.   Cistern full.   Girls cleaned parsonage.

SUN. MAR. 7 - Fine day.   Quarterly envelope collection announced.

TUES. MAR. 9 - Too much work done on Sister House.   No. 1 ceiling canvassed and papered.   Collection for parsonage furnishings - collections without limit.

WED. MAR. 10 - Boys at work in church yard making walks.   Waited 2 hours A.M.   Got tired, went home.   School A.M.   Sister teaching that been here all this time.   Would like to know why she could not teach sooner.

SUN. MAR. 14 - Notice to congregation to mind own business.   Lecture at night.   $13 taken in mass 5 times this week in back church.   Pew rent raised to $4 to be paid quarterly.

MON MAR. 15 - School again.   Father Willibald Sliemers teaching.

WED. MAR. 17 — St. Patrick’s Day.   High mass, female choir.   Fitzsimmons licked Corbet 14th round.

FRI. MAR. 19 - St. Joseph’s Day.   Wash out on R.R.   No mail.

SAT. MAR. 20 - Clear and windy.   Schades back from Inauguration.

SUN MAR. 21 - Fair, but windy.   Sisters got orders to leave collection for Father Willibald to go to Maria Stein $26.25 as a last resort to persuade them to stay.   Meeting of literary, very nice and instructive.   80 degrees.

MON. MAR. 29 - Planted few more potatoes.   Mary had bad cold in the head.

FRI. APR. 2 - Sisters moving.   Sawed wood.

SAT. APR. 3 - Sawed wood.   Mr. Schneider in.   Collection for Thesing.   Some hard Catholics here.   Rainy day.

MON. APR. 5 - Repaired boiler wall Furniture Factory.   Mr. Schneider brought Thesing’s children in according to Father Willibalds orders.   Sisters would not take them.   Took them back home again.

WED. APR. 7 - Sisters still moving.   Hung pictures.

THURS. APR. 8 - Completed move.   LAST MASS AT OLD CONVENT.   Planted last potatoes, some beans.

FRI. APR. 9 - At court.   Rained last night.

SAT. APR. 10 - Split last of stove wood.   Rau and Widmer completed painting school house.   Frost last night.   Killed young growth on grapevine.

MON. APR. 12 - Father Willibald to Geidrich.   Wash day.

TUES. APR. 13 - Court - Clayton case.   Planted watermelon.   Mrs.
Mary Andre here.

WED. APR. 14 - To Napier, Neely’s buggy.   Brought Mrs. Andre here.  
Bad trip.   Rain all day.

SUN. APR. 18 - Easter.   Church adorned nicely considering.   Giles
County people here.   Very few Lawrence County Americans in church.
Sermon A.M. and P.M.   Germans free.   Others 10 cents admission.

MON. APR. 19 - Ohman’s (Oehmen’s) and Nider’s (Neidert’s) road trial before Mr. Harvey, special judge.   Jury of ten sustained.   No road declared.   Ohman (Oehrnen) will appeal.   Father Willibald to Nashville.   Collection $13 for admission Easter Sunday.

TUES. APR. 20 - Cool day, north wind.   Harry Woosnup (?) here on his way to Sheffield and Birmingham.   Father Willibald back from Nashville.

WED. APR. 21 Cool wind.   Putting machinery in chaiÁ factory.

THURS. APR. 22 - Warmer, prospects for rain.   Teacher to be here next Tuesday.

MON. APR. 26 - Spading for sweet potatoes.   Children to confession.

TUES. APR. 27 - Finished spading.   Wash day.   Ellers still against convent land sale.   Teacher came, cripple.

WED. APR. 28 - School commenced.

MON. MAY 3 - Still cool.   Nothing growing.   School commences.   Paid $1 in advance.

WED. MAY 5 - Furniture factory has a big stock of unsold goods.   Chair factory running.   No boss, or all bosses.   May do well, but I have my doubts.   Warmer weather.

THURS. MAY 6 - Spring morning.   Sawed wood.   Last there is.   Warm day.   Butter hard to sell.

FRI. MAY 7 - Raised flues at Sister House.   Can’t repair cornice at church from ladder.   Received $1.50.

SUN. MAY 9 - Father Willibald made Mrs. Schneider fast till noon for nothing.

TUES. MAY 11 - Hauled ladders to church.   Heavy rain P.M.

WED. MAY 12 - Repaired cornice and painted.

THURS. MAY 13 - Finished 10 A.M.   Sick call to Mr. Toben.   Kernper’s

FRI. MAY 14 - Helped Bro. P.M.

SAT. MAY 15 - Auction at convent.   Few there, went cheap.   HR. (GEORGE) TOBEN DIED.

SUN. MAY 16 - Fair day.   List of members taken by Father Willibald.   I have sore eyes.

MON. MAY 17 - Mass for Mr. Toben.   Buried 3 P.M.   Set out potato slips.

TUES. MAY 18 - Wash day.   Rurals (?) in full bloom.

WED. MAY 19 - Father Willibald to 3rd Div.   (Dist. ?).   Built Mr. Kemper’s flue.

THURS. MAY 20 - All have sore eye, but Mary.   At chair factory.   If it’s a success it will surprise me.   Mr. Henn brought Andre letter back.

FRI. MAY 21 - Henn still here at noon.   He has more time than any other farmer.

SAT. MAY 22 - Mr. Schneider here.   P.O. MOVED TO SCHADE BROTHERS.

MON. MAY 24 - Paid balance for pew rent for 1897.

WED. MAY 26 - Cool nights.   Brink whipped 3.   McLeanes (McLean’s ?) boy.

THURS. MAY 27 - Fair day.   Ice cream supper.   Cleared $13.60.   Brink’s complete fine $10.00 and cost.

FRI. MAY 28 - Fishing below Glen Ford.   No good.   Brink complete about $70.

SAT. MAY 29 - Got tobacco plants F. Rempke (Remke).

TUES. JUNE 1 - Received letter for estimates from E. B. P.

WED. JUNE 2 - Mr. Schneider here on trade for selfbinder.   Hot day.

SAT. JUNE 5 - Fair day.   Cool night.   F. Willibald came back.

SUN. JUNE 6 - Fine day.   Beer party at Kemper’s.   Rev. F. Willibald there.
TUES. JUNE 8 - Cool last night.   Mr. Schneider here at 6:30 after McCormack binder.   Paid 4 mules and $16.00 receipt in full for binder, 50 lbs. twine, cover, 1/2 gal. oil.

WED. JUNE 9 - Built flue for Mr. D. Rose.   Received pay.

THURS. JUNE 10 - At chair factory.   Don’t think they will pay much dividend (?).

MON. JUNE 14 - Chancery Court.   Charles Boyd in town.   Will make brick at Waynesboro.   Wanted me to set.   Could pay no wages.   Advised him to get Mr. Lacher (R. Locher).

WED. JUNE 16 - Nice after last nights rain.   Listed land with (CM.) Joiner and (C. L.) Norman (Real Estate) for 12 months.

THURS. JUNE 17 - Showery, but no rain.   Hot day, 100 degrees.

WED. JUNE 23 - Roser starts for Giles threshing.   Light shower.

SUN. JUNE 27 All men to meet at 3 P.M. - 4 there.   Committee appointed for July 5th.   Too hot for instructions.   No service P.M.   Not too hot to play in school house.   Queer proceedings.   Ice cream at night.   99 degrees.

WED. JUNE 30 - Hot and dry.   Mrs. Schade here collecting for picnic.

THURS. JULY 1 - Picked berries.   Very hot - 101 degrees.   Ellers fishing.

FRI. JULY 2 - Hot again.   Worked at hail and picnic ground.   Light rain, 104 degrees.   Received check for $32.50 from Ed Warner.

SAT. JULY 3 - Picked berries, 3 gallon by 9 A.M.   Hot day.   Bought bran.   Ellers as contrary as ever.

SUN. JULY 4 - Good rain P.M.   George Meiers here.

MON. JULY 5 - Celebrated 4th in grove at Parsonage - nice time.   Concert at night.

WED. JULY 7 — Hot morning.   H. Brink hauling from picnic grounds.

MON. JULY 12 - Picked berries - 6 gallon A.M.   Bought cans, 1 dozen 75 cents.



FRI. JULY 16 - Bought pants, shoes and oil cloth.

SAT. JULY 17 - Ellers says the convent land will come in court sure.   He is mad and a big dunce for all his fuss.

TUES. JULY 20 - Letter from Mr. Andre.   Topped tobacco.   Cloudy day.   Wrote to E. B. P., also to bricklayers - Hendon and Coleman and Russell.

WED. JULY 21 - Hot day again.   Cleaned shells.

THURS. JULY 22 - Reloaded shells.   Kemper finished cellar.

FRI. JULY 23 - Coleman and Russell will come to Napier.

SAT. JULY 24 - To No. 24 with Mr. S. J. Schneider.   Hot day.

SUN. JULY 25 - Short service, all through before 11 A.M.   Father Willibald visiting Niedergeses.

TUES. JULY 27 - M. Hattenhofer brought 1/2 cord of wood.   Mary sick, bowel complaint.

THURS. JULY 29 - Sawed little wood.   Rome job uncertain.   Picked few more berries.   Brink threshed 40 bushels.   Niedergeses 624-35A.

SAT. JULY 31 - Thresher out to Stermer’s.   Hot day.   J.   (?) Kernper back from Napier.

SUN. AUG. 1 - Hot day.   102 degrees.

MON. AUG. 2 - 102 degrees on east porch.   M. Ridelback going north.   Father Willibald and cook to Nashville, also J. Seller and Lula.   Hot day.

TUES. AUG. 3 - Kemper digging Roser potatoes.   Cow laying out.

THURS. AUG. 5 -- F.W. (Father Willibald ?) back.   Showery, but no rain.

FRI. AUG. 6 - Mr. Schneider here.   Bought plow $9.00.

SAT. AUG. 7 - Little rain last night and nice rain A.M., 76 degrees.   Ellers after J. Seller.

SUN. AUG. 8 - 3. Neiders (Neidert’s) first (child) baptized.

WED. AUG. 11 - No mass.   Father Willibald at Loretto.   Ohman (Oehmen) and J. Meiers moved to brick now.   Roser thresher back.

THURS. AUG 12 - First squirrel killed.   Toben thresher back.

FRI. AUG. 13 - School Sister came.

SAT. AUG. 14 - Bought pears and cans.   Hunting A.M., no squirrel.   Roser threshed 1,135 bushel.

MON. AUG. 16 - Got basket of apples from Father Willibald.   Bought 19 lb. melon for 5 cents.

WED. AUG. 18 - Squirrel hunting, none found.   Telegram from Mr. Andre to come to Napier.   Wrote to Coleman and Russell.

THURS. AUG. 19 - Started to Napier - Brink’s buggy.   Arrived 11 A.M.   Worked P.M. on tram.

SEPT. - At Napier.   Father Willibald here at Napier with 2 butterflies.   Makes a big effort in behalf of Mrs. M. S. (Mary Schneider ?).

THURS. OCT. 14 - Run out of lime on boilers.   Mr. C. (Coleman ?) and I by hack to Summertown.   At home by 1 P.M.   C. (Coleman ?) came along.   About 15 days work yet.

MON. OCT. 18 - Back to Napier.

THURS. OCT. 28 - Received balance due.   Started home - Napier’s team.   Mrs. Mary, Mr. Thomas and Will Foster.

SAT. OCT. 30 -. Worked on foundation of parsonage 9 1/2 hours - Mr. Gunselman and I.

SUN. OCT. 31 - Cloudy, cool and drizzly day.   Mrs. Schneider and Johnie stayed all night.

WED. NOV. 3 - On foundation - Gunselman and I.   Bought 4 cord of dry wood for $6.00 and 2 cord of green wood for $2.00.   Made 8 1/2 hours.

THURS. NOV. 4 - On foundation 8 1/2 hours.

FRI. NOV. 5 - Rainy day.   Put floor in pigpen.   On ,foundation P.M. alone - 4 1/2 hours.

SAT. NOV. 6 - 6 Hours on foundation.   7 hours Gunselman and I.

MON. NOV. 8 - Worked on foundation 2 hours.   Rainy day.

TUES. NOV. 9 - On foundation 9 hours.

WED. NOV. 10 - On foundation A.M.   Received pay.   Started Rome, Ga.

THURS. NOV. 11 - Arrived Rome 11 A.M.   Mr. L. S. Colyar on train.   Boarding at Mr. Brands.   (Round Mountain).

FRI. NOV. 26 - F. P. Coleman drunk last night.   Mr. Clemons off and drunk.   Had check cashed.   Paid $5 board.

SAT. DEC. 18 - Rainy A.M.   Sent $100 home by express money order.

SUN. DEC. 19 - At church 10 A.M.

WED. DEC. 22 - Rained all last night.   Brick too wet, walked out.   To Rome.   Brick work big concern.   Have plenty of brick, but stopped shipping on account of kicking on soft brick.   They claimed they sold them.   Kiln run 25% soft.

FRI. DEC. 24 - Cold morning, 29 degrees at 7 A.M.   Turning colder.   Dull and lonely.   Wish I were home.   Don’t know what to do.   No dry brick to work.   R. E. Colyar going to Tracy City (Grundy Co., TN).   Loaned C. (Collier/Coleman ?) $1.

SAT. DEC. 25 - X-mas.   To church 7 A.M. - 15 present.   Coleman has plenty of liquor and is sleeping all P.M.   Sleety ice on Trollywire cars.   Can’t make no time.   Disagreeable day.

SUN. DEC. 26 - Cold damp day, but no ice.   At Mass 10:30.   Good soprano singer, but no support.   Dull day.   In our room by stove all P.M. reading.

MON. DEC. 27 - Cold morning.   Worked after 9 A.M., R. C. and I.


SAT. JAN. 1 - (At Rome, GA) Dull, cold day.

SUN. JAN 2 - Still cold.   North wind.   JAMES PARSTON DIED.

SUN. JAN 9 - First kiln about cooled down.   Fine day.   No fire in bedroom at night.

TUES. JAN. 11 - Letter from home to come.   Started for home P.M.   Received check in full for balance and expenses.   Bought goods in Rome.

WED. JAN. 12 - Arrived Nashville 7 A.M.   Left for Columbia 8:30 A.M.   Waited on train ft3 - three hours late.   Arrived home 2 P.M.

THURS. JAN. 13 - Deposited at bank $208.00.   Bought salt, sugar, coffee.   Loaned to John Orth and Will Boulie $100 for 6 months.   Cool day, but getting cloudy.   Prepared to kill hogs.

TUES. JAN 18 - Killed hogs.   Fair day.   Mr. Kemper and Camerad (Kamarad) helped cut them up at night.

WED. JAN. 19 - Rainy day.   Salted meat, made sausages.

THURS. JAN. 20 - Rendered lard A.M.   Made soap P.M.

FRI. JAN. 21 - Made soap, scrubbed house.

SAT. JAN. 22 - Bought spectacles.   Rainy, cold day.

SUN. JAN 23 - Cold, windy day.   John and Joe on horseback.

MON. JAN. 24 - Wrote to Conley and Staggs.   Washed. T. Hughes had long conversation with Ellers.   Father Willibald going to Hohenwald, be back Friday.

TUES. JAN 25 - Raining again.   Cleared up at noon.   Box party at school house.

WED. JAN. 26 - Cold and cloudy.   Mr. Gault moving his old house on lot west of us.

THURS. JAN. 27 - Paid tax - $7.80.

TUES. FEB. 1 - JOHN WONNER (WUNNER) MARRIED(MARY EVA STERNER).   Cold day, north wind.   Down to 16 degrees.

WED. FEB. 2 - 18 degrees, trying to snow.   Cold in church.   Hot air a failure.   Stove would do better with half the wood.

SAT. FEB. 5 - Cool.   Primary election county offices.

SUN. FEB. 6 - Fair day.   Account read in church $140.00 left yet.

MON. FEB. 7 - Fair day.   Crowd in town.   A. Oehman (Oehmen) beaten in election.

TUES. FEB. 8 - Fine day.   Two priests came from Loretto.

WED. FEB. 9 - Rev. _?_ Dickman or Hickman here.

SUN. FEB. 13 - Collection for cemetery fence.

WED. FEB. 16 - Got Mrs. Frietch at 12:30 A.M.   GIRL BABY BORN AT 5 A.M.   About 3/4 hour hard labor.   All doing very well.   Received check from Mr. Joe Orth $202.50.

THURS. FEB. 17 - Cloudy day.   All doing fairly well.   Hot whisky don’t stop pains.   Hard to urinate.

FRI. FEB. 18 - Warm, foggy day.   Mary better.   Urine easier.

SAT. FEB. 19 - Warm and cloudy.   Mary bowels moved, urine still troubling.   Deposit $202.50.   Mr. Andre is going to move to town.

SUN. FEB. 20 - LEO XIII TWENTY YEARS POPE.   Colder, 34 degrees, fog.   BABY BAPTIZED ROSA TRESIA.   Joseph and Tresia Schneider (Godparents).   Snowing P.M.   Mary gets in and out of bed alone.

MON. FEB. 21 - All to be at graveyard to clean up and make a new fence.   Cold weather, down to 26 degrees.   No school.   Mary has still trouble with urine.   Napier blown out.

TUES. FEB. 22 - Moderating.   Smoked some meat.   Baby has took all the milk so far.   Mary gets in and out of bed alone, appetite good.  

WED. FEB. 23 - Ash Wednesday.   Frosty morning.   29 degrees 7 A.M.   Urine easier.   Mary set up one hour.

THURS. FEB. 24 - Frosty morning.   Smoking meat.   High wind 10 A.M.   Mary set up several times today - about one hour each time.

FRI. FEB. 25 - Fair day.   Mary set up over half time.

SAT. FEB. 26 - Cold, rainy day.   Down to 32 degrees.   Mary up most of the time.

SUN. FEB. 27 - Fair day.   None here but Joseph.   Father Willibald wants a $300 bell.   How many will give $20 each? Mary up nearly all day, at table for dinner.

TUES. MAR. 1 - Nice day.   Smoking bacon.   Mary made bread.   First bread baked for two weeks.

WED. MAR. 2 - Baby sick.   Had fever last night.   Still crying and moaning this morning.   Nursed some.   Cold morning.   Boards covered with ice.   Dr. (Ephriam) McClain here.   Says babies inflamed parts is erysipelas.   Give physic and applied sugar of lead application.

THURS. MAR. 3 - Dr. said bathe in soapy water.   Baby had green and slimy operation (?).   Took teaspoon of oil.

FRI. MAR. 4 - Cold north wind.   Baby some better, sleeps quieter.   Erysipelas still spreading.   Nurses better.   Gave more oil, but not swelling as it spread.

SAT. MAR. 5 - Left leg below knee swelled bad, baby restless.   Fair day.   Sawed dry wood.

SUN. MAR. 6 - Collection for bell - not needed.   Baby’s left foot badly swelled.   Has to be held all the time, very restless.   Schneider here.   Fine day.

MON. MAR. 7 - Nice Spring morning.   Baby better.   Foot still swollen, but not so badly inflamed.   Bought copper boiler.

WED. MAR. 9 - Baby worse.   Don’t nurse, has shaking spells.   Planting potatoes.   Up all night, Mary and I.

THURS. MAR. 10 - Baby no better.   Has spasms.   Up all night again, Mary and I.

FRI. MAR. 11 - Mary completely worn out.   Mrs. Mary Andre stayed all day.   Baby had spasms every half hour A.M.   Dr. (Ephriam) McClain here from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. bathing baby twice.   Has spasms every 10 minutes.   Did not nurse yet at 1 P.M.   FELL IN STUPOR AFTER 4 P.M.   NEVER RALLIED, DIED 6:15 P.M.   AGE 3 WEEKS 2 1/2 DAYS.   Mrs. Hovelrneier, Fischer and Roser here.

SAT. MAR. 12 - Mrs. Mary Andre and Mrs. Mary Kraus set up all night.   Bought coffin $10.00.

SUN. MAR. 13 - Mrs. Hovelmeier and Mary Brink up all night.   BURIED BABY 1:30 P.M.

MON. MAR. 14 - Paid Mrs. Frietch $24 for 7 months rent and midwifery.   Paid rent to April 1, 1898.   Paid Mr. Brink for digging grave - $1.50.

TUES. MAR. 15 - Wrote to Quincy for 7.   Bought dress goods.   Mary can’t eat, took pills.   Paid Hovelmejer for plowing - 50 cents.   Wrote to Colyer.

WED. MAR. 16 - Making fence on cemetery, Kemper and I.
THURS. MAR. 17 - Made fence, Kemper and I.   Nailed on all lumber there as far as post are set.   Rainy after 3 P.M.

SAT. MAR. 19 - Paid Dr. (Ephriam) McClain and K. (Kemper ?).   Bought bran.   Very warm day.   Bought pants and dry goods.

MON. MAR. 21 - To Mannie with Mr. Meredith’s team.   Drove it in five hours.   Worked P.M. Boarding with Seth White.

SUN. MAR. 27 - Dull day.   Furnace making 3% right along.   Doing well.   Was to Mr. Malcahy.   Thom is well fixed, has a very nice family.

FRI. APR. 1 - On boiler through 9:30 A.M. - very gasey.   Going home.   No pay.   Have no money.   Arrived home 6:40.

SUN. APR. 3 - Fair day, cooler.   Schneider in.   Mrs. Schneider and Tresia stayed all night.

TUES. APR. 5 - Cold day.   Down to 37 degrees nearly all day.   North wind.   Put new wirecloth on doors.   Mrs. Delaney here.   Would like to sell their house and go back to Nebraska.

SAT. APR. 9 - Father Willibald called to Loretto.   Father Phillip sick.   Gone all day.   Spaded in garden.   Planted carrots, set out 40 cabbage plants, made hills for tomatoes and cucumbers.   First bells at 6:00 P.M.

TUES. APR. 12 Fair.   True bills out for Father Willibald, H. (?), and old man Brink.

WED. APR. 13 - Received telegram to be in Rome Friday next.   Rain last night, very windy.

THURS. APR. 14 - Started for Rome.

FRI. APR. 15 - Left Chattanooga 8:10 A.M.   Mr. Coleman along.


SAT. APR. 30 - Troops moving freely.

TUES. MAY 3 - Finished job by 4 P.M.   Received pay in cash $161.   20 - $4 per day and expenses and $25 extra.   Went to bed early.   Paid board $9.

WED. MAY 4 - Off for home on 7 o’clock train over Cr & S. (?).   Stopped at battlefield, watched them drill.   Bought gun at Chattanooga, $6

THURS. MAY 5 - For Nashville on 1:15 A.M.   Arrived at Nashville 6:40 For Columbia at 7:15.   Arrived home 12 noon.   Saw R.   Ewing. Came on train with Mr. R. E. Cole.

SUN. MAY 8 - Fair day.   Petitions to be signed to retain Father Willjbajd, also to defray fine and cost out of church funds.   Can’t sign letter.   Visiting at Mr. Andres.

TUES. MAY 10 - Arrived at Mannie 11 A.M.   Board with Mr. Atkinson.

WED. MAY 11 - Got pills from Dr. Slayton.

TUES. MAY 17 - J. Duncan here for recruits.


THURS. MAY 19 - Quit Atkinsons.   Boarding with Mr. White.

FRI. MAY 20 - Mr. Gilbreth here for recruits Co. D, 1st Regiment.

SAT. MAY 21 - Captain Gilbreth got 12 men.

THURS. JUNE 2 - Conley sick P.M.   Had to wash his clothes.   W. Payton sick.

WED. JUNE 8 - Finished work.   Settled.   Received $143.   25 in full.   Started home.   Arrived 7 P.M.

THURS. JUNE 9 - Dry day.   To Mass.   Hot 100 degrees even in shade.   Deposited $140.   Paid Mr. Sharp $250.

SAT. JUNE 11 - Fixed at church.   Bishop got left.   Be here tomorrow.

SUN. JUNE 12 - Bishop came on noon train.   Big dinner, service, BLESSING OF BELLS AT 2 P.M.   Sermon and confirmation.   Did not hit the bells.   $96 taken in for hitting bells and dinner.   John Andre here.

MON. JUNE 13 - Three masses by 7:30.   RAISED BELLS IN TOWER BY NOON.   Had keg of beer.   P.M. hunting.

THURS. JUNE 16 - Some rain.   Planted beans.   Andre to Mt. Pleasant.

SUN. JUNE 19 - ED KRAUS BABY BORN AND DIED (JOSEPH).   Notice for 4th of July picnic.   Money matters before sermon again.

MON. ~JUNE 20 - Requiem for Father Griessmeier.

WED. JUNE 22 - To Mannie.   Arrived 11:30.

MON. JUNE 27 To Doctor.   Burnt my neck bad.

MON. JULY 4 - Finished crown 2:30 P.M.   Had rain 3 P.M.   Picnic
three places.   Cerveras fleet destroyed.

THURS. JULY 14 - Santiago bombarded.   Said to have surrendered.   Yellow fever in Cuba.

FRI. JULY 15 - Santiago surrendered.   Hot day.

TUES. JULY 26 - Home P.M.   Paid $91.

SUN. JULY 31 - Father Willibald refused to say early mass if Mrs. Ellers did not go in back bench.   I would have gone home if had not confessed.

MON. AUG. 1 - Mr. Schneider broke down with fodder.   Unloaded by midnight.

TUES. AUG. 2 - Worked on parsonage P.M. - 5 hours.

WED. AUG. 3 - THRU FRI. AUG. 5 - Worked on parsonage.

SAT. AUG. 6 - On flue at parsonage.   Too much nailing to work on veneer.

MON. AUG. 8 - Worked on flues 9 1/2 hours.   Rainy.   (He worked on parsonage a lot of days.)

MON. AUG. 15 - Loaned (George) Rau $100.

FRI. AUG. 19 - Wulz (Wolz) abused Father Willibald.

SAT. AUG. 27 - Made offer of $775 on Odegard (?) property.

MON. AUG. 29 - 10 hours on parsonage .   Father Henry here .   Scaffold A.M .   Paid Mr. E. 0. Ellingson $21 for 35 lbs .   of best wheat at mill

WED. AUG. 31 - On wall A.M., on porch P.M.

THURS. SEPT. 1 - No brick .   Cut grass .   Hot day.

FRI. SEPT 2 - Mary sick in bed .   Paid Mrs. Frietch $12 up to Dec .   Sawed some wood .   Could get Odegard property for $800.

SAT. SEPT. 3 - Hot day .   Mary still weak .   Looked at Odegard place .   Had bid too much, made offer of $700 cash.

WED. SEPT. 7 - Worked 10 hours .   Cool day .   Temperature fell 20 degrees .   Below 70 degrees at noon.


TUES. SEPT. 13 - Looked at Foster place .   Rocky and hilly.

THURS. SEPT. 15 - On flues at parsonage .   Mr. Gault sick.

SUN. SEPT. 25 - Euchre game (card game) at Roser’s .   F.W. (Father Willibald) playing .   Was at (George) Mahr’s.

WED. SEPT. 28 - At court,

FRI. SEPT. 30 - At court .   Ley and others not called.

SAT. OCT. 1 - Sale Pladsden/Plodsden (?) Bought hay .   Trial of State vs Ley and others.

MON. OCT. 3 - State vs Ley and others continued .   Jury could come to no agreement .   Discharged.

WED. OCT. 5 - J. Hovelmeier hauled hay 1,060 lbs.

THURS. OCT. 6 - Settled with Father Wijljbald Received note $65.75 .   Bought meal bran .   Settled with Mr. Hovelmejer $3.40 .   Started for Dickson 6:00 P.M .   Nashville 9:10 P.M .   Stayed all night at Mr. Holland’s.

FRI. OCT. 7 - Started for Dickson 7 A.M .   Arrived 8:50 .   Rainy day .   BIG FIRE LAWRENCEBURG LAST NIGHT .   4 bricklayers here, very rough brick .   Stopping with Mr. Adams $3 per week.

(This was the most devastating fire in the history of Lawrenceburg $50,000 worth of Property was reduced to ashes - this was a lot in 1898 .   The fire was discovered at 10 P.M .   and Mr. A. H. Oehmen immediately proceeded to the Catholic Church and with help rang the bells .   The fire started at M. J. Richardson’s drygoods store located in a brick building on the east side of the square .   Seeing that the northeast part of the square was doomed, people began carrying goods from the buildings, but little was saved because the fire spread so rapid .   Most of the northeast and northwest side of the square burned .   There was no fire fighting equipment and the only water available was from J. T. Eller’s well .   A few buildings were saved by Placing wet blankets on the roofs of the buildings .   Immediately after the fire city officials had cisterns dug on the square to get water from and began Purchasing fire—fighting equipment - ladders, hoses, and a small fire engine).

SUN. OCT. 9 - Taking medicine from Dr. Scott .   Mr. Jackson and Mr. Shea from Clarksville came.

WED. OCT. 12 - On courthouse all day .   Fire in stove.

THURS. OCT. 13 - Worked 7 1/2 hours .   Rainy .   H. J. McPherson tipsy.

SUN. OCT. 16 - Fine day .   Was at Mrs. Ryan’s .   Cavent drunk.

TUES. OCT. 25 - Rain P.M .   Settled .   Paid board .   Received $7.60 .   Getting ready for South Pittsburg, TN.

WED. OCT. 26 - Off for South Pittsburg 5 A.M .   Arrived at South Pittsburg 4 P.M .   Snowed this morning.

WED. NOV. 9 - Democratic victory Yesterday.

SAT. NOV. 26 - Took supper at City Inn .   Paid Mrs. McGane $6 in full for myself and C. B. Shea .   Mine was $3.50, Shea $2.50.

SUN. NOV. 27 - Cold, windy day .   Wrote to Mr. Harper.

MON. DEC. 5 - Cold day .   Stove in furnace .   Received $7.50 .   Paid board $5.00 .   Mr. Shea got offended .   This put me to promise that I would quit loaning .   Will never again pay an able rnens board under no condition whatever.

SUN. DEC. 11. - At church on R. (Round ?) Mountain P.M., Conley & I.

WED. DEC. 14 -- Had toothache bad 4 P.M., easier at 7 P.M .   Took morphine and Dr. Miles pain pill.

FRI. DEC. 16 - Had dentist work on my tooth.

MON. DEC. 19 - Rain last night .   Whole town under water .   Hard time getting to furnace.

THURS. DEC. 22 - Received $20 .   Off for home on 7:30 P.M. train.

FRI. DEC. 23 - Up all night .   Started from Bridgeport 3:15 .   Nashville at 8 .   From Columbia 1:30 .   All trains late and crowded.

SAT. DEC. 24 At home .   Saloon Aution.

SUN. DEC. 25 – X-mass .   Fair day.

MON. DEC. 26 - On Kemper’s flue P.M.

SAT. DEC. 31 - Turned cold last night .   Sleet .   Cold morning .   Snowing noon .   Left home 4 P.M .   Arrived Bridgeport after midnight.


SUN. JAN. 1 - Arrived Bridgeport 2 A.M .   Hack to South Pittsburg, TN .   Arrived 5 A.M .   Very cold .   Slept til 9 A.M.

SAT. JAN. 7 - Went to opera house .   Nice entertainment .   Paid board $3 .50.

SUN. JAN. 15 - Fine warm day .   Was on the Mountain Lodge’s Point.

SAT. FEB. 4 - Headache all night .   Didn’t eat no breakfast .   Got lunch from store .   Had check cashed by Mr. Baumgartner .   Very clever man.

SUN. FEB. 5 - Cold damp day .   River rising .   Rained all last night and today, part attempt to snow .   Paid board $2.

MON FEB. 6 - On stove - 5 men .   Rainy, bad day .   Mr. Coleman sick locked up in his room .   On our return home can’t be seen.

TUES. FEB. 7 - On Stove - 5 men .   Bad, rainy day .   Turned cold P.M .   Cold and windy night .   Mr. Coleman drinking, not out today .   Talks of going home.

FRI. FEB. 10 - Cold day, 1 degree above zero.

SUN. FEB. 12 - Cold day, 3 inches of snow .   Eight persons in church.

MON. FEB. 13 - Cold day, 12 below zero at 6:30 .   Had paper for breakfast - looking for boarding place.

WED. FEB. 15 - Slightly moderating .   Worked 4 men P.M .   5 A.M. Conley sick .   P.M. Mr .   Coleman drinking as usual .   Hope he will get all he wants sometime .   Sent by telephone for Mrs. Colemon to come .   Would like to know what he wants to stay here for if there is nothing in the job .   Maybe for his health?   Only 8 boarders tonight .   This can’t support the establishment .   Started in old stove P.M.

SUN. FEB. 19 - Nice day .   Walked out up the Valley across Battle Creek.

WED. FEB. 22 - Last supper at City Inn .   Went to board with Mrs. Patton .   Paid Lyle balance $1 .   STABLES BURNED IN HAMBURG.

WED. MAR. 1 - Mr. Gaines consents that I may do the Attalla job.

SAT MAR. 4 - Started for Nashville 2:20 P.M .   Arrived 6:30 .   Put up at Cosmopolitan .   Bought bill of groceries Leahy & Son Dry goods at Sal (?) Franks and had them shipped .   Very rainy.

SUN. MAR. 5 - At high mass Cathedral .   Dinner with Mr. J. Andre .   Called on Mrs. M. Andre P.M .   Mr. Conley and Shea came in 6:30 .   Good sermon Father Morrison.

MON MAR. 6 - Off for Mannie 7 A.M .   Hotel bill $2.25 .   Arrived 1 P.M .   Snow and cold, down to zero.

TUES. MAR. 7 - Snowed again last night .   Off for home 2 P.M .   Cold trip .   Roads very bad .   Arrived 7 P.M.

WED. MAR. 8 - Cloudy day, 22 degrees .   Got goods home O.K.

THURS. MAR. 9 - Mr. Hovelmeier brought cord of wood .   Bought potatoes, 2 bushel $2.20.

FRI. MAR. 10 -- Fair day .   Cut and tied grapevines .   Made gate .   Was at Andre’s.

SUN. MAR. 12 - Fair, but cooler .   John and Joseph Schneider in .   Father Willibald had some more money talk .   Would like for everyone to make him a present so he could pay his fine .   If anyone burns his fingers pulling other peoples hot chestnuts out of the fire, let them cure them for him.

MON. MAR. 13 Off for Mannie 6:15 .   Arrived 12:30

SAT. MAR. 18 -- Rainy day .   Worked half A.M .   Sent check $200 to Mr. Andre - payment of timber.

SUN. MAR. 19 - To ore bank with Mr. Whalon .   Fine bank .   In splendid good shape, better than ever.

THURS. MAR. 23 - Off for home P.M.

FRI. MAR. 24 - At home .   Had garden plowed - Joe Hovelmeier.

SAT. MAR. 25 - Planted potatoes 1/2 bu. to --?--- --?-- lbs. early rose .   Made garden.

SUN. MAR. 26 - Cool and cloudy .   Father Willibald as usual .   Can’t preach without money.

MON. MAR. 27 - To Dean’s Switch (Leoma) .   No room on switch .   Timber all right .   Can some money be made if handled right.

FRI. MAR. 31 - Telephoned Mr. R. Ewing would be at Mannie Monday next .   Good sermon.

SUN. APR. 2 - Easter Sunday .   Fair day .   Good many strangers at church .   Getting ready for Mannie.

MON. APR. 3 - To Mannie .   Arrived 11 A.M.

SUN. APR. 9 - Big frost last night .   Long dull day .   Cool all day.

SAT. APR. 29 - Closed door at hoist engine house on arches .   Tel. (Telegram/Telephone) from W. H. Chichester .   Had a good bath.

SUN. MAY 7 - Long lonesome day .   Quarantined this place.

WED. MAY 10 - Finished bosh 4 P.M .   Had chicken fight at night .   Telephone for buggy.

THURS. MAY 11 - Completed job by noon .   Off for home P.M .   Arrived 7 o’clock .   Received pay $199 in full .   B. SLATER SHOT.

SAT. MAY 13 - Bought flour (four ?) chairs .   Off for Rome .   Train 5 hours late.

SUN. MAY 14 - Arrived at Nashville 1 A.M .   Stayed at McCabe’s .   To church 8 A.M .   Cathedral .   Arrived at Rome 7:45 P.M.

TUES. MAY 23 - On hearth 4 men till 10 A.M .   Out of fire clay .   Watched baligame P.M .   Rome vs Atlanta.

SAT. JUNE 3 - Finished Rome furnace 10 A.M .   Received check $107 .   Off for Attala, Alabama 2 P.M .   Arrived 6 P.M.

SAT. JUNE 10 - Done a good weeks work with 4 men .   Conley complaining still .   He is as ill natured as ever .   Tom Mulcahy is right about him.

SUN. JUNE 11 - To Gadsden .   No service .   Rainy day .   To water works P.M.

SUN. JUNE 18 - Long dull day .   To Black Creek Falls P.M .   Nice scenery below falls .   Barren and bleak above. --?-- line dilapidated.

THURS. JUNE 22 - Finished all by 2 P.M .   Received check $90 .   Settled at bank .   Took certified check $170 and $20 cash .   Off for Chattanooga 5:48 .   Arrived 8:30, stopping at Ros-?--.

FRI. JUNE 23 - Off for T.P. / L.P. 5 A.M .   Arrived 7 .   #3 and 2 in blast making 370 ton .   Collected $35 .   Off for Nashville 1 P.M .   Arrived 7, stopping Cosmopolitan.

SAT. JUNE 24 - Off for Lawrenceburg 7:45 .   Arrived 12 noon.

SUN. JUNE 25 - Money talk as usual at service .   Disgusting .   Sociability essential to salvation.

MON. JUNE 26 - To mass .   Cloudy .   Bricklayers working in town.

TUES. JUNE 27 - To Dean’s Switch .   9th car loaded - slow business.

SUN. JULY 2 - Mr. Schneider off for Dayton, Ohio.

SUN. JULY 4 - Had picnic at Hovelmeiers .   8 families with 2 kegs of beer .   All well pleased .   Cost 75 cents.

SUN. JULY 9 - Money begging as usual .   Give $1 for insurance.

TUES. JULY 11 - Up to 98 degrees.

WED. JULY 12 - Threshing at Hovelmeiers P.M.

THURS. JULY 13 Finished threshing 423 1/2 .   Ley 26.

FRI. JULY 14 Hot day, 97 degrees .   Henry and Mary sick.

SAT. JULY 15 - All getting better .   Hot still.

SUN. JULY 16 - Money talk as usual .   Sermon reasonable and sensible .   Just the opposite of June 25th .   Had a fine rain P.M.

MON JULY 17 - Sawing wood .   Hot again .   Talk of Napier Furnace being moved near Smith Ore Banks .   Hovelmeier treshing stubble.

WED. JULY 19 - Kraus lost cow .   Started to dig foundation McDougal building.

THURS. JULY 20 - Built flue for T. (Tobias) Roser.

FRI. JULY 21 - Rainy .   Received money back from John Orth .   Had two teeth filled.

SUN. JULY 23 - Ice cream and beer in school house instead of Christian doctrine and vespers .   Beer party at Waltz also .   Was at home all P.M .   Rainy evening.

MON. JULY 24 - Sold 3 gallon of cream yesterday out of 18 .   Used 1 keg of beer and sent one back .   Took in $13 .   Rainy day.

TUES. JULY 25 - Canned apples.

THURS. JULY 27 - First dry day .   Went hunting with C/T K. (?) (Charles Kamarad ?). No squirrels.

FRI. JULY 28 - Hot day .   Mr. Schneider came home .   Mrs. Schneider in buggy after him .   Had threshed 406 bu.

SAT. JULY 29 - Hot day .   Visited Father Willibald about note .   Could pay part .   Promised to pay whole in October next.

MON. JULY 31 - To Napier with J. A. (Andre ?) .   Furnace all burnt out below water mantel .   Buggy horse sick .   Walked home, very tired.

TUES. AUG. 1 - Horse died .   Mr. (S.M.) Acklin should have gone there last night .   Could have got there by 11 o’clock .   Received check Mr. Edwin Warner .   $37 for McG & B. & Co .   Wrote him to sell B. & Co.

WED. AUG. 2 - Hot day .   Canned apples .   Had headache.

THURS. AUG. 3 - Belew & Knetch (H. J. Knutsch) sale put off .   Receiver to be appointed.

SAT. AUG. 5 - Loaned J. F. Wolz (?) $100/$180 on note .   Had rain last night .   Wolz bought Norwegian property - 6 lots, house and stable $350.

SAT. AUG. 6 - Tel. (Telephone/Telegram) to come to Goodrich .   Started P.M .   Arrived Dickson 9:30.

MON. AUG. 7 - Arrived Goodrich.

WED. AUG. 9 - Train late on account of freight cars off .   Started home.

THURS. AUG. 10 - Arrived Nashville 1:15 Arrived home 12 noon .   Hot day .   Mail had been forwarded to Goodrich.

MON. AUG. 14 - Mr. Schneider sold bottle wine at $20.

WED. AUG. 16 - Mr. Scott and Davis from Goshen, Indiana here .   Went out to Mr. Schneider’s with them.

THURS. AUG. 17 - Out in the woods all day on mule looking up timber .   Mr. Scott took 60 day option on Mr. Courtwright’s 400 acres at $400 and mine and Till’s at $300.

FRI. AUG. 18 - Back home .   Arrived 1:30 P.M .   Hot ride .   Mr. Scott offered Mr. Schneider 3 houses and lots in Goshen, Indiana and vacant lot Battlecreek, Michigan said to be worth $3,400 total in exchange for his farm .   All off on 4 P.M. train .   Mary gone to Mr. Schneider’s with Annie and Charley .   Letter from Mr. Gaines.

SAT. AUG. 19 - At home .   Mr. W. R. Cole on train .   Will pay $4 and expenses.

SUN. AUG. 20 -- Mary back home .   Henry and Mary out .   Wrote Mr. Gaines that I would do Napier work.

TUES. AUG. 22 - Received certificates of stock B & Co. Endorsed and returned to Mr. Percy Warner to sell .   Not so hot, fine day.

MON. AUG. 28 - To Sheffield and Tuscumbia .   Stopped at Qurlans/Ourlanfs .   Saw Mr. Robertson of Sloss Co.

TUES. AUG. 29 - Back home.

WED. AUG. 30 - Mr. Percy Warner sold my B & Co. Securities $445.60 in Merchant’s Bank at Nashville.

SUN. SEPT. 3 - Money talk in church again .   Who paid and who didn’t .   Said some he owed and others he did not mention .   Called Mrs. Gertie Dustin Dustin’s girl.

WED. SEPT 6 - Will have to go to Napier today .   Arrived Napier 6:30 .   Seven hours drive with slow mule.

SUN. SEPT. 17 - Long lonely day .   Mr. Andre home.


THURS. SEPT. 28 — Back home.

MON. OCT. 2 - Out surveying #51 .   All night at Mr. Hen’s (Henn’s).

TUES. OCT. 3 - Surveyed #33 .   Good timber .   All night at Mr. Schneider’s.

WED. OCT. 4 - Started home.

SAT. OCT. 14 - Off for Round Mountain.

SUN. OCT. 15 - Arrived at Round Mountain .   Nothing ready, not even ground cleaned off .  

MON. OCT. 16 - Idle .   Killing time .   Stopping at Mr. Carson’s.

MON. NOV. 5 - On kilns .   Towers and Tate on crown #2 .   Tate took his (said to be wife) to Centre to board.

FRI. NOV. 10 — On last hodie top scaffold .   Eagle Iron Co. will not build now .   Bill and Injunction filed in Federal Court at Birmingham by Receiver of Rome Furnaces for possession of dirt seller ore (?) properties.

WED. NOV. 22 - Repaired boiler wall .   Rainy day .   Settled up .   Received $132 and expenses .   Off for Attalla 8:30 .   Stopped at Harrison house.

THURS. NOV. 23 - Off for Chattanooga .   Arrived 10 A.M .   Leaving for Sheffield 9:10 P.M.

FRI. NOV. 24 — Arrived Sheffield 3:45 A.M .   John Jeff repairing Cole #1 .   Did not apply for work .   To Florence .   They are repairing Philadelphia Furnace .   Arrived home 4 P.M.

SUN. NOV. 26 - At church .   No extra collections .   Remarkable.


MON. DEC. 4 - First cold weather of this season .   Killed hog .   Mrs. Ley buried.

TUES. DEC. 5 - Bought 8 hams at 7 cents per lb. Salted meat.

SAT. DEC. 9 - Cleaned cistern.

SUN. DEC. 10 - Collecting by Father Willibald during high mass for force pump and hose.   Bad practice .   Wrong day and place for business .   Exposed himself badly .   Unbecoming a Christian.


THURS. DEC. 21 - Worked two days on Mrs. Gunselman’s house.

MON. DEC. 25 - X-mas .   Very nice service, 3 sermons .   Anna has measles.

THURS. DEC. 28 - On Gunselman house P.M. for C. Beiser.


MON. JAN. 1 - Mass at 12 A.M. midnight.   Four in bed trying to have measles.   Mr. Schneider in. Sent check to Columbus.

TUES. JAN. 2 - Mary sick all day.   Measles coming out very slowly.   Charley has few blotches.

THURS. JAN. 4 - At home sawing wood.   Old man Andre came in yesterday, back again noon.   Did not see him.   Charles measles broke out.

FRI. JAN. 5 - Cutting stovewood.   Henry, Katie and Mary broke out good.

SAT. JAN. 6 - Pews rented.   No demand for front 6 rows.   None raised on Epistle side.   On other side brought $5.50 to $5.75.   Rented pew 19 $5.15.   Mr. Schneider 4, I 2.

MON. JAN. 8 - No school this week.

TUES. JAN. 9 - To Laurel Hill to meet Mr. Higgins.   Children have measles.

MON. JAN. 15 - School again.


FRI. JAN. 19 - Took medicine of Dr. Taylor’s.

WED. JAN. 24 - Cool.   Gone back on timber deal.


SAT. JAN. 27 - Out to #33 with Mr. Galljmore.   Back 5:30.   Timber estimate.

SUN. JAN. 28 - Sermon by surprise.   Cold day, little snow.

MON. JAN. 29 - Sale fell through.   Not timber sufficient to buy a new mill.   Cold all day, 10 degrees.

TUES. JAN. 30 - Mr. Dwyer gone home.   Took option on #33 at $200 for saw timber.

WED. JAN. 31 - Cold day, down to 8 degrees.

FRI. FEB. 2 - Still cold.   Summoned to trial on account of dead horse.   Wrote Mr. Andre about it.

SUN. FEB. 4 - Cloudy day.   Cool P.M.   Income pew rent announced.

TUES. FEB. 6 - Walked out to Ravens Bluff on new R.R.   Big rock out.

THURS. FEB. 8 - Big rain P.M., thunder.   Misters Rau, W. Gunselman, J. Hovelmejer, J. Selle, and myself looked over Father Sliemers account and O.K’d.   $1,591 taken in from all sources.   $950 pew rent, balance 13 cents.   Debt $700, $120 reduced from last year.   Turned colder fast.

FRI. FEB. 9 - Cool, windy day.   Received notice of 5 year dividend New York Life.


MON. FEB. 26 - Mr. Heines buried.   Father Willjbald did not go to cemetery.   Too wet he said, but he has been there worse days than this.   He is nothing.   B. Kemper sick.


WED. FEB. 28 - Ash Wednesday.   Mr. Kemper very sick yet, but out of danger, I think.

THURS. MAR. 1 - Set up with Mr. Kemper last night.   Hickoughs (Hiccups) stopped, stayed till 3 A.M.   Cold morning, some now.

SUN. MAR. 4 - Mr. Schneider here.

MON. MAR. 5 - Phone message from Napier to come to build flue.

TUES. MAR. 6 - To Napier via Summertown.   Arrived 7 P.M.   Board Mr. Stewart’s.

SAT. MAR. 10 - On gas flue till noon with Mr. Ulsh and Drake.   To Little Buffalo P.M.   Had Mr. L. Vorhies horse.

WED. MAR. 14 - Settled, received check, all but buggy hire.   Company will settle it.   Paid $3.80 board.   Arrived home 12:30.   Turned colder.

THURS. MAR. 15 - No trial about the horse.   Received $200 back from Mr. Hovelmeier.   Snow last night and all morning.

FRI. MAR. 16 - Paid Mr. J. B. Wagstaff $5 to defend Drake in J. Rose suit.   He said it should be all it would ever cost me and to pay no more attention to it.

SAT. MAR. 17 - Caught on jury - Ley case.

SUN. MAR. 18 - Rainy day.   Money talk as usual.   Children very ignorant in instruction - to be pitied.   Ought to teach more and paint less.

TUES. MAR. 20 - To Mannie.   (W. M.) Neely’s and Y. T. Garrett’s team.   (Neely and Garrett both had livery stables.   Mr. Garrett’s contained 10 stalls).   Dock McLain (Dr. Ephriam McClain) driving.   Arrived 12 noon.   Started back 2 P.M.   Arrived home 7 P.M.   H. & B., except some, sold to Napier.   Came by Schneider’s.

THURS. MAR. 22 - At home.   Mrs. Hovelmeier sick - La Grippe.

FRI. MAR. 23 - Helped Joe Kemper move fence.

SUN. MAR. 25 - Drizzly day.   MRS. (MARY A.) BRINK DIED.   I have a severe cold.   Took foot bath.

MON. MAR. 26 - Digging grave - Mr. Kemper and myself.   Have a cold still.   Mary at H. (Hovelmeier-’s) all night.

TUES. MAR. 27 - Slept bad last night, backache.   Mr. Schneider sick.   Joe here after Dr. Taylor.

WED. MAR. 28 - BOY BORN AT HOVELMEIER’S 9 A.M. Mary at Hovelmeier’s all night.

FRI. MAR. 30 - BABY BAPTIZED.   Paid Mr. Futsh (Frietch) $21 in full to April 1.

SAT. MAR. 31 - Took scaffold out of church.   Father Willibald wanted to divide what I gave him for baptizing Hovelmeier’s baby yesterday with Mary for baptizing the child at birth.   I would not accept it.   If he takes pay for such, I can not take money for such services.

SUN. APR. 1 - Big frost.   Last Sundays gospel at early mass sermon.   Quarterly review; due $$$.   St. Joseph’s Society $$$.   Cemetery lots - he says he can sell them.   So can he sell corner lots all over London England $$$?

THURS. APR. 5 - White washed house.   Fair day.

FRI. APR. 6 - Joe Hovelmeier taken sick last night - La Grippe (stomach pain) and bilious (gastric distress caused by sluggishness of the liver or gall bladder).

SAT. APR. 7 - Set up at H. (Hovelmeier’s) till 11 P.M.   - Joe Kemper and I.   All resting easy.   Went home.   Mr. Glidewell/Glidervill (?) here.   Took contract old brick.

SUN. APR. 8 - Fair day.   Mr. Schneider and Joe here.   No vespers or instructions.   No gospel read, no sermon.   HAD ANN0UNCED ENGLISH SERMON.   Pew rent due $$$.   Will transact business in school hereafter.

TUES. APR. 10 - To Mannie via Napier.   Arrived 12 noon.

FRI. APR. 13 - Started patching combusting chamber P.M.   - Coleman and I.   Conley on boilers.   Ike A.M., gone home P.M.   HIS BROTHER – IN - LAW KILLED HIS WIFE AND HIMSELF.

SUN. APR. 22 - 4 worked till midnight - Coleman, Charles Feldman, Ike Russell, and I.

TUES. APR. 24 - To Lawrenceburg horseback.   Trial continued.

WED. APR. 25 - Back at noon.

SUN. APR. 29 - Did not work.   Dull long day.   To river P.M.

SUN. MAY 13 - Dull long day.   Had a few bottles of beer.

TUES. MAY 15 - On lining - Coleman, Feldman and I.     Uncle Bob
(Hendon ?) and Conley on stove arch.

TUES. MAY 22 - Received pay in full.   Started home 2 P.M.   Arrived 6 30.

SUN. MAY 27 - CHILDREN MADE THEIR FIRST HOLY COMMUNION - KATY WITH THEM.   HAD PHOTO TAKEN.   Good sermon by Father Sliemers.   If he don’t preach in less of a month the contrary has done so once before. (?)

MON. MAY 28 - At home.   SUN IN ECLIPSE.

WED. MAY 30 - Started for Attalla P.M.

THURS. MAY 31 - Arrived Chattanooga 3 A.M.   Off for Attalla.   Mr. C. (Coleman ?) and Adam along.   Arrived 10 A.M.   Nothing ready.

SUN. JUNE 17 - Received letter from home saying try and get home by
27.   Received tel. (telephone/telegram) 10 A.M. from J. B. Kemper to come home, wife sick.   Settled.   Received $82.66 check.   Off for home 5:50 P.M.   BABY GIRL BORN 10 A.M.   BAPTIZED P.M. - ROSA LOUISA.   MR. AND MRS. HOVELMEIER. (Godparents).

MON. JUNE 18 - Arrived at home 12 midnight.   All doing fairly well.   Paid Dr. Taylor $10.   Burnett for pig $3.

TUES. JUNE 19 - Hoeing sweet potatoes.   Mary gets in and out of bed alone.

WED. JUNE 20 - Mrs. Schneider home.   Can’t get along without her.   Tresia can’t bake bread.   Smallpox in town, no doubt.

FRI. JUNE 22 - School out.   Hilled few potatoes.   Rain came up.   Big rain at night.

SAT. JUNE 23 - Wind and rain last night.   Sale of Mrs,. Gunselman’s household goods.   Paid Mr. Wagstaff $5 in advance in full for defense in circuit court.

SUN. JUNE 24 - Rainy day A.M., fine P.M.   No vespers as usual.   Easy way to serve the Lord.

MON. JUNE 25 - Mary set in chair part of day.   Can work all right.   Killed squirrel.   Put cow and heifer in Hovelmeier’s pasture.

TUES. JUNE 26 - Rainy day.   Mary took supper at table.

THURS. JUNE 28 - Mary at table.   Letter from Mr. L. S. Colyar.

SAT. JUNE 30 - Fair day.   Bishop did not come.

SUN. JULY 1 - Bishop here.   CHILDREN CONFIRMED.   Mr. Schneider had talk with His Grace, also Ellers and Wultz (Waltz/Wolz ?).

MON. JULY 2 - Bought flour $5, --?-- sugar 15 lbs.   for $ ?.   Mr. Schneider here.   Tel. (telephone/telegram) to Mr. Colyar.   Will start for Attalla P.M.

TUES. JULY 3 - Arrived Attalla 9:30.   Worked on kiln P.M.   - Charles Feldman, Ike Russell, Wade and Dyke.

THURS. JULY 5 - To Rome.   Started to take out, only no material.   Back to Attalla.   Ike at Rome.   Could not stop him at Attalla.

THURS. JULY 12 - Settled.   Off on 10 o’clock train for Chattanooga.   Was on Look Out Mountain.   Steep incline.   Grand sights, on top fine view.

FRI. JULY 13 - Arrived home noon.   Mary had cramps in stomach P.M.   P.D. pain killer relieved her after trying.

SAT. JULY 14 - Court in session.

SUN. JULY 15 - Short service, no vespers.   Played solo at Kemper’s.

WED. JULY 18 - THRU FRI. JULY 20 - Listened to Richardson case in court.   Richardson cleared.

SAT. JULY 21 - Smith wife beater.   Sent to pen for 5 years.

SUN. JULY 22 - Father Willibald announced that he would take a trip for rest.   Other priest would be here.   Father Willibald left on 4 o’clock train.   No vespers or instruction as usual.   John Andre home from Napier.

MON. JULY 23 - Mr. Andre as usual.   Tried to sell out Dean (Dean’s Switch ?) timber to him.   Can get no satisfaction.   Mr. Welch told me that Mr. Foster got disgusted trying to trade with Andre.   Andre drunk at 10 A.M. setting in kitchen at home.   Could get no sense out of him at all.   Off for Napier 11 A.M.   Mary has stomach ache since 3 P.M.   Tried everything we can think of to relieve her - hard to relieve.   Got medicine from Dr. B. A. Tinsley 10 P.M. Hot day.

TUES. JULY 24 - Mary suffered all night.   Did not sleep over 1 1/2 hours all night.   Dr. Tinsley came 6:30.   Gave hyperdermic injection and left capsules.   Mary resting easier at noon, but no appetite.   Out of misery.   At night taking calomel, 4 tablets - 2 at 8 o’clock, 2 at 10 P.M.   Letter to come to Mannie.   Estimate #2

WED. JULY 25 - Mary took 3 doses of salts.   Did not eat much - 2 crackers, 2 cups of milk.   Burglars blowed part of door off Post Office safe.   Did not get in.   Mr. Schneider here.   Rain at night.   Canned few berries.

THURS. JULY 26 - Mary hungry at 4 A.M.   Made milk soup for her.   Canning tomatoes.

FRI. JULY 27 - Mary set up part of time.   Canned 2 gallon tomatoes.   Got some medicine for her weating and cloudy high colored urine.   Rainy day.   J. T. Linum here on account of selling timber 12 District.

SAT. JULY 28 - Bought chicken Mr. Hovelmeier.   Mary wants soup.   Mary up.   Cloudy day.   Bought bran $1.85.   Paid Dr. Tinsley in full up to date $3.00.

SUN. JULY 29 - Fair day, but hot.   Nice gospel sermon - no money talk.   Hope it will stay this way.   Solo P.M. Engaged team for 31.

MON. JULY 30 - Hot day.   Cut grass under grape vines.   Cleaned beds.

TUES. JULY 31 - To Mannie with S. Neely via Napier.   Napier banked top of stove fell in.   Talked with Mr. Foster about Dean land.   Examined furnace, etc.   Started from Mannie 3 P.M.   Arrived home 8 o’ clock.

THURS. AUG. 2 - To Napier after voting.   Paid in advance $2.50.   Arrived Napier 2:30 P.M.   Stove hot.   Mr. E. E. Elder came.

MON. AUG. 6 - Worked hard all night.   Settled.   Started to Summertown Mr. Stockard’s rig 9:25.   Arrived 3/4 hour too late for train.   Took driver.

SAT. SEPT. 15 - Off for Rome.   Telegram for 20 bricklayers.

SUN. SEPT. 16 - At Chattanooga.   To early and high mass.   Arrived at Rome 6:30.

MON. OCT. 1 - Finished Rome.   Took 765 1/2 hours work - hearth and bosh, some little stove work.   (This is wrong amount of hours, but appeared to be what was written).   Received pay in full.

TUES. OCT. 2 - Off for Aniston 9 A.M.   Nice business town.   No Catholic school.   Off for Birmingham 7:30.   Arrived columbia 6 A.M.

WED. OCT. 3 - Arrived home 12 midnight.   All well.

FRI. OCT. 5 - Worked on Mr. Selles cigar factory.   Made $18.   Misters Boulier and Orth took contract at $8 per H. (?)

SAT. NOV. 2 - First light frost.

TUES. NOV. 6 - Voted Democrat ticket.   Big noisy night.

SAT. NOV. 10 - Built flue for Simonton.

SUN. NOV. 11 - Cold day.   Money talk again.

MON. NOV. 12 - Circuit court opened.   Our case set for tomorrow.   Mr. Andre came.

TUES. NOV. 13 - Case of Mr. Acklin vs Cole and others called P.M. Evidence taken for plaintiff.

WED. NOV. 14 - Defendants evidence taken A.M.   Jury charged P.M.   Verdict $2 for livery hire.

THURS. NOV. 15 - Mr. Andre back to Napier.   Court on civil docket still.

SAT. NOV. 17 - Joe Schneider here on wheel getting ready to go to Indiana.




THURS. NOV. 22 - To Dean’s Switch with J. E. Conners.   Jery Prince will move tomorrow.

FRI. NOV. 23 - Got 75 cents worth Dr. B. A. Tinsley.   Paid.   Bad headache at night.

SAT. NOV. 24 - Court adjourned.   Bought shoes for H. (Henry) & M. (Mary) - $2.75.   Warm and rainy.

MON. NOV. 26 - Jaw ache bad

TUES. NOV. 27 - Still cool.   Jaw still aching bad.   Bad cold, can’t get rid of it.

WED. NOV. 28 - Kemper & I put barbwire around cemetery A.M.   Made 40 cents, cigars and wine.

THURS. NOV. 29 - Hunting with Joe Kemper.   (Thanksgiving Day).   Killed 2 squirrels a piece and Joe Waltz 1.

TUES. DEC. 4 - Worked at church on Grotto - Kemper and I.   Cool

WED. DEC. 5 - On Grotto again.   Finished P.M

THURS. DEC. 6 - To Dean’s Switch.   All over the land with Mr. W. F. Emery/Embry.   Kempers killed hogs.

SAT. DEC. 8 - Holy day.   Cool and cloudy.   Letter from Mr. Embry/Emery.   Will take our timber at Dean.

SUN DEC. 9 - Fine day.   Pew rent again.   Three times will distribute envelopes to collect X-mas present $$$$$$$$.

MON. DEC. 10 - Killed pig - 246 lbs.   Bought 61 lb. hams, 4 at 7 1/2 cents - $4.55.   Paid tax - $7.53.   Clear and cool.   Dr. Stockard here.

WED. DEC. 12 - Working on cistern for William Boulier & Co.   Mr. Andre here.   Signed transfer and sent off.

SAT. DEC. 15 - Made soap.   Used 5 boxes lye.   Fine warm day.   Paid Mr. Wagstaf $2.50 for Andre deed to Dr. Stockard.

SUN. DEC. 16 - Fine day.   No sermon.   Pew rent rules read.   Money the only object at all times.   Received $2 from John Orth balance for work on cistern.

TUES. DEC. 18 - Hunting Charles K. (Kamarad ?) and I.   No game at all.   Warm day.   No fire, windows open.

WED. DEC. 19 - Sawing.   Mr. Frietch over here.   Paid rent - $4 cash, check $16 — up to January 1, 1901.   Fine warm day.

THURS. DEC. 20 - Tel (Telephone/Telegram) to come to Napier.   Started 1 P.M.   Arrived 4:30.   Stoves to repair.   Boarding with Mr. G. Reiskman (Reischmann ?).

MON. DEC. 24 - Stove completed by 10:30 A.M.   Team came 11 o’clock.   Settled.   After dinner Jones Ricking (?) tel. Charged Mr. McGarry on double time for Sunday.   Arrived home 3:30 P.M.

TUES. DEC. 25 - All to first mass.   Fine day.   Schneider here.   Not many in town.

WED. DEC. 26 - Several killed hogs.

SAT. DEC. 29 - Hunting - Joe Kemper and I.   Dogs done no good.   Started 12 rabbits.   None killed.

SUN. DEC. 30 - Rev. Sliemers will have trustees, but they have no right to express their opinion.   They must O.K. all he wants to do, otherwise they will be set aside.   I wonder who the dupes will be.   I shall not vote at all.

MON. DEC. 31 - Hunting Mr. Schneider came 11 o’clock at night


TUES. JAN. 1 - Midnight mass.   Pleasant night, good attendance.   Mass again 9 A.M.   3 hours devotion.   Talk of money matters by Rev. Sliemers during exposition of blessed sacrament.

WED. JAN. 2 - Rev. Sliemers announced that he was mistaken yesterday thinking Epiphany would come in February.   He had discovered that it would be next Sunday.

SUN. JAN. 6 - Trustees election.   Did not vote.   Beuerlein, Hovelmeier, Schade, and Boulie elected.   John Selle got 9 votes.


WED. JAN. 9 - Wrote to Attalla.   Warm spring day.   Killed rabbits Hovelmeier-’s pasture.

THURS. JAN. 10 - Tobe Roser back from Smith Orebank.   Old men put to work again.   Rainy day.   Hunting P.M.   - killed two rabbits.   Rain at night.

SUN. JAN. 13 - Two low masses.   Pews rented by Rev. Sliemers.   Waltz, Wolz, and Slater did not rent seats for themselves.   None raised bids.

TUES. JAN. 15 - Hunting.   To Rohlings to look at hog.   Shot at one rabbit, bled him.   Didn’t jump no more.

WED. JAN. 16 - Fine warm day, like May.   Cooler at night.   Windy.

THURS. JAN. 17 Cooler.   Freezing P.M.

FRI. JAN. 18 - Snowing, still cool.

SUN. JAN. 20 - Fair day.   No sermon, but plenty of money talk.   Mr. Hovelmeier would not sign notes on account.   Rev. Sliemers to turn over lease notes.   Rev. Sliemers is the biggest bunch of inconsistency that ever was.   His refusal to hand over all notes due congregation looks suspicious.

TUES. JAN. 22 - Meeting of trustees.   Warm day.

WED. JAN. 23 - Mr. Hovelmeier and Ed Kraus persuaded me to go to Nashville with them.   Had some business there myself, so went.   Arrived Nashville 7 P.M.   Stopped at Mrs. Dunn’s.   Went to Bishop’s residence after supper.   Was received kindly.   Mr. Hovelmeier, Ed Kraus and myself spoke for Mr. Hovelmeier as requested.   Got all desired information.   H. (Hovelmeier) well pleased.   Right Rev. Thomas S. Byrne is a gentleman and a Christian beyond doubt.

THURS. JAN. 24 - Was on top of Dome at Capitol and various places of interest.   Had long talk with Mr. Percy Warner.   Made arrangements to invest some.   Headache P.M.

FRI. JAN. 25 - Bought some goods.   Started home 9 A.M.   Arrived 12.   John Rohling bought hog - 232 lbs.   Sent check to Mr. Warner.

SAT. JAN. 26 - Salted meat.   Rendered lard and str_?_.   Letter from J.H. Walker. Attalla in no hurry.   Slow sale of iron.

SUN. JAN. 27 - Rainy day.   Trustee had letter from Right Rev. Bishop.   Rev. Sliemers preached good sermon.   Sent for William Lea (Ley) to come up twice.   Did not come.   Him and Mr Hovelmeier went to see him.   Will not surrender property.

HON JAN. 28 - Received letter from Mr. Percy Warner.   Purchased securities.   Wash day.

TUES. JAN. 29 - Letter from Mr. Stuky/Sterky (?) not discouraging.   Mr. Hovelmeier brought 1 cord of wood.   Made up his mind that pew rent must come down to $4.   Rainy at night.

THURS. JAN. 31 - Still cold.   At home.   Caty sick.

FRI. FEB. 1 - Hunting.   Hovelmeier brought one more cord of wood.   Caty sore throat.

SAT. FEB. 2 - Bought H. (Henry) suit, 4 pair shoes and my overcoat from S.H. & Co.   Cloudy and windy day.   It is said that William Lea (Ley) will give up the Parsonage property.

SUN. FEB. 3 - Delinquent pew renters announced, no sermon.   Rainy A.M.

MON. FEB. 4 - Caty sick, sore throat.

TUES. FEB. 5 - H. (Hovelmeier ?) and I to Rev. Sliemers.   Brink there, none others.   Rev. Sliemers gives us to understand that the property could be had at $789.00.   If he could not get that he would not sell.   Did not want it at that price.   Brink bought it twice while I was there, backed out and had bought it the third time when Hovelmeier and I left.   Henry Sick.

WED. FEB. 6 - H. (Hovelmeier) and I to Brink’s after supper.   Brink backed out again, but claims he has made Rev. Sliemers an offer of $600.

THURS. FEB. 7 - Kate and Henry to school.   Annie in bed with same complaint.   Hunting Tobe (?).   Joe and I out to Roser and Dikes.

FRI. FEB. 8 - Sick last night.   Headache, sore throat.   On bed most of day.   All took hot foot bath at night and purgative - Annie, Charley and I.

SAT. FEB. 9 - All better.


MON. FEB. 11 - Cool day.   Bought parsonage property for $625 from Sliemers and trustees.   Lea (Ley) kicked when come to find out Rev. Slieiners lied outright when he said that he had Power of Attorney to sell the property.   He admitted to me since that he has none.   All agreed to leave it open to bids 2 weeks longer.   Lea (Ley) to get all it will bring over said price.

TUES. FEB. 12 - Wash day at home.   Schade wants $750 mortgage on store.

WED. FEB. 13 - Sawing wood.   Loaned Dr. B. A. Tinsley $100.

FRI. FEB. 15 - Mary quilting A.M.   Sick P.M

SAT. FEB. 16 - Mary in bed.   Some better.   Case of grippe.   JOE HOVELMEIER GIRL BABY BAPTIZED.   The trustees talk of giving Lea (Ley) the place free this year and 6 1/4% of proceeds of sale.   Ley to turn place over to them.   They intend to borrow $300 on it.   That would put $50 interest to come out of pew rent this year which would bring them deeper in debt.

MON. FEB. 18 - Fine spring day.   Wrote to Carl Fite regarding timber sale near Laurel Hill.   L. S. Colyar and B. F. Wilson.   Mrs. Locher (?) here viewing the old parsonage property.   Warm day.   Arthur planting potatoes.   FATHER DIED 5:30 P.M.

TUES. FEB. 19 - LETTER FROM TEX.   MOTHER DIED ON FEB. 10.   WEDDING THIS MORNING - ONE OF THE FISHER GIRLS (ODELINE TO JOHN E. ECKERT).   Mrs. Lasher/Lacher (Locher ?) still here.   Cooler, quite windy.

THURS. FEB. 21 - No school.   Washing day.   Snow fell at night - light.


SUN. FEB. 24 - Light snow last night.   Cold day, fair P.M.   Withdrew bid on parsonage property.   They don’t seem to know when they want to sell it.   Ley to have it free of rent this year.   That means $50 of interest to come out of pew rent this year.


WED. FEB. 27 - Big frost last night.   John Frietch on fence.

SAT. MAR. 2 - Off for Goodrich 7 A.M.   Arrived 4:30 P.M.   Top of furnace fell in full of stock (?) ----(?)---.   Mr. Ed J. Burchell here.

TUES. MAR. 5 - Finished by 2:30 P.M.   Off for Nashville on train.   Settled.   Received check $43.20 in fuLl.   Cold.   Stopped in Nashville at Mrs. Dunn’s.

WED. MAR. 6 - For home.   Arrived 12 midnight.   16 degrees.   Cold day.   Hunted for yearling.   Can’t hear of it.

FRI. MAR. 8 - Sawing wood.   Yearling came back.   Planted 200 hills

SUN. MAR. 10 - Schneiders did not come.   Still raining.  

THURS. MAR. 14 - Plowed garden and planted potatoes.   Windy, cold day.

FRI. MAR. 15 - Snow last night, cool.   Kempers planting potatoes.

SAT. MAR. 16 - Snowed last night.   Paid H. (Hovelmeier) for horse - 25 cents.   Kempers, Widmer and Gaul (?) on churchyard fence.   Richter and Kox (Cox ?) sale of 1/3 interest in mill.

SUN. MAR. 17 - More money talk as usual.   Schneiders here.   Sold one of their cows.   Prospect to sell farm.   George Meiers here.

MON. MAR. 18 - Gardening.   Planted peas, carrots, beets, bedded out sweet potatoes, sowed lettuce, mustard, radish.   CITIZENS MEETING TO ABOLISH SALOONS.

TUES. MAR. 19 - Walter Drake wants to know if timber land is sold.   Answered sold.   Small sweet potatoes 70 cents.   High mass St. Joseph’s day.   Light rain at 6 P.M.

WED. MAR. 20 - Rain last night.   Cool this morning.   Sent check $67.80 to R.H. Plant Premium.

RID OF SALOONS.   Rosa got sick just before noon.

FRI. MAR. 22 - Dr. B. A. Tinsley here.   Rosa still sick.   Mary did not sleep much.   Built flue for (Henry ?) Runnebaum.   Due $1.  

SAT. MAR. 23 - Dr. here.   Rosa some better.   Did not sleep much last night.   Letter from S. P.   Proposition accepted - $4 per day and railroad fair.

SUN. MAR. 24 - Fine day.   Schneider not here.   Rev. Sliemers said in his sermon that he was in favor of saloons and advised everybody to buy a small lot in town so they could vote to keep the saloons.   He said that some of the Saints had been saloon keepers.   Such I never heard of.

MON. MAR. 25 - Fine Spring day.   ELECTION IN LAWRENCEBURG TO GET RID OF SALOONS.   Rosa not so well today.

TUES. MAR. 26 - Rosa apparently some better.   ELECTION YESTERDAY STOOD 136 AGAINST SALOONS AND 51 FOR THEM.

THURS. MAR. 28 - Fair day.   Rosa considerable better.   Takes no medicine, nurses.   Paid Dr. B. A. Tinsley $8.35.   Replanted flowers.

FRI. MAR. 29 - 40 hours devotion.   Cool day.   Had on overcoat.   More medicine for Rosa.   Father Ottke did not come.

SAT. MAR. 30 - 40 hours devotion.   Rain last night.   Warmer today.   Rosa better.   Roser wants to borrow $375 for 3 months.

SUN. MAR. 31 - Fair day.   Palm Sunday.   Rosa better.   Closed 40 hours devotion 6 P.M.   Schneiders here.

MON. APR. 1 - Cool rain and sleeting, 30 degrees.   Bought 2 more bales of hay.   Wash day. County Court Quarterly.

WED. APR. 3 - Cool still, clearing up P.M.   Took sugar home from depot.   31 cents freight 100 lbs.   Tax assessed.

THURS. APR. 4 - Holy Thursday.   No service after mass.   Fair day.   Rev. Sliemers had business with Att. King (Attorney W. R. King).   Nic Till does not want to sell #23.

SAT. APR. 6 - Cool day.   Loaned John Roser $357.

SUN. APR. 7 - Easter.   Big crowd of strangers at church.   Cloudy day.   Trustee meeting and dinner.

MON. APR. 8 - Joseph Kemper sold heifer $15 to William Brewer.   Circuit Court opened P.M.   Cool north wind.   Paid rent $20.

WED. APR. 10 - Some warmer.   At Circuit Court on Civil Docket.

THURS. APR. 11 - Nice warm day.   Magic Lantern show in school house.   All went.

SAT. APR. 13 - Rosa took sick again suddenly.   Dr. Tinsley here 8 P.M.

SUN. APR. 14 - Rosa better.   Rev. Sliemers harangue (speech)) on pew rent again.   Forgot to read the Gospel on the pulpit.   No sermon.   S. P. (South Pittsburg ?) not ready yet.

MON. APR. 15 - William Ley’s deed recorded.   They say he will deed the parsonage property back to Right Reverend Bishop.   Watch main spring.


WED. APR. 17 - (William) Ley deeded parsonage property to Right Rev. Bishop.   Rev. Sliemers wanted me to make a bid on the property.   (William) Ley to hold possession til Dec. 1. He could not give me conditions of sale.   Brink says the sales note of $120 is a fake.

FRI. APR. 19 - Cool and windy day.   Snow, sleet and rain.

SUN. APR. 21 - Cool north wind.   Rev. Sliemers preached once more, no duns (means did not ask for money).   Announced that he wanted sealed bid for the old parsonage property by Friday next.   To be cash bids payable at once.   Possession to be given Dec. 1.   Right reserved to reject all bids if not high sufficient to suit him.   don’t think that I will bid.   Have bought it once from the boy.   Fact is, I want to know what I get when I buy it.   Schneiders all here.   Ed Kraus sick.

MON. APR. 22 - Cool drizzly morning.   Kempers covering porch.

SAT. APR. 27 - Making potato rickes/riches (?).   Warm day.   Children barefooted.   Paid Beuerlein $5 pew rent.   Paid Dr. Tinsley up in full.   Squirrel hunting Joe Kemper, Charles Kamarad and I.   No success.   Mr. Hovelmeier said there were no bids received on old parsonage.

SUN. APR. 28 Very warm day.   Usual money talk at all services.

MON. APR. 29 - Wrote to Nic Till.   Hoeing potatoes.   Took saw to Mr. McKim to be put in good fix for $1.   Ed Kraus ordered S. (Schneider ?) wheels.   Fishing at night, no good.   Nice warm day.

TUES. APR. 30 - (JOSEPH) HENKEL (MAGGIE) TOBEN MARRIAGE.   Mary in bed with headache.   Hot day.   90 degrees.   Got medicine from D.A. Tinsley.   Better than the old men.

WED. MAY 1 - Mass at 6 A.M.   Put in scaffold for frescoing.   Hard work, small crew.

SAT. MAY 4 - Hot day again.   92 degrees.

SUN. MAY 5 - Bargain day with J. W. Sliemers.   Wolz bought old parsonage at auction P.M. at $550.   They are a nice set of only pork eating Jews.   Telephone/Telegram from S. P.

MON. MAY 6 - Selle’s show (Traveling show).   Fine day.   Fair crowd.

TUES. MAY 7 - J. T. Ellers infidel, nothing less.

WED. MAY 8 - Helped scaffold A.M. Rev.   Sliemers religion money and more money.   Set out first potato slips.

THURS. MAY 9 - Good rain, cooler.   Killed young rabbit.

FRI. MAY 10 - Father Gleason to come back to St. Joseph’s.   Decision of Rome.

SAT. MAY 11 - Replanted beans.   Put cow in Hovelmeier’s pasture.   Loaned Mr. Rohling $50.

SUN. MAY 12 Letter Mr. Percy Warner.   Phoned to South Pittsburg, TN.   Time must start tomorrow.   Ready to work Wed.   Money sermon at early mass as usual.   Rev. Sliemers explained the Gospel or Epistle about visiting the widows and orphans.   He said the widows was the church that needed decorating and the orphans were th~ poor priest.

MON. MAY 13 - Cool at night.   Started frescoeing in church - 5 men.

WED. MAY 15 - Arrived South Pittsburg, TN 6:30.   Stopping with Mr. Kersey Central Hotel.   Mr. F. P. Coleman came P.M.

SAT. MAY 18 - . .. . Letter from Mr. Percey Warner about Cumberland.

SUN. MAY 19 - Rain last night and part of day.   Selles and Gray’s show came in.   (Traveling show).

WED. MAY 22 - Worked 4 hours on furnace dressing.   Received pay in full.   Off for Attalla 1:15 P.M.   Arrived Attalla 10 P.M.   Train late.   Stopping at Harrison House.   Mr. Coleman gone by home, will come tomorrow.

THURS. MAY 23 - Nothing ready, no brick.   On boiler wall repair P.M.   Mr. Coleman came.   Mr. Walker’s brother sick.

SUN. MAY 26 - Dull long day.   Labor unloading cars.   Went to Alabama City.   Walked and rode back on electric.

SUN. JUNE 2 - Dull long day.   Quite warm.   Wrote home and to Texas.   Mr. McLane here from Birmingham.

FRI. JUNE 7 - . . . . J. H. Walker received telephone/telegram.   Brother, George, very low

SUN. JUNE 16 - Mr. Coleman off on visit to Birmingham.   Conley and Partain to Gadsden.   Hot day.

THURS. JUNE 20 - Finished work.   Paid in full.

FRI. JUNE 21 - Off for Chattanooga 7:10.   Arrived South Pittsburg, TN 4 P.M.   Not any too ready.   Started home.   The Company agreed to bear expenses.

SAT. JUNE 22 Arrived home 12 midnight.   All well. Took them by surprise.

SUN. JUNE 23 Mad jubilee indulgence.   Hot day.   Schneiders have a buyer.   Hope they will sell.

TUES. JUNE 25 - Loaned to J. D. Crews $300 for 35 days.

WED. JUNE 26 - Hot day, 103 degrees.

THURS. JUNE 27 - Letter from South Pittsburg.   Do not have to come till July 2nd.   Hot still.   Hunting P.M.

SUN. JUNE 30 - Sermon as usual - money rules the world.

MON. JULY 1 - Hovelmeier threshing.   Started for South Pittsburg.

TUES. JULY 2 - Arrived South Pittsburg A.M.   Working on last column.   C. & C. (Coleman & Conley ?) have been here waiting.

SAT. JULY 6 - .. . . Did not get the money to pay board.

SUN. JULY 7 - Dull long day.   No service at church, to be 2nd Sunday.

SUN. JULY 14 - Hot Sunday.   To church 9:30 A.M.   About 30 all told present.   Nice sermon (bear your cross).

WED. JULY 17 - On hearth 4 men.   Mr. Wilson going to Ohio.

FRI. JULY 19 - Letter from home.   Cow fresh.   Mr. B. F. Wilson back from Ohio.

SUN. JULY 21 Hot dull day.   Made lemonade - 30 cents worth.   Lasted till 4 P.M.   Was at Blowing Spring (Wayne Co., TN) A.M.   Nice cool blast.

MON. JULY 22 - Miners conference.

THURS. JULY 25 - Miners voted to go to work at last years scale..

SUN. JULY 28 - Hot dull day.   Wrote to Texas.   No rain yet.

SAT. AUG. 3 - Did eat hearty for dinner and supper.

MON. AUG. 5 - Light rain.   Mr. Coleman back A.M.   Did not work.   Hung around bar room.   Got beat up badly.   Cersey (Kersey ?) knocked him down and kicked him in the face.   Had Dr. Tate tending to him.

SAT. AUG. 10 - ... .Was called by phone 8:30.   Had gone to bed.   Wanted at Goodrich to reline furnace.   Unnecessary excitement.

SUN. AUG. 11 - Cloudy morning.   Service 10 A.M.   Long day.   Wrote Mr. D. H. Cooper and J. H. Walker.

TUES. AUG. 13 - .. . .Telephone from Mr. D. H. Cooper.   Answered, tried phone.   Could not understand.   Stormy somewhere.

FRI. AUG. 16 - Still raining.   Rained all last night.   River out of banks.   Officials of TCI and RR Co. here on tour of inspection.

WED. AUG. 21 - On lining.   Done well.   Brick said to be short.   Received pay for July.   Took express money order.

WED. SEPT. 4 - On red work.   Finished P.M.   Received pay in full.   Started to Sheffield 7:50 P.M.

THURS. SEPT. 5 - At Sheffield.   Could go to work at T.C. and Co.   Arrived home 4 P.M.


SUN. SEPT. 8 - Nice sermon.   No money talk.   Looks more like Catholic service.

MON. SEPT. 9 - To Dudly (?) sale.   All brought good price.

TUES. SEPT. 10 - To Mr. Ellingson.   Will build rock residence.


SUN. SEPT. 15 - Rainy day.   Father Ottke not well.   Two still (?) masses.

MON. SEPT. 16 - Paid pew rent 3 quarters.

TUES. SEPT. 17 - Rain last night.   Much cooler.   58 degrees.   Bought parsonage property from Mr. Wolz $600.   Paid $50.

WED. SEPT. 18 - Built flue Mr. Russell.

THURS. SEPT. 19 - Dug for arch Mr. G. (?) cistern.

FRI. SEPT. 20 - Started to crown cistern.   Boy helper.

SAT. SEPT. 21 - Crowned cistern Mrs. G.

SUN. SEPT. 22 - Fine day.   Meeting of congregation at school house on account of Rev. Sliemers debt.   Rev. Ottke wants 100 persons to pay 10 cents a week for one year.

SAT. SEPT. 28 - Paid Mr. Wolz cash $250, check $300.   Received deed to property.   Put in Register’s office.

TUES. OCT. 1 - Got deed back.   Warm day.

WED. OCT. 2 - Dug sweet potatoes.   Light frost.

FRI. OCT. 4 - Digging sweet potatoes.   Joseph Henn in town.

FRI. OCT. 11 - Built flue for Mr. T. Springer P.M.

SAT. OCT. 12 - Rain last night.   Can’t finish flue.   Rainy day.   Primary election county officers.   Hand cart and wheelbarrow arrived.

SUN. OCT. 13 - Ohrnan (Oehmen) defeated, also Howard.   White not decided, close.

TUES. OCT. 15 — Pointed two chimneys above roof for Mr. Springer.   Was at Mr. Striblings to repair cistern.   No sand, all dirt.   Got 2 pieces 1 x 6 x 16 poplar.

WED. OCT. 16 - Worked for Mr. Stribling A.M. Patched two cisterns, plastered at flue in dining room and tried to reset tiling.   Frost last night.

FRI. OCT. 18 — Hauled manure on wheelbarrow to Ley place.   Frost last night.

SAT. OCT. 19 - Hauled manure and nailed up stable.   Hunting P.M.   Let gun kick by carelessness.

SUN. OCT. 20 - Fine day.   Good sermon.   Schneiders all here.

MON. OCT. 21 - Paid Mr. Frietch $20 to Nov. 1.   Got rock out of ditch for dam.   Hot day.

TUES. OCT. 22 - Saw Mr. Fleeman.   Will bring lumber tomorrow.   Cottonseed did not come.   Annie at home - sore throat and something like roseola.

THURS. OCT. 24 - At home.   Made step ladder, painted complete.

FRI. OCT. 25 - Setting grate and mantel for Mr. Gunn.   Odd job, slow go.   Mr. Schneider to mill.

SAT. OCT. 26 - Finished mantel and tiling for Mr. Gunn.   Received $3, also $1 from Mr. Stribling and $30 from Mr. Edwin Warner.   Paid for 500 palings (pointed sticks used to make picket fence).   Bought post from Ley.

SUN. OCT. 27 - Fine day.   Ley disappointed about renting of Mr. Heimer (Heymer).   Too late as usual.   I don’t believe he cares.

MON. OCT. 28 - To Bodenham.   With Will Rau.   Bought 2,020 lb. cottonseed.   Cost 60 cents per hundred and $2 for hauling back 2 P.M.   Nailed on palings P.M.

TUES. OCT. 29 - Laid pavement for Mr. Gunn.   Gault helping.   Paid Mr. Gault $1.   Due for the job $3.50.

THURS. OCT. 31 - Dug apple tree stumps and dead trees out of orchard.   Warm day.

FRI. NOV. 1 - All Saints’ Day.   Schneiders all here.   Fine day.

SAT. NOV. 2 - All Souls’ Day service at cemetery.   Nice day.

MON. NOV. 4 - Colder, some ice.   Helped Charles Kamarad kill beef.   Nailed on palings P.M.

TUES. NOV. 5 - Conversation by phone with Mr. R. Ewing.   Mannie #1 blowing out.   Will be ready to go to work Fri. 15.   Got two hind quarters of beef from Mr. Hovelmeier, 120 lb.   - $6 paid.

WED. NOV. 6 - Sawing up old apple trees.   Big frost.   Salted beef.   Received of Mr. Gunn $3.50.   Father Willibald kicked by a horse - kneecap broke.

MON. NOV. 11 - FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LAWRENCEBURG ORGANIZED AND DIRECTORS ELECTED.   Also committees to prepare for business.   Phone from Mannie to come tomorrow.

TUES. NOV. 12 - To Mannie.   Started 7 A.M.   Arrived 12 midnight.

FRI. NOV. 15 - Cold night.   Cold north wind all day.   On second 9” - 2/3 in.   Ike Russell home P.M.   Boy sick.   Conley’s first day.

SUN. NOV. 17 - Cold day.   Was at new washer plant Percy Hollow.   Nice plant.

MON. NOV. 18 - Letter from home.

FRI. NOV. 22 - Wrote home

SUN. NOV. 24 - Dull, long day.   Mr. D. (?) and I to Warner Iron Co.   Orebank P.M.   Fair prospect for ore and clay

FRI. NOV. 29 - Made arrangements to talk with Joe Kemper tomorrow night.

SAT. NOV. 30 - .. . . Could not get Lawrenceburg by phone - line down.

SUN. DEC. 1 - Dull, long day.   Wrote home and to Chicago for price on doors and sash.

MON. DEC. 2 - ... .Had roof put on.   All got gas sick P.M.

WED. DEC. 4 - Letter from home.   Moving Monday.

THURS. DEC. 5 - Snow today.

FRI. DEC. 6 - Snow melted nearly off.   Still cool.   Letter from home.

SUN. DEC. 8 - To pump on Buffalo.   Sides of bluff badly scattered.

TUES. DEC. 10 - . . . .Letter from home, all well.

THURS. DEC. 12 - To pump at Stagg’s place

SAT. DEC. 14 - Big rain last night.   Cold this morning.   Mr. Thom Mulcahy consented for me to go home.   Phone for rig 7:15.   Hired to B & Co. for Jan. and Feb. 1902 at $100 per month and expenses.   Settled.   $122 due, received $30.   Train came 1:30.   Started back 2:30.   Cold trip.   Arrived home 7:30.

SUN. DEC. 15 - Cold day, down to zero.   No service.   Paid Hovelmeier $2 for plowing.

MON. DEC. 16 - Still cold.   Paid Mr. Garrett for buggy - $2.50.

TUES. DEC. 17 - Mr. Gaul helped A.M.   Fixed north fence, cut down poplar Mr. Hovelmeier.   Cold, snowy day.   Bought stockpeas and peanuts - 2 bushels each.

WED. DEC. 18 - Hunting A.M.   Dug hole to plant trees P.M.   Bought bedstead.

THURS. DEC. 19 - Bought pork at $6.90.   Bought corn from Mr. Niedergeses, 10 bushels $7.   (William) Ley hauling his off to Caruthers stable.   Cold north wind.

FRI. DEC. 20 - At home taking down ceiling shed room.   Phone from Napier to come to do some work on boilerwall.

SAT. DEC. 21 - To Napier.   Started 7:30 Arrived 10:30.   Worked P.M.   on back end of boilers.

SUN. DEC. 22 - Worked all day.

MON. DEC. 23 - Finished 3 P.M.

TUES. DEC. 24 - Settled.   Received $17.55 in full.   Started to Surnmertown, Mr. Andre and I, at 9 A.M.   Arrived home 12 midnight.   John Andre on train.

WED. DEC. 25 - X-mass service at 5:00, 7:00, and 10:00.   Good sermon.   Paid Mr. Neely for team in full.

THURS. DEC. 26 - Rainy day.   Moved 2 apple trees.   Paid tax $12.68.   Pew rent and Sliemers debt $7.70.

FRI. DEC. 27 - Had Mr. Gaul help sawing poplar tree.   Paid him $1.   Bought two hogs 391 (lbs. ?) from I. B. Shaw $27.

SAT. DEC. 28 - Rainy day.   Salted meat.

MON. DEC. 30 - Moved apple trees P.M.   Gaul helped.   Built Mr. Russell’s flue.   Cold day.   Was at Mr. Runnebaums after supper.   Want to make sash and doors of coarse poplar.   Rather high of frames.

TUES. DEC. 31 - Finished sawing poplar.   MR. STRIBLING’S CHILD (MARY GLADYS) DIED.   Received $30 Edwin Warner.   Considerably warmer.   Hovelmeier posted farm.


WED. JAN. 1 - Started to Mannie 9 A.M.   Arrived 3 P.M.   Roads very bad.   Furnaces banked.   Stopped with Mr. Churchwell.

SUN. JAN. 5 - Wrote letter to Florence and Chicago for prices.


SUN. JAN. 12 - Long dull day.   Was at office nearly all day drawing.   Mr. (Thom) Mulcahy to Nashville.

FRI. JAN. 17 - Received checks $191.

WED. JAN. 22 - About all done that can be done without interfering with boilermakers.   Laid paving in Mr. Braggs yard P.M.

THURS. JAN. 23 - Finished paving A.M.   On spring in Peary Hollow P.M.   Out of sand by 4 P.M.   Made arrangements to board at Clubhouse.   Wrote J. B. Kemper to make frames.

FRI. JAN. 24 - To Clubhouse for breakfast 6:30.   Considerable improvement.   Got my old room at Judge R. Ewing’s house.   Got a nice fire, very comfortable.   Do not have to listen to all the cursing and foul talk at Churchwell house.   Worked on boiler front alone.   Ike had tooth pulled.

SUN. JAN. 26 - Warm rainy day.   Played cards with boilermakers P.M.   Long dull day.   Wrote to Mr. L. S. Colyar Chattanooga, TN

MON. JAN. 27 - Snow.   Last cold wave.   Did not work.   Snow hard and slick Wrote to M. Richardson and I. 0. Harvey for prices.

TUES. JAN. 28 - Colder this morning.   None working.   Snowing and sleeting part of P.M.   Boilermaker going back.

WED. JAN. 29 - Raining lightly all day.   Warmer.   Snow and sleet melting.   . . .Mr. Maquire came back.   Raining good after dark.

SAT. FEB. 1 - On boiler wall - Ike and I.   Received letter from Mr. Rhodes Louisiana, Missouri.   Wants me to build some charcoal kiln.   Cloudy day, snow still here.

THURS. FEB. 6 - .. . . Ike on office flue.. . .At 8:10 P.M.   whistle gave the alarm for fire.   When looking out the window saw office on fire.   Got there quick.   Main fire was over safe roof burning.   Could get nothing out of office.   Broke store windows and busted door.   Got very little out of store.   Fire spread quick.   Saved contents of warehouse.   Cause unknown.   Flue from office was said to be blocked.   Ike Russell worked on it about 3 hours P.M.

SUN. FEB. 9 - Last night up to 10 P.M.   Figured with Mr. A. 0. Kehn on brick required for #2.   Could not agree.   His estimate entirely too low.   Tried it again this morning after breakfast at Labatory (?).   Got along all right.   Gave Judge estimate A.M.   Mr. Kehn gone on freight to Dixon.

THURS. FEB. 13 - Judge R. Ewing agreed that I may go home P.M. tomorrow.   Phoned for buggy.   Fair day after 8 A.M.   Cloudy at night.

FRI. FEB. 14 Snow this morning.   Set Mr. Payton’s grate.   Buggy came 1:30.   Started back 2:00.   Snowing all the way.   At home 9:30.   Slowest trip ever made.

SAT. FEB. 15 - Bought doors and windows from H. Richardson & Co. (store contained grocery, hardware, and implements) for $50.   Everyone rabbit hunting.   About 4” snow.   Deposited $450.   No service at night.

SUN. FEB. 16 - No service.   Father Ottke sick.   Taken to Nashville P.M.   At Hovelmeier’s P.M.

MON. FEB. 17 - Concluded to stay today.   Bought bone meal Ed Kraus $10.   Wire - I. 0. Harvey $3.60 (Hardware store which also contained groceries and furniture); potatoes - Crowder 3 lbs. $4.30.   Dry goods at J. Stewarts and S. H. Co. - 72 yds. calico.   Bought lumber from Fleeman Bros. to be delivered April 1 at 9:00 and 6:00.   Sent order to Sears & Roebuck $18.62.   Put papers in bank vault, Box 35.   Received certificate of stock.

TUES. FEB. 18 - Mr. Gaul topped hickory.   Cleaned stables.   Down to 3 degrees this morning.   Engaged buggy to go to Mannie tomorrow.   Paid Mr. Neely.

WED. FEB. 19 - Started to Mannie 7:30.   Arrived 1:15.   Roads bad.

THURS. FEB. 20 - Snowing at 10:30 A.M.   Bad day.

FRI. FEB. 21 - . .Cold damp day.   North wind again.   Received $101.

FRI. FEB. 28 - To Peary Hollow on spring.   Finished 12:30 P.M....

SAT. MAR. 1 - . .. .Fair day.   Republican primaries.

MON. MAR. 3 - . . . .Wired Mr. Frank Whitshott.   Off for Warner Iron Co.   Gave me paint brush and about 4 gallons mixed paint.   Clubhouse board $5.25 per week.

TUES. MAR. 4 - Mr. Coleman arrived Clubhouse.   Too steep for him.   Gone to Churchwell $3.50.   Rainy day, snowing at 6 P.M.   Cold north wind.

SUN. MAR 9 - ... . Pipe broke at pumping station on river.   Too much Sunday work.

WED. MAR. 12 - .. .Received of Mr. G. W. Bragg in checks $100.

FRI. MAR. 14 - Fair day.   4 in stove fairly well.   Cooler at night.   Cloudy P.M.   Letter from home.   All well.   None plowed.

SUN. MAR. 16 - Rain, hail, thunder last night.   Fair today.   Wind north.   P.M.cooler.   To Warner Iron Co.

WED. MAR. 19 -. . . . Jake Scott sick.

FRI. MAR. 21 -. . . . Ike Russell sick.   Checker brick of different lengths.   All #1 quality thicker than #2.   Causes dressing around combustion chamber to keep down.

TUES. MAR. 25 - Fine spring day.   Hot in stove.   Had no fire in my room - first time this season.

FRI. MAR. 28 - Rainy day.   Worked A.M.   Wind and rain last night.   None working P.M.   Creek out of its banks.   Could cross trussell (trestle) yet at 1 P.M.   Water went over trussell till 5 P.M.   Thought to have to stay at all night.   Train caught between Mannie and Nashville (?).   Could not move back or forward.   No mail.

SAT. MAR. 29 - Bridge on Buffalo washed away yesterday.   No telephone in use.   Telephone O.K. at night.   Will take two weeks before trains can get here.   Had mail at night yesterday.

SUN. MAR. 30 - Easter Sunday.   Cooler today.   North wind.   Was at Buffalo River Bridge - gone.   Track badly washed out between kilns and water tank

MON. MAR. 31 - Repaired plaster on reservoir at ore mines A.M.

WED. APR. 2 - Coleman and I, Conley and Russell going home.   Telephone for rig to come home tomorrow.

THURS. APR. 3 - . . . .C. and I home P.M.   Roads very good.   Arrived home 5 P.M.

FRI. APR. 4 - Paid Mr. (Y. T.) Garrett $2.50 for yesterdays team.   Mr. Black’s team hauling sand.   Hauled 10 good loads.   Was at Coon Creek with Mr. (T. L.) Cloud to look at Rock Quarry.   Fair
prospects, nice stone.   Mr. Boulie hauling brick.   Called at Father Ottke - in good health.   Will have a nice day next Sunday.

SAT. APR. 5 - Two teams of Mr. (A. E.) Black hauling sand.   Mr. Gaul and Mr. Black helping load and unload.   Rebedded sweet potatoes.   Paid William Boulie $200 for brick.   Paid Mr. Gaul up to date.   Also T. Cobeck (Kobeck).   Paid Mr. Russell for load of gravel.

SUN. APR. 6 - CHILDREN MADE THEIR FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.   HENRY WITH THEM AND CATY WENT WITH THEM AGAIN.   Very impressive service.   Sermon pretty to children.   Trustees in Sanctuary to witness the renewal of baptismal vows.   All five present: Mr. Beuerlein, Mr. J. Schade, Jr., Mr. Ed Kraus, 3. Wolz, and I.   After vespers social glass of beer at Father Ottke’s furnished by Mr. Wolz.   Good, but cloudy day.

MON. APR. 7 - Rained last night.   Prospect for more.   Paid Mr. A. E. Black $10.75 for hauling in full up to Saturday night.   Doors and windows delivered.   One panel split.   To be exchanged.   Paid F. M. Richardson & Co. $50 for doors and windows.   Two teams hauled 8 loads of sand P.M.   Bought yellow poplar shingles from Mr. Scott Henson.   20 H (probably Roman Numeral for 1,000) full 1/2 inch all yellow at $2 per M.   Staked off house and located cellar and cistern so Mr. Gaul can dig them.   Made hen coop.   Tony Cobeck (Kobeck) and Mr. Gaul helped haul sand P.M.

TUES. APR. 8 - Cold north wind.   Paid Mr. Brink 75 cents for laying off potato land.   To Mannie 7 A.M.   Two teams will haul sand all day.   Stopped at Mr. Schneider’s.   Mrs. Schneider better.   Will go in on buggy.   Going back and stay with Mary a while so she can be doctored.   Arrived Mannie 12 midnight

WED. APR. 9 - First freight in last night.   First passenger today since the flood.   Car of clay came.   No steam.   Connections changed again.   Fair day.

MON. APR. 14 - Adam Feldman worked 3 men P.M. on store house.

THURS. MAY 1 - . . . .Received $100 for last month.

TUES. MAY 13 - Rain at dark.   Has been a hot dull day.   Bought pair of shoes $1.50.   Part of trussell (trestle) burnt near Toomy/Tooney (?) last night.   Passenger late.

WED. MAY 14 - . . .Hot day.   Have dull headache.   Got some medicine from Dr. Slayton.

SUN. MAY 18 - To Napier Mr. Whalon, Colemon and I.   Mr. Andre gone home.   Took dinner at Mr. Davidson’s.

SAT. MAY 24 - Delayed considerable this morning.   Had to make tub, put on slides, fix harness.   Started 7:30.   Had breakfast 6:10.   Not scaffold high.   Ike slighted his work.   Called his attention to it.   He got sulky.   Told others he was going to quit all right! Where the horse gets bigger than the stable, put the stable in the ‘horse.   Hot day.

FRI. MAY 30 On lining — 4 men.   Stopped 11:30 A.M. til 2:00 P.M. to put in granulated cinder.   All got gas sick at 3 o’clock.   Change of stoves.   Arthur McMinn and Ike Russell senseless.   Mr. Coleman was about over his at 4:30, but worse at 6:00.   Gas so bad on account of damp rainy day.

SAT. MAY 31 - Off for home — all masons.   Arrived home 7:00 P.M.   Rained all A.M., but not near as much at L (Lawrenceburg 7) as atMannie.

SUN. JUNE 1 -. Nice day.   Beer at Hovelmeier’s.

MON. JUNE 2 - Crop looks well.   Gaul on cistern.

TUES. JUNE 3 - Crowned cistern.   Put up gutters.

WED. JUNE 4 - Dug cistern deeper.   Raised dirt in buckets.

THURS. JUNE 5 -- Cisterns clear A.M. Bought 12 bottles/barrels (?) M. Richardson at $2 per bottle/barrel (?).   Received and paid for two $4.50.   Bought one from I. 0. Harvey $2.50.   Plastering P.M.

SAT. JUNE 7 - Some rain noon.   Run in cistern.

SUN. JUNE 8 - ENGLISH SERMON.   Beer at H. (Hovelmeier’s).

MON. JUNE 9 - Bought stack of lumber Morgan Spence $43, assorted/sorted.   P.M. C. Kamarad and I about 5 M (? This could be the Roman Numeral for 1000) ft.   Will have to go back to Mannie tomorrow.   Paid Mr. Neely $5 for round trip and M Richardson $20 for cement.

TUES. JUNE 10 - To Mannie

FRI. JULY 4 - No labor out.   Picnics.   J. R. Heingerford/Himgerford (?) came.   Hot sultry day

MON. JULY 7 - Judge R. Ewing moved clubhouse.   Supper very short.

WED. JULY 9 - Received checks $139.

FRI. JULY 11 - Mr. W. 0. Jones was here today for Mr. Gaines to offer me a situation as foreman at Bessemer.   Did not accept.   Union men want 8 hour day and pay and 1/2 for over time.   Was offered a permanent situation.

THURS. JULY 17 - . . . .To riverside after supper.   Short supper at club.   Not as much left on table as a cat could eat.

FRI. JULY 18 - Finished scale foundation.   Received pay in full up to tonight.   Off for home.   Arrived 8:30.   Hot day.

SAT. JULY 19 - Resting at home.   Father Ottke sick in hospital at Cincinnati.   Father Gotwaller (?) here.

MON. JULY 21 - On cellar frames, sand screen and ctr (?).   All well.

WED. JULY 23 - Wrote to Right Rev. Bishop concerning Sliemer.   He being the cause of our Priest being sick.   J. Schade, Jr. only trustee that did not sign it.

THURS. JULY 24 - Cut millet.

FRI. JULY 24 - Hay day.   Made cider press.

SAT. JULY 26 - Had millet ground.   Plowed and sowed peas.   Can’t get any lime here.

SUN. JULY 27 - Beer at Mr. Kemper’s.

MON. JULY 28 - Hauling rock out of Mr. Hovelmeier’s field for concrete.   Ordered 10 barrels lime from Columbia at 65 cents per barrel.   Very dry.   Had a little sprinkle.

TUES. JULY 29 - On foundation.   Lime came.

WED. JULY 30 - Rainy day.   Big rain.

SUN. AUG. 3 - Beer at Hovelmeier’s.

THURS AUG. 7 - Voted.   Getting ready to go to Rome, Ga.

FRI. AUG. 8 - At Nashville.   Bricklayers want 50 cents per hour.   Off for Chattanooga 3:30.   Arrived 9:30.   Stopped at Ronells.

SAT. AUG. 9 - To Rome on 8 o’clock train - Mr. L. S. Colyar and I.... Stopping with Mr. Burns.

SAT. AUG. 16 - On foundations.   Made tram.   Nashville men gone else where.

SUN. AUG. 17 - To Rome A.M.   At park P.M.   Hired Charles Crow Chattanooga men.

FRI. AUG. 22 - Mr. Jessie Whiteman started on body of kiln.

SUN. AUG. 24 - At Mobly Park reading.   Dull long day.

MON. AUG. 25 -. . . . Crow and McCloskey came.

THURS. AUG. 28 - Rainy day.   None working.   Tate and Conley want to come also.   8 men from Knoxville.   Mr. Hamilton to Attalla.

TUES. SEPT. 9 - Made contract with Tom Perkins to put on rest of crowns.   8 at $10 each complete.   Off for Attalla, AL 7:30 P.M.   Got board at Mr. Nobles.

MON. SEPT. 22 - Mr. Coleman had to go in at 9 P.M.   Whiskey died in him.   Out this morning.   Seems all right.   Was up all night.   Going to sleep at 11 A.M.   Only slept till 1 P.M.   Getting along nicely.   Up to mantel 7 P.M.   Started home early to go to sleep.   Coleman sober and all right tonight.

WED. SEPT. 24 - Quaker medicine show in town.

SUN. SEPT. 28 — Furnace blown in 6:30.   To Gadsden furances P.M....

MON. OCT. 6 - Don’t feel well.

FRI. OCT. 10 - ....Have been sick all week.   Off for home 6:30 P.M.

SAT. OCT. 11 - Arrived home 12 midnight.   Sick headache.

SUN. OCT. 12 - Stayed at home all day taking Physic.

MON. OCT. 13 - To mass.   Feel some better.   Sold to Gilliam Bros. #33 $250.   $150 cash, $100 12 months time.

TUES. OCT. 14 - Paid I. M. Co. $25 for wheat.   Feel some better, but very weak.

FRI. OCT. 24 - On foundation of home.

SAT. OCT. 25 - On foundation.   Had chill 11 A.M.   Fever P.M. till 10 P.M.   Taking physic.   Hot sun caused it.

SUN. OCT. 26 - No fever.   Taking quinine.   Chill at 2:30 P.M.   Fever till 10 P.M.   Physic at night.

MON. OCT. 27 - Feel weak, but not aching.   Taking quinine every 3 hours.   Called to phone 1:00 P.M.   I to pay toll - refused to go.   Talked at night J. A. C. (I. A. C. ?).

TUES. OCT. 28 - Took quinine last night every 4 hours.   Wet with sweat.   Commenced using tonic 9:00 A.M.   Had no chill.   Wrote to all bricklayers to be ready.   Cumberland blown out yesterday.

WED. OCT. 29 THRU SUN. NOV. 2 - Sick, remittent fever.   Wrote mason to start for Cumberland Monday.

MON. NOV. 3 - Could not go to Cumberland.   Still having fever.

TUES. NOV. 4 - No fever today.

WED. NOV. 5 - Had fever last night.

THURS. NOV. 6 - Better.

FRI. NOV. 7 - Started for Cumberland Furnace (Dickson Co.,TN).

SAT. NOV. 8 - Arrived 10:30 at Cumberland.   Had fever 2 nights.   Took medicine from Dr. Cannon.   Board $4.50.   Nothing extra.   Accommodations inferior.

MON. NOV. 24 - Received pay in full.   Arrived Nashville 8:30 P.M.   Stopped at Broadway House.

TUES. NOV. 25 - In Nashville.   Bought potatoes, apples & groceries.

WED. NOV. 26 - Arrived home 1 P.M.   All well.

FRI. NOV. 28 - At home.   Gave $23 for vestment.

SAT. NOV. 29 - At home.   Cold wind, spitting snow.

SUN. NOV. 31 - Rainy day.   Few in church.

MON. DEC. 1 - Cool cloudy day.   Hunting P.M.   No good.

WED. DEC. 3 - Fine warm day.   Sawing wood.

THURS. DEC. 4 - Colder.   B. (?) brought last load of straw.   At home.

THURS. DEC. 11 - Had fever again at night.

SAT. DEC. 13 - Fever last night.   Using Riches Chill Tonic.

SUN. DEC. 14 - Rainy day.   Good sermon.

TUES. DEC. 16 - To Dooly (Dooley) sale.   Bought 13 to_?_ tobacco 65 cents.

WED. DEC. 17 - Ice this morning.   Beak (Beck ?) & (T. G.) Arthur killing hogs.

THURS. DEC. 18 - Big frost.

WED. DEC. 24 Received telephone.   Goodrich to come.   Can’t come before Friday.   Come first opportunity.   Mr. Schneider came in.   Mr./Mrs. Kemper sick.

THURS. DEC. 25 - Christmas mass.   Fair day.   Nice service.   J. S. (?) put under Dr. Joe’s (Kennedy) treatment.

FRI. DEC. 26 - Cold morning - 20 degrees.   Will start for Goodrich P.M.   Stopped Broadway House Nashville.   Cold night.


SAT. JAN. 1 - Worked A.M.   5 hours.   Rain P.M.

THURS. JAN. 8 - Completed all but 4 courses back and wall.   Received pay in full.

FRI. JAN. 9 - Off for Nashville.   Arrived 11 A.M.   . Bought from Hooper Brothers groceries.

SAT. JAN. 10 - Arrived home.   All well.

THURS. JAN. 15 - Telephone to go to Rome, Ga.

FRI. JAN. 16 - Mrs. S. (Schneider ?) and John to Nashville.   Bought corn and hogs.

SAT. JAN. 17 - Boulie finished hauling brick.

SUN. JAN. 18 - Started for Rome.   Stopped at hospital (to see Mrs. Schneider).

MON. JAN. 19 - Mr. C. in Chattanooga.   Arrived Rome 11:30. . . .Boarding with Mr. Burns


MON. FEB. 2 - Mr. Henson came with Byhn crowd.   Off for Chattanooga 7 P.M.

TUES. FEB. 3 - At Chattanooga - Mr. Colyar’s office.   Left 8:30 P.M. - 2 hours late.

WED. FEB. 4 - Meridean (MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI) at daylight.   JACKSON (MISSISSIPPI) to VICKSBURG, (MISSISSIPPI).   Crossed Mississippi (RIVER) noon.   MONROE (LOUISIANA) to SHREVEPORT (LOUISIANA).   Arrived 4 hours late.

THURS. FEB. 5 - Left Shreveport 1:30 A.M.   Arrived MARSHALL (TEXAS).   No connection til 1:15 P.M.   Arrived JEFFERSON (TEXAS) 2 P.M.   Walked to furnace.   Supper at Todd cottage.   Engaged board Mr.   Ritchie. Stayed all night with him.

THURS. FEB. 12 - W. W. Taylor came.

MON. FEB. 16 - Waiting on backing A.M.   Worked P.M.   passing brick by hand.   Dangerous.   Came back.   Waiting on elevator.   Can’t get his in working order.   Went to bed 9 P.M.

WED. FEB. 18 - Bad night last night.   Inexperienced elevator men caused delay before midnight and shut down 3:30 A.M.   Took all forenoon to get ropes adjusted

WED. FEB. 25 - Worked only 3 men in bosh last night.   Mr. Coleman boozy as usual.   3 on bosh A.M.   B. Conley jumped off elevator yesterday - crippled.   On kiln - 3 men P.M.   Took out scaffold and washed down P.M.

THURS. FEB. 26 - Worked 3 1/2 last night.   Rainy after midnight.   Coleman still boozy.   Lied twice yesterday about coming to work.   Will not be troubled with him after this job.   Cage jumper still laid up.

SAT. FEB. 28 - Completed Jefferson Furnace 4 P.M.   No answer from Shelby.

SUN. MAR. 1 - Left Jefferson 2:30 P.M. via DALLAS (TEXAS) to WACO (TEXAS).

MON. MAR 2 - Arrived Lot (LOTT, TEXAS) 1 P.M.   Off for WESTPHALIA (TEXAS).   Arrived.   Found all well.   Roads very bad.

TUES. MAR. 3 - Back to Lot P.M.   Off for Waco 8 P.M.

WED. MAR. 4 - All night at Waco.   Off for NEW ORLEANS (LOUISIANA) 1:15 P.M. via HOUSTON (TEXAS).

THURS. MAR. 5 - Arrived New Orleans 9 A.M.

FRI. MAR. 6 - Left New Orleans 10 A.M.

SAT. MAR. 7 - Arrived Columbia 3:30 A.M.   Home 12 midnight.   All well.   Mrs. Schneider still very sick.

FRI. MAR. 20 - Plowed garden and planted potatoes.   Mrs. Schneider improving.

FRI. MAR. 27 - 40 Hours devotion.

WED. APR. 1 - Mrs. Schneider not so well.   Slept since Sunday.

THURS. APR. 2 - Closed contract with Mr. John Frietch to do all carpenter and paint 3 coats out and 2 coats inside, roof 2 coats.   House to have 3 wardrobe closets, one pantry and china closet combined, one bookcase, two stairs in house and one in cellar with house over entrance.   He to make the additional door and window frames required for half story.   Only one floor to lay on half story, rest to be finished for $130.

FRI. APR. 3 - Mr. Schneider and Tresia came in.   Mrs. Schneider not as well as yesterday.   Left team here and gone to St. Thomas.   Bought lot of lumber of Mr. Stribling - $11 (?).   Rain P.M., very windy.   Mr. Schneider and Tresia gone to Nashville P.M.   Team here.

SAT. APR. 4 - Katie and I to Schneider’s all night.

SUN. APR. 5 - Cold. Got up 3 AM.   Started to Lawrenceburg 5:10 A.M.   Tresia came back.   Mrs. Schneider woke Friday.   Very feeble.   Took Tresia home.   Ice and frost last night.

MON. APR. 6 - Brought team back for Mr. Schneider.   Mrs. Schneider not improved yet, very weak.   Dug bench in cellar P.M.

TUES. APR. 7 - Split wood, cleaned stable, filed saw.   Rainy day.   Thunder at night.

WED. APR. 8 - Set mortar box.   Storm last night.   Tree blowed down.   Mr. Frietch on joist.

THURS. APR. 9 - At church considerable.

FRI. APR. 10 - Team came.   Hauled manure to 10 A.M.

SAT. APR. 11 - Built flues complete Selle house.   John cranky.   Nice singing.   Mr. Frietch and boys on joist.

SUN. APR. 12 - Easter Sunday.   Considerable Protestants in.   Fair day, light shower noon.   Lime kiln fired yesterday.

MON. APR. 13 - Rain last night.   Fine growing weather.   Put cement on foundation.

TUES. APR. 14 - Rainy, cold day.   Mr. Frietch on joist.

WED. APR. 15 - Cold north wind all day.   Had frames hauled A.M.   Joist on main house ready.   Danger of frost, but cloudy.   Hope it will stay so.

THURS. APR. 16 - Cold north wind all day.   Fixed to make mortar.   Lime came 9 A.M.   Gaul and I making mortar.   3 loads lime.

FRI. APR. 17 - One more load of lime - 114 lbs.   in all.   Paid $25.   Stacked all but 30 lbs. by 3 P.M.   Fixed cabbage patch and planted P.M.   All joist on.   Mrs. Schneider no better.   At home 7 P.M. Stopped at Father Ottke.

SAT. APR. 18 — Planted carrots.   John Schneider came.   Mother some better.   Paid John Frietch $10.   Paid Gaul up for last week.

SUN. APR. 19 - Cloudy day.   Light rain last night.   Children making first holy communion.   Mary going.   John gone back to Nashville.   Mary also.   Will try and bring her mother home if possible.   Big rain 6 P.M.

MON. APR. 20 - MRS. ROHLING (ELIZA A., WIFE OF BERNARD) DIED 5 P.M. YESTERDAY.   Started to lay brick.   Cloudy day.   Called to phone 7 P.M.   Goodrich wants to put in a bosh.   Talked with Mary also.   Mother not so well.

TUES. APR. 21 - On house all day.   Run west side up to windows.   Wired F. P. C. to meet in Nashville Friday A.M.

WED. APR. 22 - Mrs. Rohling buried.   Mary came home.   Mother no better.   Worked P.M. east end to windows.


1 cup vinegar
1 cup mollassas (molasses)
1/2 cup cut up onions
simer (simmer) 1/2 hour, strain
Dose -- teaspoonfull frequently

take two lemons, squeeze
ad (add) water same amount as juice sugar — all it will take pinch of powdered alum
let come to a boil take teaspoonfull as required


48 CREEK - Located in Wayne County not far from Mannie.

AETNA - Located in Hickman County Tennessee close to the border of Hickman and Lewis County.   The Aetna Manufacturing, Mining and Oil Company once had a huge mining complex and furnaces here.   Catherine Elizabeth Feldhaus (Catie), daughter of Henry Feidhaus, Jr., was born in Aetna.

ALABAMA CITY - I could not find this city on any map.

ALLEN’S CREEK - See Mannie.

ANNISTON - Located in southern Calhoun County Alabama.

ASHLAND - Located 11 miles northeast of Waynesboro in Wayne County Tennessee not far from Mannie.

ATTALLA - Located in Etowah County Alabama, a little west of Gadsden and close to Ft. McClellan.

BAKER’S STAND - I have been unable to locate a map with this place listed.   But if Mr. Feldhaus went by train from Guthrie to Goodlestville, Tennessee then to Nashville, Baker’s Stand had to of been somewhere along the railroad between Guthrie and Goodlestville.   Most likely the place no longer exists or is too small to he on a map.

BESSEMER Located in Jefferson County Alabama southwest of Birmingham.

BLOWING SPRING Located in Wayne County Tennessee south of Mannie/Allen’s Creek/Ruppertown and Ashland.

BODENHAM - Located in Giles County Tennessee west of Pulaski.

BRIDGEPORT - Located in Jackson County Alabama a little southwest of South Pittsburg, Tennessee not far from the Tennessee/Alabama State line.   It is almost on the Tennessee River.

CENTRE — Located in Cherokee County Alabama on the south corner of Weiss Reservoir.

CUMBERLAND FURNACE - Located in Dickson County Tennessee north of Charlotte, Tennessee was established in 1793 on Barton’s Creek.   During the Civil War they made cannon balls for the army.

DICKSON - Located in Dickson County Tennessee.

EAGLE MILLS - This mill was build in the 1840’s and is located on the big ben of Shoal Creek southwest of Lawrenceburg,TN.   They produced cotton yarns, carpet, and rope.   There was also a cotton gin and grist mill located here.   During the war the owners of the mill donated 1,000 dozen cotton yarns to Lawrence County for the poor, mostly for the families of men in the Confederate Army.   After it burned in 1901, W. D. Dustin, was in the process of rebuilding it when in 1902 a flood broke the dam and the wall of water destroyed everything in its path.

GADSDEN - Located in Etowah County Alabama northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

GOODRICH - Located in northern Hickman County Tennessee northwest of Centerville.   Henry Feldhaus Jr.’s daughter, Mary Ann, was born in Goodrich.

GOODSPRINGS - Located in Giles County Tennessee southwest of Pulaski between Pulaski and Minor Hill.

GUTHRIE - I have found two maps with Guthrie listed on them.   One is a late 1800’s or early 1900’s map showing the railway system in Tennessee and Alabama and parts of Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi.   This map shows Guthrie to be located in Tennessee where the L & N railroad crosses the railroad from St.~ Louis, MO that goes on through Atlanta, GA.   But a current map shows Guthrie to be located just across the Tennessee state line in Kentucky at the exact same place the railroads cross.   I do not know if the state line has changed that much (but don’t think it has) or if the 1800’s/1900’s map is wrong.

HAMBURG - I have only found two places named Hamburg.   One is located in Hancock County Georgia slightly south east of Sparta.   This is a little further east in Georgia than he worked.   There also used to be a community called Hamburg in Hardin Co. TN.

JOHNSONVILLE - According to the 1800’s/1900’s map it is located in the very western edge of Humphries County Tennessee on the Tennessee River.   The current map lists it as New Johnsonville.

LAUREL HILL - This town existed from the 1830’s to the early 1900’s and is located in what is now the very northwestern tip of Lawrence County Tennessee on the Buffalo River.   Like all other towns that sprang up around mines and mills, this was once a thriving town with a population of nearly 400 people with the Laurel Hill Cotton Mill being the town’s largest industry.   There was once a church, school, several stores, and a post office.   During the Civil War they manufactured uniforms for the Confederate Army.   All that remains today is the cemetery.   It is now within the bounds of the Laurel Hill Preserve.   Chris and I found this to be a very quiet, peaceful place and well worth an exploration trip.

MANNIE - This furnace and community has gone by three different names - Mannie, Allen’s Creek, and Ruppertown.   It was located on Allen’s Creek in Wayne County until 1925 when the boundary lines changed between Wayne County and Lewis County putting it in Lewis County.   The Southern Iron Company owned two iron furnaces at Nashville.   They were too far from limestone and iron ore so were moved to Allen’s Creek in 1890.   The Buffalo Iron Company bought out the furnaces and later the Bon Air Coal and Iron Company bought the furnaces.   During WWI this furnace furnished thousands of tons of pig iron to be made into guns and ammunition.   After the furnaces closed down in 1925, the property was sold to the Tennessee Products Company.

NAPIER - The Napier family purchased 6,000 acres and built Napier Furnace on the north banks Chief’s Creek just west of the present Natchez Trace Road and about 9 miles south of Newburg.   It was once in Lawrence County, but when the boundary lines changed between Lewis and Lawrence County in 1889 it was located in Lewis County.   In the 1890’s a branch railroad spur was built from Summertown to Napier.   Later Will and Ed Lindsey and Whiteford R. Cole of Nashville acquired the Napier Iron Works and operated it for a while until it was closed in the late 1920’s.

ROME - Located in Floyd County Georgia where the Etowah River, Coosa River and Oostanaula River join.

ROUND MOUNTAIN - Located in Cherokee County Alabama on the northwestern corner of Weiss Reservoir.

RUPPERTOWN - See Mannie.

SOUTH PITTSBURG - Located in Marion County Tennessee southwest of Chattanooga close to the Alabama/Tennessee state line on the Tennessee River.

TOONY/TOONEY/TOONE Toone is north of Bolivar in Hardeman County Tennessee.   Toney is in Madison County Alabama northwest of Huntsville, Alabama.   I do not know which place he was referring to in the journals or if these are even the right choices.

TRACY CITY - Located in Grundy County Tennessee north of Chattanooga and west of Monteagle.

WARNER IRON ORE COMPANY & FURNACE - Located in northern Hickman County.   George A. Feidhaus, first child of Henry Feidhaus, Jr., is said to have been born in Warner, Tennessee and died in McEwen, Humphries County Tennessee.