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Daughter of Henry Bernard Feldhaus Jr. and Mary Ann Schneider
Born:     Lawrenceburg, TN on 17 June, 1900
Died:     21 June 1990

Aunt Rose with (from back left to right) Jack Feldhaus, Larry Feldhaus, Charles Boulie, Clara Boulie, Margaret Nelle Feldhaus, John B. Boulie, and I believe, Steve Feldhaus.

Rose wasn't around very often when I was growing up and I don't know much about her. 
Rose's niece, Clara, the daughter of Ann Feldhaus Boulie, remembers the following about her:
"Rose joined the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.  Their motherhouse is at Nazareth, KY.  At one time the order had a boarding school there that went from elementary school through college.  I spent my junior year of high school there.  I understand they now operate a retirement community there.  Probably too few nuns left to staff a school. 
I remember, after World War II, my brother William driving us to Memphis to visit her at the orphanage her order ran.  Later on, in my early teens when I was considering entering the convent, I rode a bus to Yazoo City, Mississippi to visit her where she was teaching in an elementary school.  I remember her telling me how she had been taught to control order in the large classes they sometimes had, often as many as 50 students!  She was to refrain from smiling for the first two weeks of classes and appear to be very stern. I suppose that was meant to instill fear in the students.
I next saw her when we were living in Louisville, KY.  I remember taking my first child to see her at Nazareth College in Louisville. 
The last time I saw her was in 1986, again in Louisville.  She was then in a retirement home for nuns that her order ran and confined to a wheelchair.
I have fond memories of my mother's sisters.  They were all very good to me."

Rose, Clara, Mary Feldhaus

Clara, Rose, and Mary Feldhaus

Rose and her Mother Mary Feldhaus

Following is a letter Rose's father wrote her after she wrote him saying she had decided to enter the convent.   In my opinion, he gave her great advice.   She apparently made the right decision as she spent her entire adult life as a nun.
You can click on the following link and view the original handwritten letter in a new browser window.